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So...it occurred to me...

while listening to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy,” for the 1000th time, that I have actually misinterpreted Prince’s lyrics.

For some of you, you might want to kill me for being so slow. 

Anyhoo, the lines in question are:

“You see I called my old lady
For a friendly word
She picked up the phone
Dropped it on the floor
(Ah-s ah-s) is all I heard

Now, I had a very “clean” interpretation of the lines at first and was always baffled as to why his mother, “old lady,” would be that excited, but shrugged it off and thought maybe she was just oddly excited (yes….yes, I know. I’m dumb that I didn’t catch it the first couple of times.)

Then today, it occurred to me for some split nerve connection, I remembered Dave Chappelle’s joke and Rupert Holmes’s “Pina Colada” and thought about how they used “old lady,” which is a reference to their spouse/partner/lover. 

And then….suddenly….I was like……

Ah-s Ah-s is all I heard

And I connected lyrics to the choreography:
Where Yuzu makes the phone call to his “girlfriend” or “lover,” and hears her panting as he skates and completes his moves to the beat.

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He knows…..

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There is no way he wouldn’t know…..he researches and knows his songs by heart….

Prince pulls no quick punches.

Me watching the ending of ASiB

*Irene texting Sherlock “Goodbye Mr Holmes”*

*Irene’s text alert goes off* “When I say run, run.”

*Loud passionate, romantic music playing in the background* *Scene fades out from Irene smiling, scene fades in to Sherlock laughing fondly at the memory*

“The Woman. The Woman.”


I”ve taken in a cat and two dogs to keep them from going to a high kill shelter. My totally stellar neighbors moved and abandoned three animals. I hate to ask, but I have six cents in the checking, I’m unemployed, and the rescue that said they might be able to move the dogs to CO, but it is going to take a while. 

If anyone feels like pitching in for the care and maintenance of these poor babies, my paypal is spastasmagoria@gmail.com

I would feel better about selling copies of my book, The Twisted Blackmailer, so that I’m earning the money. They are selling for $18 and are signed. It’s a Sherlock Holmes modern day high school AU with a female Watson and Holmes. From the back of the book: 

Nothing’s ever easy when Sherlock Holmes is involved. Joanna Watson needs sports and academic scholarships if she is going to make it all the way to med school. That means keeping out of trouble, and her school record squeaky clean. But upon befriending the mysterious New Girl, Joanna has her perfect record ruined, skips school for the first time in her life, and finds a blackmailer aiming a gun in her direction. All she knows is that she’s going to get grounded… if they get out of this alive.

Our destitute state aside, I would like to share my book with you. 

Again, I hate to ask. I know people have been generous with my family already. But I don’t want to send these babies to the kill shelter, and I have six cents to last until the 6th. 

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I hate Henrik...he's just so damn attractive and it pisses me off! Like, get your face awaaaay from meee.

My inbox is full of people appreciating henrik holm’s perfection and i think it’s beautiful ❤

when someone’s hugely successful Sherlock Holmes adaptation complete with a canon queer romance in between John and Sherlock earns them an interview and a question “what inspired you to write this” can you please PLEASE look directly into the camera and say something along the lines of “because mark gatiss and steven moffat were too much of fucking cowards”


SO MARRIED it hurts every fibre of my being. Also, canonically, Watson has been trying on clothes in front of Sherlock, and Sherlock has been sharing (stealing) clothes with (from) Watson. (Probably even getting more than a feel and a whiff). And, how Sherlock lets go ‘cause staring into those beautiful eyes makes him weak. And that lil smile of Watson’s. So beautiful *cries*.


Sherlock Holmes on Elementary is definitely a jerk. But he’s also a good person with a deep sense of empathy. Let’s explore how Elementary fits into the legacy of Holmes Adaptions, and how the character is depicted in these complex, contradictory ways.

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That moment when Moriarty licks the dust that is mostly Sherlock’s skin and insinuates he wants the taste of fresh skin instead. In which he also says “doesn’t taste the same”, like he HAD in fact tasted the fresh skin before. That very glorious moment you realize, with extreme pleasure and equal part disappointment, that this is all playing out in Shelock’s head.

Bonus: (gif4) Sherlock inhaling deep with an almost unnoticeable gasp, like he was feeling that tongue on his skin. Could’ve even felt it at a subconscious level and probably there had been an actual physical reaction to all of this. ‘Cause this was one hell of a wet dream.