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: march music :

sweet - little dragon
1 night (feat. charlie xcx) - mura masa
dennis rodman - mansionz
selfish - virginia to vegas
passionfruit - drake
poolside - baynk
wait - noMBe
breathe - astrid s
all - they.
still feel like your man - john mayer
sex with me - rihanna
green light - lorde
die young - sylvan esso
lately - james vickery
no frauds (feat. drake & lil wayne) - nicki minaj
bigger than me - big sean
weekends - amy shark
young hearts - noMBe
pleasure dome - fishing
chanel - frank ocean
nightcrawler - zhu
free smoke - drake
do me ri - blackbear
the heart part 4 - kendrick lamar
still got time (feat. partynextdoor) - zayn
slurs - petrie
good girls - lany
chasing highs - alma
8teen - khalid

spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/1232478477/playlist/2lMxZayN8H5MZuGucKbSi7

chocolatewitchharmony  asked:

Do you think Daario is Euron or someone else in disguise? Or could Daario be working for him? There certainly seems to be a lot of evidence to suggest Daario\Euron is Dany's mount to dread. If this is true, how do you think it will play out in the show and books.

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(TWOW spoilers)

Euron is not Daario. The latter spends the back half of ASOS in Slaver’s Bay with Dany, while the former is at that time in the Iron Islands, killing off Balon and sitting the Seastone Chair. “The Forsaken” establishes that Euron stayed in southwestern Westeros raiding with his men, following up on his failure in “The Reaver” to convince them to follow him to Essos–that’s the *entire reason* he sends Victarion instead! This theory is deeply silly, falling apart at the basic hurdles of time and space.

IMO Daario is similar to Euron in some ways to establish that Dany is attracted to this kind of guy, though part of her hates that; this makes it plausible that Dany would later be tempted by Euron before that aforementioned part of her leads her to reject and burninate him. They’re thematic parallels in service of Dany’s arc, not *literally* the same person. 

As for the mount to dread, I think that’s Drogon. 

Jim Kirk, playlist on Youtube
Indie-pop-folk music that reminds me of my sunshine flower space prince captain; songs may be added as time goes by. I like to think this playlist follows his journey from youth and idealism into the kind of man we know he becomes-- strong, supported and supportive, but still a dreamer.

Since the Spotify playlist isn’t available everywhere, here it is for Youtubers!

FYI the third-to-last song, “World Wide Open” by Matt Wright is a live version because I couldn’t find a better video of it. If you are able to find a recording elsewhere, highly recommend listening to that instead when you get to that part of the playlist.

For those who can’t access Spotify OR Youtube, there’s a track list below the cut. :)

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Playlist Shuffle Tag

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Sylvan Esso - H.S.K.T

Björk - Notget

Glass Animals - Gooey 

Will Joseph Cook - Message 

Ryn Weaver - Sail On 

K.Flay - FML

Sylvan Esso - Kick Jump Twist 

Supergrass - Alright 

Oh Wonder - Lifetimes 

Frank Ocean - Chanel 

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me, making up space-y au’s:      mmmmmmm westeros being it’s own planet, essos being a planet near that, the islands being moons circling the planet or like shuttle stations, rickon being on one of the moons there called skagos !!! hidden away and being protected by osha.  beyond the wall, holding back idk, the native species to the planet, idk maybe a long ass time ago humanity ( the first men ) colonized the planet ??? idk man idk.

I was tagged by @assashkiin ,  thank you sweety ( *¯ ³¯*)♡

1: spell your name with song titles

Let it go - The Neighbourhood 

I’m So Sorry - Imagine Dragons

Lethargy - Bastille 

It Comes Back To You - Imagine Dragons

Tongues (feat. Kopps) - Joywave

H.S.K.T. - Sylvan Esso

2: Why did you choose your URL?

i was 13 and I just learned the meaning of nardmango

3: what is your middle name?


4: if you could be any mythical creature, what would yo u be?

idk but I’d like 2 be a witch

5: favourite color?

orange & blue

6: song you like right now?

White lies - Max Frost

7: top four fandoms?

water, fire, earth, air

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cymriccat  asked:

Katie or Catherine for the playlist 👀🎸

C: Calling All - Phantogram

A: After the Rain - Little Dragon

T: Take a Chance - Flume (feat. Little Dragon)

H: half dome - toro y moi

E: Endors Toi - Tame Impala

R: Reason Left to Destroy - The Go! Team

I: If I - Aloe Blacc

N: Never Catch Me - Flying Lotus (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

E: Empire Ants - Gorillaz (feat. Little Dragon)

S: Shuffle a Dream - Little Dragon

H: H.S.K.T - Sylvan Esso

E: El Manaña - Gorillaz

R: Raid - Madvillain (feat. Med)

K: Keep You Kimi (Yukimi Nagano feat. Hird)


K: Killing Me - Little Dragon

A: The Afterlife - YACHT

T: take it or leave it - the strokes

I: If I knew I’d tell you - Neon Indian (javelin mix)

E: E•MO•TION - Carly Rae Jepsen

Enjoy like I enjoy having you in my life 💕💕💕