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Trip & Safe

This was requested by @jonnyarcher! I hope you all enjoy! <3

Word Count: 487

Warnings: angst, hurt/comfort

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You were in Florida the day of the Xindi attack.  You didn’t even know it was the Xindi, or what they were to begin with.  You learned from Trip when he came back, but that wasn’t for another three days.  The day it happened, you were several yards away from the ray that tore through Florida’s terrain.  The building you were supposed to be in, was obliterated.

A few days later you were in your house, washing the dishes.  Everything was so quiet, unlike the city itself.  Everyone was furious and in disbelief.  No one knew who to blame, so they blamed each other and alien species who lived on Earth.

The front door opened and you jumped, dropping the sponge you had in your hand.  That’s when you heard a familiar voice.  “[Y/N]!”  You walked out of the kitchen, through the dining room, and into the living room.  The look of relief on Trip’s face almost scared you.

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Tegus originated in South America, where they’re a lot more tolerated than up north. Now, these scaly motherfuckers are pouring into Florida, where they were imported by exotic pet breeders to sell to hapless owners who realize too late that this Chamber Of Secrets resident isn’t the best companion, and proceed to set them loose into the wild. One person alone is known to be responsible for releasing thirty of these bastards into the Florida wilderness, where they’ve started breeding out of control, as Florida’s climate makes it a hospitable environment to both reptiles and eldritch horrors. Now they’ve started showing up on the properties of people who often mistake them for small alligators, which is apparently no cause for alarm among Florida homeowners.

And these critters, straight out of a bad 80s horror movie, aren’t going anywhere. Each female can lay up to 35 eggs per year and experts say it’s impossible for them to estimate how many of them are already out there. They hide underground in the winter, emerging in the spring like Satan’s hunger made flesh. They mostly roam on land, but, like any good swamp monster, can lurk underwater for long periods of time if need be. Their population is highest in the Miami and Tampa Bay areas, but they’ve been spotted as far as Panama City. That’s right: They’re moving north.

7 Horrifying Pest Infestations You Had No Clue Were Possible

Animated stereoview portrait of a group of African Americans posing in front of a house on a plantation on Fort George Island, Florida, c. 1800’s.

Source: New York Public Library.


“Medic! Oh wait, that’s me!”

Got my photos back from Florida Supercon’s Overwatch photoshoot! I’m soooo happy with these :D

I’m going to be making a few changes to this cosplay (Remaking the wing harness, remaking the staff/gun, and adding a bit more detail work), but I’m really happy with these!

Photos by PhotoKage Productions!