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About protective husband Yuuri: Victor loves when Yuuri is protective of him because it shows how much Yuuri really loves him and it makes him feel happy and great

vitya loves it so much!! his usual reaction to people being rude has always been along the lines of “let them talk” and “it’s not worth bothering yourself with” but there are def times it gets to him more than he’s ever even realized? it only dawns on vitya when yuuri stands up to defend him for the first time and vitya’s heart might skip a few beats every time it happens

ok don’t get me wrong the ‘salt and pepper diner’ bit is hysterical, but john mulaney has so many more hilarious stories that no one seems to talk about:

•the party at the house of the teacher that everyone hated

•the dog trainer

•meeting bill clinton


•“-too old to be a duckling, quack, quack!”

•“eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs.”

•literally any story involving his parents (especially the black coffee one)

just please, do yourselves a favor, don’t just stop at ‘salt and pepper diner’, listen to all this guy’s stories because they are gold

i watched the dragon maid anime for a laugh and spoiler alert i loved it and it broke almost all my expectations

its also super fuckin gay

if u wanna buy that lesbian dragon on a t shirt here it is

i relate to javert because as soon as i make one (1) mistake i too immediately request banishment and death


part 1 | part 2 | part 3

They were taken so quickly that Lance and Keith couldn’t even put up a real fight. They succeed in defeating their Galra captors, but their victory comes at the cost of crashing onto a planet populated by violent, remorseless criminals. Or, the wretched beginning of Lance and Keith, Space Cowboy Mercenaries, and the possible end of the Red and Blue Paladins of Voltron.

from  THIS FANTASTIC voltron fic by the amazing @thisgirlhastales

it is the klance space cowboy AU that we all deserve and it is b e a u t i f u l