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yoongi oppa can you slap jin hyung's butt?

Yoongi: Yeah sure and..

Yoongi: He’s very– fuck

Jin: Oh shit.. owwiee my butt.. Yoongi? Yoongi where are you- oh..


Yoongi: No you didn’t… could you please get off now it hurts though

Jin: Ah sorry sorry

Yoongi: I-It’s fine… too thicc


❛ Henry’s a perfectionist, I mean, really-really kind of i n h u m a n very brilliant, very erratic and enigmatic. He’s a stiff, cold person, Machiavellian, ascetic and he’s made himself what he is by sheer s t r e n g t h of will. His aspiration is to be this Platonic creature of pure rationality and that’s why he’s attracted to the Classics, and particularly to the Greeks — all those high, cold ideas of beauty and perfection. ❜

s h a d o w h u n t e r s

“I play a openly proud bisexual warlock, who’s a person of color that’s in a relationship with a recently out gay shadowhunter…”

If this isn’t reason enough to watch the show then I don’t know what is. But like seriously the show is good.

Summoned's Mockery
T. Johnson
Summoned's Mockery

I made a spooky piece of music for this darkening month, via all public-domain assets, and I hope you dig it!

And that creature in the top? Don’t you worry, it’s just simply [T H E  B E A S T  T H A T  C O M E S  W H E N  Y O U  C A L L  I T S  N A M E ]