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TitleBefore We Ever Wrote a Song 
Author: casuallyhl
Pairing: Harry/Louis
Where: ao3
Word Count: 13k
Rating: E
Status: Complete
Summay: Harry just can’t be around Louis when he’s flirting outrageously with Chad Michael Murray. So what if he’s the star of one of the country’s most popular shows? Harry’s seen an episode or two and it’s not that great. Sure, the drama is exciting and all the actors are attractive and it’s shot in his hometown, but still. Not that great. Certainly not great enough for Louis to fall over himself every time Chad enters the coffee shop. 

Harry doesn’t want to watch the over-the-top spectacle, which is why he usually retreats.

And besides, it hurts to see the boy he’s in love with flirting with someone else.

Or, Harry and Louis work in a coffeehouse on a film studios lot, and Harry wishes Louis would pay half as much attention to him as he does the famous actors.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12295317 

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Shay I'm freaking out!!! There's this little one shot someone wrote (stating with a gif of Joe mouthing 'I love you') and it's about her telling him to leave because her life is complicated but him just saying that he loves her. Someone who was at the SS commented "I'M YELLING" or something. So I messaged her and asked her why she wrote that and she said that Taylor told them exactly what was in the fanfiction. That she wanted to give up but he just told her he loved her and all 😭😭 I'm DEAD ❤️


The funny thing about the greenhouse scene is whenever I think about it the first thing I remember is John on the left, Sherlock on the right. That’s the way it’s shot, with them in their places. Like their living room, like stag night. This is where Sherlock is mentally placing all their sexual and romantic tension. In the intimacy of their own home.

Can we all just take a moment…

And appreciate how fucking cool sculpting is? Not only sculpting but the sculptors. They can turn lumps of clay into a masterpiece. Here’s two shots of the beginning process from Sculpture_geek on YouTube.

He then took that mass of wires, aluminum foil and clay and made it into these shots I was marvelling at.

Look at that shit! He made a Deathclaw from Fallout 4 out of CLAY. How fucking cool is that? I’ve worked with clay before as an art student and I know that it’s takes some serious patience to work out even a simple thing. Then these badasses come over and do these amazing things and can you imagine how fucking tedious that is?

Sculptors are badasses and deserve more than we give them. Sculptors are so fucking cool.


(171014) littlesunnybiteyoppy — @estherlovesyou ’s exhibition 💘 #seoul shot by @monster.hide

A Warrior’s Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Seventy-Four

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding, and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think.

RATING: Mature

Maebh looked at the bed her oldest son used to occupy, Liulf looked around calling Nafi, but could not find his oldest brother, the other children had made a few jokes about not having to listen to him snore any longer on their return, but other than that, there was only sadness as they looked at anything Nafi owned. Loki stood watching Maebh, his own grief being sidetracked by hers. Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed the side of her face. “Staring at it won’t bring him back.”

“I miss him.”

“He is not dead or harmed, my love, he is simply away from us, making a good life for himself. A king, who would have thought?”

“He will excel at it.”

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Twist and Shout with Stenbrough

~Bill is drunk, he has no idea how it happened…ok that’s a lie. It might have something to do with the cup he has between his teeth. Beer pouring into his mouth, hands free. 

~Either way, he’s having a pretty good time at who’s ever party this is. He got excited when he was drunk, according to Ben. Who he was now dancing with, he was pretty sure Ben was having fun…he made that face when he was happy, right??

~Bill has made it his goal to dance with each loser. Thus far, Mike was the most fun. Bill had never been dipped before! 

~Bill had made Eddie stand on his shoes so he could be tall enough. 

~Richie’s limbs had shot out everywhere.

~Beverly had spun him far too many times. 

~He only had Stan left. He abandoned Ben, who looked relieved. He set out around the house to find Stanley. It didn’t take long to find him, considering he was tucked comfortably in the corner of the kitchen. 

~Bill grinned and walked over, holding out his hand. Stan had been told he’d get picked for this sooner or later but the time had actually come and he did not want to do it. He frowned, Bill just wiggled his hand again. 

~”Ugh, Bill I really can’t dance…” Stan sighed, taking his hand and Bill pulled him a long. 

~”Yeah you can! You just-you just…” Bill paused, considering how to explain himself. Stan watched him curiously. Bill took booth his hands, sucked in his breath and grinned. 

~”Well, shake it up, baby, now. Twist and shout . C'mon c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, baby, now . Come on and work it on out.” Bill started to sing and Stan threw his head back in laughter. 

~This was a tad bit embarrassing but Bill just couldn’t stop making him laugh. So Bill just kept going, spinning Stan around. 

~”Well, work it on out, honey. You know you look so good . You know you got me goin’, now. Just like I knew you would-” Bill pulled Stan much closer than he did with the others. 

~Bill attempted to dip Stan like Mike had done with him, but he assumed he did it wrong because he dropped him. Stan thumped onto the carpet, looking up with amusement. 

~”Oops…my bad. But hey! You can dance!” Bill, instead of helping Stan up just decided to lay down right next to him. Stan sighed with a small grin and they stayed there for twenty minutes. 

~”We should do that again someday.”

~”Sure, Bill.”

~”You free Friday?”

~Stan nearly choked. 

Unexpected New Addition.

Petra was lounging on the shores of Eversong, eyes closed and head tilted back as she rested upon her elbows, illusion up and in place to shield the world around her of her true form. It was a glorious day, the warmth of the sun embracing her body as she basked upon the sands like some sea goddess in her pastel blue robes. The sea breeze blew lightly, enough to billow her blonde locks and the flowing fabrics she wore, the sea misted air a calming scent to her senses. Nothing could disturb the moment.

That is… until a whining noise of a small animal was heard just down the beach. 

Petra’s eyes shot open and she looked south immediately to where the sound had come from, instantly going on high alert. Not that she needed Veth to protect her,  she still instinctively wished he’d been there. Trepidation crept up and into her chest, a foreboding feeling as the whining sound got more frantic with each passing moment, now accompanied by the the telltale noise of the gurgling murloc. And then the yelp of pain happened. 

Petra flew up from where she sat, only to see a small, golden-yellow blob of fur come barreling up the beach, splashing through the shallows, being chased by an ugly murloc with a crude spear. Petra snatched a jagged shell from the beach and sprung up from where she sat, leaping into motion before slicing her palm with the shell, the crimson of her life-force welling up quickly with the force she’d used. She sprinted with her bare feet stomping along the sands, eyes trained on the little golden puppy and then she focused all her energy to the murloc, her eyes turning that stark crimson as her magic pooled in her veins.

Petra lifted her hand, jutting her sliced palm outward as the blood trickled down her wrist and forearms. She winced some as the cut along her palm grew larger and bled just a bit more forcefully as her eyes followed the murloc like a trained hawk. And then just as soon as the blood began to gush from her hand, it ceased all together, her wound closing to leave only a thick, ugly scab and the stain of sticky crimson along her forearm that still dripped to her elbow.

The murloc let out a blood-curdling noise of its own pain as it’s entire abdomen seemed to slice open from some unseen force, it’s own essence bleeding out and onto the sands as it fell to its knees, only to bleed out rapidly, dying in its pursuit of the fur ball. The stained sand where the murloc fell became cleansed once more by the tides, washing away the taint of the creature.

Petra was breathing heavily, her eyes wild and trained still on the dead murloc‘s body before snapping to where the fluffy, golden blob had gone. She rushed over to some wreckage on the sands, falling to her knees, her eyes now eclipsing back to the sky-blue as she cooed and coaxed the animal out.

“Come on, you’re safe. Come here, little one.”

A whimper was heard before a dark nose and two beady eyes poked its self out from under a fishing trap and peered at Petra. It was a puppy… with floppy ears and golden fur. Petra had not expected that. She blinked a few times, swallowing heavily as she looked around, wondering if its owner was nearby. But as she began looking around, the little fur-ball came out from its hiding place and began to lick her hand with gusto where she’d sliced herself to save its life.

Petra cursed, curling her hand into a fist and shielding the blood covered appendage from the pup. And then without any sort of warning, the blasted creature shook its sandy, wet fur all over the place and Petra winced, lifting both hands to try to keep herself from the assault. “Eugh! Stop that! Where is your owner?” The pup shuddered a moment and let out a yapping bark before looking at her, a bit … happy?

Crap. She wasn’t meant to be an owner of any pets. But she certainly couldn’t leave the thing here. With a heavy sigh, Petra reached forward and scooped the young pup up into her arms, holding her injured hand close to her chest and likely getting the pup a bit bloodied in the process. The thing wiggled in her arms then licked Petra’s face a few times which caused the woman to cringe.

“Yuck! You stop that. Come on… I will take you to Veth. Maybe he knows more about dogs than I do.”

And off they went back to the cabin…


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What made you like kustard so much? Did you saw fanart and made you think it was holy?

Basically I was reading @crushingonsans ’s one shots and she dragged me kicking and screaming into Kustard shipping hell.

If you guys give me a minute I’ll find the exact chapter where I sold my soul to this ship

if you see this, post a snippet from your WIP

When he met Louis all those years ago, back when he was a baby-faced twenty one year old in an English seminar who thought his TA was cute, he could never have imagined that this would be their life.

Louis starts talking about a book he read last week, one that he’s already talked Harry’s ear off about, and Harry tunes out, watching him talk rather than listening to his actual words. His passion for literature was the first thing that endeared him to Harry. The second week of the semester, he’d stopped Louis after class to ask his true feelings on The Great Gatsby (“There’s no way you actually like it as much as you say you do”) and had been taken aback by how passionately he defended the book. Louis had suggested he give some of Fitzgerald’s other works a shot, and two weeks later, Harry was sitting in a coffee shop reading This Side of Paradise when Louis stumbled through the door.

“What do you think?” Louis asked.

“I’m thinking I misjudged Fitzgerald,” Harry admitted, closing the book and setting it on the table. “Maybe he’s not so bad after all.”

The next week found Harry at the same coffee shop, and once again Louis came through the door. This time he took a seat, and they spent an hour talking about Fitzgerald and Hemingway and the Lost Generation.

The third time it happened, they talked about more than just books. And slowly, over the course of a semester, that’s how they fell in love.

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I saw during the Volume 5 opening, Yang's bionic arm is firing shots at Mercury. Was that made for her after she lost the other half of Ember Celica?

possibly, or maybe she modified it (as i doubt Ironwood had the specs for her weapon to be able to match it Ember Celica’s output - Yang did build Ember Celica and was able to make them both so she was able to fire them without ripping her arms off and also have a - physics defying - collapsible mechanism when the weapons aren’t in use. by in-universe statements alone, that Signal students build their own weapons, Yang has to be a very skilled mechanic)

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Hi love !!! I can't stop reading ur writing. I was wondering if you had any other stories besides Heirs or Iron Lady for me to binge on. Thank you xxx

Thank you so much.

Well, if you’re on mobile, there’s a link in the blog’s description that will take you to the masterlist. If that doesn’t work, click here: 


And if that doesn’t work either, go to your favorite search engine and type it.

It’s mostly one shots but there are a couple multi-chapters like

  • “Let’s embrace the point of no return” which is a crossover with Jared/Chris/Tom/Benedict.
  • “Skinny Little Bitch” Fassy/Hiddles
  • “One Million Bullets” HiddleStan (Unfinished yet. One chapter is still missing). 
  • “Mr.Leto will see you now” (Jared as a teacher) .

Wait… hold on… did you say binge on?

How can y’all do that? I mean, i’ve done it with a few good stories i’ve stumbled upon but i just… my brain cannot comprehend how some of you read my multi-chapters in one sitting. Especially those who just started reading Heirs. Like… it’s too much. Too long. Too much drama. I’m just… amazed and flattered.

Greetings! <3


Keroro fandom get ready to put on your speculation goggles (and maybe pee yourselves)

Sorry I just kinda disappeared for a few days, I am constantly tired and forget to update here. Anyway to make up for it how about some exciting news I’m surprised nobody’s reported on yet?

@keroro_PR on Twitter is the official Keroro Gunso social media account based in Kadokawa’s HQ in Tokyo. It tweets mostly about Keroro of course, but also about Kemono Friends, Gundam, and other assorted things Kadokawa is affiliated with. Last month, it tweeted this:

“It’s Kirby’s 25th anniversary, huh….Keroro’s 20th anniversary is next year. (This is very important so we’re mentioning it many times)”

Technically, KG has TWO anniversaries depending on how you look at it. Yoshizaki’s original one-shot pilot manga was released in 1998, while the first volume of the KG manga as we know it today was released in 1999. It looks like they’ve officially decided to commemorate the release of the pilot manga as the true anniversary.

But that’s not all I have for you, oh no. Here’s an exchange between the PR account and another user in response to the above tweet:

“Do you have anything planned for the anniversary?”

“It’s a secret~”

Now obviously they’re gonna do SOMETHING; the last major anniversary was the 15th in 2013 and that’s when they announced the Flash reboot. The question is what. Quite a few Japanese fans are speculating something to do with the anime—many think it’s gonna be some kind of reboot/revival (8th season?) while I’ve seen a couple other suggestions such as the original anime getting ported to Blu-Ray.

I think if they’re gonna do anything regarding anime, it’s gonna be either related to the 2004 anime or a new series entirely. Though I think it’d be weird to have season 8 after a 7 year gap (the length of the entire show’s running time!), so I think something like a new anime that takes place in the same universe as the original anime or picks up where it left off would make sense. I highly doubt they’re going to return to the Flash anime or even do something similar; it seems to me like that didn’t go quite as well as they wanted it to the first time, considering it ran for a big 6 months and dropped off on a cliffhanger. That doesn’t mean we’re never gonna see Shin Keroro and pals animated again—I have a gut feeling they’d just work the 2011 and on manga stuff into the original animeverse somehow. I can’t see much notable non-anime stuff happening; the manga’s still gonna run like normal anyway. I betcha there’ll be something regarding Kemono Friends, though.

As for my personal wishes? Although I don’t think an original anime revival is 100% realistic, but considering how long it’s been since 2011 and the amount of fan clamor there’s been, it’s probably possible. If they don’t go that route, I’d really like to see them release that 6th movie publicly so it gets to be seen by more than like 1,000 people. It’s old now, but I’m sad that it’s been lost to the vault for quite some time. I think the expectation that’s actually most likely to happen is a crossover with Yo-kai Watch Puni Puni; Keroro mobile crossovers have been frequent, that game RAKES in money, and Keroro and Jibanyan have already been in a game together (the tennis one). Plus, Puni Puni has done manga/anime collabs before (“Shonen Sunday round 2” is happening as I type this!), so it’s nothing mind-blowing. Although some things are definitely more realistic than others, nothing is impossible—even though Keroro’s pretty much dead here in North America (apparently the manga is still going in Europe), the series has been quite active and popular in Japan long after episode 358. It’s sort of ingrained into Japan’s pop culture at this point, like Doraemon or Anpanman except those two haven’t been airing 7 straight years of reruns. You know what I mean though.

Sorry for shitting out a massive text wall once again, just thought this was really worth talking about. What are your hopes/expectations? Are you full-on hyped, cautiously optimistic, or not expecting much? Please talk to me I’m lonel

Customer was buying new springs for his garage door, was telling me that his old one snapped off

But of course since it’s a spring, it shot off like a bullet when it snapped

Through his wall, straight into his bedroom

Missed his wife’s head by only 3 or 4 feet

Going to a different subject on Episode 37, I wanted to bring up one line I didn’t mention in my odd lines post for a very specific reason: It’s actually exclusive to Armin’s route. And that line I am talking about is this one–which is how your Candy responds to Armin’s comeback if she’s dating him:

Candy: (What has gotten into him? Why is he getting involved in Amber’s instigations?)
Candy: (Still feeling stared at, I slouched into my shoulders looking straight at the desk in front of me.)

This is the response on every other route:

Candy: (Haha, that was well deserved. Amber closed her mouth and frowned in her corner of the classroom.)

He’s… repeatedly had moments where he’s shot back at Amber. I mean, he’s the one who went to her house:

We have this moment from Episode 28:


From Episode 21:

And honestly, from one of my favorite Manga scenes in Book 4 as well:

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the emotions on OUAT are so bizarrely stilted. someone finds out that their lover died and there’s some gentle sobbing and then the scene immediately moves on. maybe there’s a later shot of someone comforting them in the background. someone’s reunited with a love that they haven’t seen in like 30 years and they awkwardly clasp each other’s arms and smile a bit and then the scene immediately moves on.