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What is Your Ticklish Name?

Put these three phrases together to find out your Ticklish Name, then reblog to share with the community!

First Letter of Your First Name

A = Unfathomably
B = Unbelievably
C = Extremely
D = Very
E = Very, Very
F = Very, Very, Very
G = Incredibly
H = Incomprehensibly
I = Too
J = Exquisitely
K = Abundantly
L = Ridiculously
M = Supremely
N = Hyper
O = Deathly
P = Wildly
Q = Way Too
R = Untouchably
S = Excruciatingly
T = Terribly
U = Horribly
V = Super
W = Quite
X = So
Y = Absurdly
Z = Most

Season You Were Born In
Spring = Ticklish
Summer = Sensitive
Autumn = Tender
Winter = Vulnerable

First Letter of Your Last Name
A = One
B = Girl/Boy/One* Who Can’t Be Touched
C = Man/Lady/One* Who Cannot Bear It
D = Hysterical Giggler
E = Child of Laughter
F = Little Lee
G = Panic-Stricken One
H = Screamer
I = Begger
J = Torturee
K = Gigglee
L = Thrasher
M = Master/Mistress/Maven* of Squirms
N = Fist-Pounder
O = Kicker
P = Master/Mistress/Maven* of Squeals
Q = Squealer
R = Shrieker
S = Pleader for Mercy
T = Toe Scruncher
U = Wriggler 
V = One Who Cannot Endure
W = One Who Simply Needs It To Stop
X = King/Queen/Royal Highness* of Silent Laughter
Y = Prince/Princess/Royal Highness* of Unbridled Hysteria
Z = Flincher

*Choose according to pronoun you prefer

About me

Dear new followers:

I want to share with you all about my interests, fandoms, support characters, kins/IDs, etc…

So you would not be surprised…

I like to be called JOKES or SILVER. But i still respond to Ann too.

I enjoy a lot to draw stuff, and it makes me really happy when i get those messages about people enjoying my drawings, honestly makes my day everytime i read that kind of messages.

My special interests are:

  • The smurfs
  • Dogs
  • Neon colors
  • vaporwave stuff
  • Sonic The hedgehog
  • Super Mario Bros
  • Kuroshitsuji
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • CatCF
  • Many movies with Jhonny Depp
  • TNBC
  • Many old toons
  • Spogebob Squarepants

FANDOMS i’m really in:

  1. The smurfs
  2. Kuroshitsuji
  3. Sonic
  4. Mario Bros


  • Silver The Hedgehog
  • Luigi
  • Lego Joker (TLBM)
  • Vanity Smurf
  • Grell Sutcliff
  • Jack Skellington

support Characters:

  • Papa Smurf
  • Silver the hedgehog

  • Spongebob 


  • S U
  • V o l t r o n
  • S a n s  
  • U n d e r t a l e
  • O s o m a t s u
  • B N H A
  • Y O I
  • etc… (no more alkndfkjdnkfd)


((probably gonna still reposting this with updates))

princevolker2788  asked:

Dragon Age: Inquisition companions reacting to a young inquisitor (3 to 9) asking if they can sleep next to them after a nightmare concerning Redcliffe Castle. Especially if said companions were the ones who died protecting them as Dorian brought them back to the present.

Cassandra: She blinks at them through the darkness of night, and after a moment’s hesitation, consents and allows it. She’s awkward, but they go to sleep quickly, feeling safe near her. She eventually drifts off as well, feeling pity for the young one.

Iron Bull: He’s a little worried he’ll roll over on them, so he lays there motionlessly as they cuddle up against him and quietly go to sleep. He eventually drifts off, frozen in place, minding the spot the child chose to sleep in against him.

Blackwall: Awkwardly, he shrugs and allows it, unsure of himself as the child curls up against him and goes to sleep. He had heard about what happened in Redcliffe, and he understands their wanting to be with someone, but… him? He feels peace settle over him as the child begins to snore, quiet pride and quiet duty, and he follows suit.

Sera: She wordlessly pulls open the cover and lets them crawl in, and the two sleep soundly as she gently puts an arm over them to reassure them that she is real and they are safe.

Varric: He allows it, for once quiet as slumber threatens to take him back. He grunts as they push against him, and he relinquishes a sigh. “You’re safe, kid. We’re all okay.” The words settle them as much as he wishes it would settle his nerves, and he drifts off as they do.

Cole: He doesn’t sleep, but he lies down and lets the child cuddle up against him. “Warm and comforting, arms of love pulling me close, warding demons off, you feel safe. You are safe. I’ll do my best.” He lies there as long as they sleep, and feels happy for doing so– he helped.

Dorian: He’s a little worried and unsure of how exactly to comfort them. “Are you sure you want to sleep in my bed? Not with Cassandra or… someone else?” he asks warily. The child insists and crawls under the sheets. Dorian sits there for a moment, a bit befuddled, but the child starts drawing quiet little breaths as they fall to sleep, and he follows suit quietly.

Solas: He quietly allows it. “Come, da’len; I will ensure no demons serve you nightmares. The majesty of the Fade will guide us to peaceful slumber.” His words soothe them, and both drift off in peace.

Vivienne: Normally, she would adamantly refuse, but the child is teary and shaking, so she sighs and lifts the sheet up. “Don’t plan on making a habit of this.” she warns. At the same time, she feels something bubbling in her chest, something like warmth and quiet pride, and she drifts off to sleep peacefully.

Josephine: Like Sera, she quietly holds the sheets open, remembering times she had to do this with Yvette or any of her younger siblings. She has performed this duty many times, one of comfort and love, and she feels their panic fading away as they curl up against her. Both drift off quickly.

Leliana: Without so much as a word or a glance up, she holds the sheet up and allows them in before drifting off to sleep, her arm settling over them quietly. They feel extra safe– nothing can hurt them when the Spymaster is there.

Cullen: He’s half-asleep, and a bit too incoherent to process what’s going on, but he gives in. He finds the next morning that his own nightmares were fewer and of less intensity, and he only prays the poor child felt safer, too.

Here’s a representative gif for all of them:

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