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✨  Witch’s Brew  ✨

“Abby, a young witch, decide to make some tea for her friends but she got a little bit carried away…”

Here is my one minute short film about a cute little witch! It is half 3D and Half 2D and I had a lot of fun working on it this year! I hope you’ll like the result! 

Do not hesitate to share around! ♥

Lots of witchy love and enjoy! ✨🌿🌘🔮


First Look at FX’s “Versace: American Crime Story”

June 24, 2017

un excercice de fx realiser avec des amis, on n’a travailler sur le design et la compos avec Noemie Leroux , et j’ai ensuite travailler sur le layout, le decor couleur et le son.

Clement oliveaux - fx explosion fx fumée fx flash

Noemie leroux - fx fanion, fx cigarette, compositing , design , compos , generique

Lucie Brasseur - Fx feu, compositing fx lumieres

This is a school excercice about fx i did it with some friends 

Clement oliveaux-Noemie leroux-Lucie brasseur-Douine olivia


First Look at FX’s “Versace: American Crime Story” (June 24th, 2017) | E!News