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I don’t have space to do a proper display, and my camera battery is flat so this will have to do.

There’s been a little confusion over what is what exactly, so I’ve added some stuff and will now include a list:

A) ‘Anime’ A4 file type 1
B) Trip file
C) Morphine file + postcard
D) Virus file
E) ‘Anime’ A4 file type 2
F) Trip rubber strap
G) Animate cafe Reconnect Trip pin badge 
H) Koujaku and Aoba photocard 
I) Animate cafe Reconnect Virus pin badge
J) Virus rubber strap
K) Virus rubber strap
L) Virus keychain
M) Virus badge
N) Virus badge
0) Koujaku and Aoba photocard
P) Koujaku ‘school’ large keychain
Q) Noiz and Aoba postcard
R) Clear Nitrochiral Museum badge
S) Clear ‘school’ large keychain
T) Clear acrylic strap
U) Animate cafe Reconnect Mizuki pin badge
V) Animate cafe Koujaku and Aoba bookmark
X) Animate cafe Reconnect Clear pin badge
Y) Noiz Nitrochiral Museum badge
Z) Noiz rubber strap

1) Koujaku pin badge
2) Koujaku can badge
3) Koujaku Nitrochiral Museum badge
4) Koujaku can badge
5) Koujaku rubber strap
6) Koujaku Summer Festival large keychain
7) Koujaku acrylic strap
8) Animate cafe Reconnect Koujaku pin badge

I’ll extend the closing date to Midnight GMT, Friday 31st. Message me with the item(s) number and/or letter, along with your offer. Upon receipt of payment (paypal only), items will be sent Tuesday. 

Postage will be $5 per item. If you win three or more, I’ll do a deal on the postage.  If you want recorded delivery, it will cost $10 (UK postage is expensive!).

All sales will be final. Please don’t bid if you’re not prepared to pay!

If you’ve already put a bid in, don’t worry, I have it recorded already so no need to send again.

Any questions please ask!

G A M E   B O Y

[ v i r t u a l  g o d d e s s ]



Let me tell you it’s 1:10 am and I was like “I’m just going to listen to some beauty and the beast soundtrack before I go to bed quickly” and after like an    h o u r  of listening to that shit I somehow ended up listening to hype anime openings???? Let me tell you the future diary opening at 1 am is not really the type of things that sends you off to sleep. Hey at least I don’t have school tomorrow 

sweaterkitty-fluff  asked:

Laf doesn't get jealous very easily, but whenever he sees you talking with some stranger and they get a bit touchy, he's gonna storm over there and fight them because 'b r u h, that's mine'

alternatively, he just watches the stranger and you and he just glares at them or like if he sees you’re uncomfortable, he swoops in and his body language is very protective of you

notsofatpinkcat  asked:

i like to think that at the end of conquest takumi still doesnt like corrin he just wants them to put his body to rest. tbh i just ignore any time that takumi shows in any way that he likes corrin because it h u r t s

It hurts that any human intrinsically likes Corrin and any person who hates him comes to eventually like him.