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Tuesday: Started my period RIGHT before my shift, no tampons no pads had to go to Dollar store just for a box. I get a call while I’m driving to work (speaker phone, definitely not trying to die in a car accident) and my mid-supervisor told me my closer called out ‘sick’ but in all honesty he was fucking drunk still from partying all night. Had to call my manager and two other people to try and get a closer in because I only have two closers and it’s impossible to run a whole store with only me and one other person.

Wednesday: A woman comes in and wants a refund for her order from earlier this morning because it was busy and her mobile order wasn’t ready as soon as she got there …. Bitch doesn’t matter if it’s drive thru, in house, or mobile it goes in queue depending on the time it was ordered. So I ring her refund and it comes out to $9.10. She starts raising her voice and telling me how I’m stupid and she paid $9.90 and she wants ALL her money. So I repeated her order and I asked her several times “is this what you ordered?” “YES!” okay but it’s running up to $9.10 “WELL YOU CAN JUST GIVE ME THE DIFFERENCE FROM YOUR TILL!” Bitch excuse me but I’m not grabbing money from my till because obviously there’s something your leaving out from your order. “Is there a manager I can talk to?” “I’m the supervisor” “I want to talk to your boss!” “My manager isn’t here, I’m running the store until close. You can talk to her tomorrow when she’s here.” In the meantime I’m shaking like a terrier because of my panic attack because she’s shouting and all the customers are just staring at us. I just hand her the customer service number and walk off to cool down and breathe a little. After panic attacks I feel like Ive had the flu, I’m sweating ready to throw up and feeling nauseated.

Thursday: speaking of wanting to throw up a teenager pulled our chair from the patio and sat in front of a trashcan with a cover and attempted to puke into it. Now when I say attempted I mean he puked ON the trashcan and ground instead of the parking lot or bushes that are literally right behind him. Since we work in food service we are not allowed to go near bodily fluids. My open shift calls in facilities who will send a 'biohazard’ team to clean it. Several hours pass so I call again explaining it’s near the entrance and I cannot allow any customers to sit on the patio. Like how disgusting would it be if you went somewhere to eat or drink and near the entrance you see vomit? Gross.

Friday: It’s late in the afternoon and FINALLY someone came to clean it. I felt bad for the guy he kept apologizing that it took him 36 hours to come clean the vomit because 20 miles away on store was flooded and 20 miles in the opposite direction someone vomitted inside the cafe. I told him no worries just please disinfect the trashcan and area so we can reopen our patio. So while he’s cleaning he blocks off most of the patio with tape but leaves a walkway so people can go in and out. Someone comes in and asks why the patio is closed and I explained there was an incident and it’s being taken care of right now and the patio will reopen within the evening. “but why can’t I sit there?” “Because the gentleman is cleaning with concentrate chemicals” “BUT EHY CANT I SIT THERE?” fine go sit next to the old pile of vomit and cleaning chemicals meant for crime scene clean ups. Be my guest, sir.

Saturday: my period finally calms down and I can get back on track with my energy and really get things done before my three days off because no one else completely clean the store enough while I’m gone and I always come back to a dirty store. So I spend the day cleaning grouts, sinks, everything and everywhere until I notice there’s a HUGE crack on the base of our toilet. OUR BRAND NEW TOILET! Not only is it aggrivating having people absolutely destroy our restrooms but now I have to call in the toilet because anything broken or damage has to be replaced. Like how do you even break my toilet base?

Saturday (today): One girl and I are running drive thru and a guy pulls up and my coworker greets him with a “hi, welcome to starfucks, what can I get for you?” “What’s your name?” We both look at each other “why??” “What’s your name?” “S—.” “That’s a pretty name, S—-.” So I take over the order because we get a LOT of creeps and I’m a very blunt person who doesn’t take shit from no one (how am I not fired). “Hi, what can I get for you?” “Can you see me thru the cameras?” “…yeah?” He starts doing the wack off motion. Like gross. So I call over my only male worker, C—–, and have him take over. So the guy gets to the window and starts chatting with C—- about how his girl thinks C—– is hot. One of my other girls happens to walk into this creeps view and tells C—– to tell her she’s hot. Like are you trying to get us all into an orgy?


@idroppedthefries REQUESTED: Ight so I wanna request a reaction (look at me requesting things 💀) of them arguing with their s/o while they’re driving. I feel like that alone would be funniest thing in th world but work your magic 😉


Jin would honestly feel so mad when you told him that you’re parents didn’t like his cooking. Especially when you told him repeatedly. 



Namjoon would be so mad when you told him not to touch anything at you’re parents house. Namjoon wouldn’t yell, but would argue. 

“Yes babe but- no but-!” *Keeps getting cut off by you* 


Yoongi would get over excessive but you told him to stop sleeping. You didn’t understand that he worked so hard but then you guys ended up fighting.

“I’m not gonna argue with you while I’m driving!”


Hoseok would scream everytime you guys argued. He would be so extra to stop the car and talk it out. He knew it would have been bad if you guys argued inside the car. 

“FINE! Wanna talk about it?” *Stops the car on the edge*


Jimin would be too scared to cut you off while you’re talking. When you guys were on a red light, you would make him look at you so you knew he was listening but this poor boy would be flustered. 

“Uhh, Can I speak now?”


Taehyung would honestly drive with his left hand and hold your hand with his right hand. He wouldn’t say anything just incase it turned into a fight. If it was a big deal, he would get you guys out of the car and hold hands while fighting.

“Jagiya, If you laugh-” *You end up laughing with him*


Jungkook would honestly just be in his own world. He would be driving and like thinking about what he would have for dinner. 

*Stares off into the distance*

og paladins + language barriers bc i’m tired of photoshop

  • i imagine the og paladins had to learn each other’s languages and Nutbutton.png
    • alfor probably took the initiate first bc he’s a nice guy and a good diplomat. he started learning from his translator and then blaytz would not be one-upped and gyrgan and trigel sort of got sucked up in the excitement.
      • coran, showering:
        blaytz, opening the curtain: coran, would—stop screaming—would you teach me altean?
    • zarkon was the hardest to convince bc damn do the galra have pride.
      • no but really he only did it because he felt that the other four were gossiping about him behind his back.
  • Not Saying they get together each week to watch altean novelas but you know they did 
    • “why do we always watch altean things” “have you seen galra tv it’s 95% propaganda”
    • yes there’s a Galra TV Drinking Game bc holy shit is it all repetitive
  • trigel almost stops midbattle bc she can’t remember one goddamn word and it’s driving her crazy.
    • “hey, blaytz what’s the name of that large animal that nearly ran you over last week.” blaytz, dodging enemies, “i’m not answering that.” trigel, effortlessly causing two opponents to crash together, “come on!” “do you really think i stopped to ask for its name while it was chasing me down?” 
  • “gyrgan c’mon i know you and your people have some of the best curse words out there leak them
  • Some Magical Shit Happens and the og paladins somehow lose the ability to speak each other’s tongues and it’s just one really long and frustrating game of charades and zarkon drives his lion straight into a cliff out of sheer frustration.
  • drunk paladins switching between languages and laughing and having a good time
  • the og paladins vs the galran language: a saga
    • “what does that say, alfor” alfor leans in, shrugs. “i don’t know” “but you speak galran” “yeah, doesn’t mean i know how to read it have you seen the galran alphabets”
    • trigel: zarkon why is there no galran word for lesbian you need to fix this immediately
    • “zarkon, why is it that there are ten different galran phrases for ‘glorious death in battle’—each with a slightly difference connotation, mind you—but there’s no direct translation for ‘pillow’?”
    • zarkon, trying to learn all the different names for all the different articles of clothing alteans wear: alfor your people are so soft
      alfor, struggling through the tenth volume of the galran history of war book: yeah that’s fair
  • they sometimes borrow phrases from each other and since they’re sort of heads of state the phrases get disseminated down and it’s like a really risky game of telephone that might cause an intergalatic war
  • blaytz: and then gyrgan took the robot’s head clean off with his hands, and—
  • zarkon: we have a phrase for that
    trigel, without hesitation: of course you do
  • coran, to allura, immediately after learning that not only are the new paladins all the same species, but they all speak the same language: holy shit this is going to be so much easier we might actually live through this

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My parents don't know anything about shipping or about my love for Jonsa. After the episode I said: "It looks like Dany is into Jon" and my dad goes: "Yeah but I don't think he reciprocates. At least not yet." My mom who doesn't watch the show but watched their scenes said: "Is Dany the girl with the white hair? I felt bad for her! He obviously doesn't feel the same way. That older guy liked her though!"

Yeah Nonny, it’s been pretty obvious so far that this HUGE attraction between J/D is one-sided. Jon’s one-track mind of getting the dragon glass, protecting his family/subjects/home, and killing the NK’s army is what’s driving/consuming him.

I feel so bad for Jorah sometimes. Like, I know Dany loves him -it’s very obvious in their emotional scenes ….. I just …. I’m not actually sure where I was going with this, Nonny. I just know that Jorah has fought his way back to her (literally) several times, and there’s no end to his devotion. That’s some epic love right there! In my own personal fantasy version, Dany would fall in love too, and they’d ride off into the sunset on Drogon. But, this is GoT, so ….

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How the heck did you add a video to that Red Dwarf post? I've been trying to figure out how to and it's driving me insane

  1. only works on computer, not moblie
  2. reblog post u wish to add video to
  3. click on the little + icon that appears beside the post
  4. click on the movie camera icon
  5. copypaste relevant url or upload video from computer
  6. hit reblog!
The Cockblocker

Dating has never been easy for Shiro, he never has any luck avoiding the creeps. Thankfully, his best friend Keith is always there to help, pretending he’s Shiro’s jealous boyfriend to drive the losers away. If only Shiro realized that Keith didn’t want to just pretend anymore.

With Shiro’s friends pressuring him to finally find a boyfriend, he reluctantly joins an online dating site and meets the man of his dreams. So he thinks.

A romantic comedy about fake dating, mistaken identities, and falling in love with your best friend. Based on the romcom You’ve Got Mail/She Loves Me. 

Written for the @sheithbigbang 2017!

  • Rating: Explicit
  • Relationship: Keith/Shiro
  • Tags: Mutual Pining, Pretend Relationships, Fake Dating, Mistaken Identity, Online Dating, Romantic Comedy, Fluff, Smut, Friends to lovers, LAME JOKES
  • Art by @pshepsh
  • Fic by @itdans and @runicscribbles

[Read on AO3]    [Art Link]

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In response to a question you mentioned that Darkseid was the only good villain you could think of who chased after power for its own sake. But what about Doctor Doom? Whenever he sees a chance to achieve godlike power he grabs it with both armored hands. His performance in Secret Wars (the original and the 2015 event) come to mind but they're not the only examples IIRC.

Doom wants power, he luuuuuuuuuuuuuves power, but he very much wants power for something. Whether it’s to show up THAT FOOL RICHARDS! or to demonstrate that he’s the best or the strongest or to get everyone to love and admire him for a change or to pursue any other personal agenda…

And that’s what makes Doom so interesting - there’s always a personal agenda there, some deep-seated need or drive that’s pushing the story forward, even if it’s something as simple as petty revenge. It’s what allows story beats like Doom conquering the world and then giving it up because it’s not fun without superheroes to challenge him. 

That’s a beat that you could not do if, like Darkseid, Doom wanted power for its own sake instead of power for a purpose. 

my little sister really wants to watch django unchained but my mom says it’s too violent/graphic/there’s too much language etc etc and my sister will not let it go and it’s been driving me insane so yesterday over breakfast while she was whining i literally just looked at her and said “do you want to see jamie foxx’s ballsack margaret” and she did not so i am finally at peace

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Gdi. Every now and then ao3 eats my comment when I submit one via phone. I was just crying how good your benarmie was and how nostalgic it made me feel, including how I miss and not miss my teenager years. And how I had a flashback to my own license test and how the guy was "Fine. You'll pass. Barely." Lolol. Anyway. Now I need to know if they're living happily ever after . Idiots probably go to the same college after Hux bullies him through the entrance exams lolol. Loved it

HEY, sorry to take so long to respond, I’m so glad you were into this one ahhh thank you for the note!! Glad it made you feel nostalgic, writing it did the same for me ;___; and YEP the inspiration for Ben’s driving test was that the woman who administered mine quasi-shouted ‘Slow down!!’ at one point and I was sure I would fail, but then I got the lowest passing score possible, yay! lol 

They do go to the same college, but there is a TWIST and I actually want to write that story at some point, from Hux’s POV. But in the meantime yes, they are living happily ever after, and it remains a happy universe though there are Snokelications in the college part. 

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This is less of a question and more of a confession, I guess. I think that I need to stop my practice. My anxiety has gotten so bad that I'm pretty sure that I'm reading energies that aren't even there. It's driving me insane. I'll still learn and study witchcraft and the paranormal of course, but I need to stop my practice. I may continue with the occasional card or time reading, but I probably won't do much else. I think that it's what's best for my mental health right now.

Good for you for realizing that. I know that can be a tough decision, especially if you kept up your practice for a while.

The Craft has a dark side. It’s been known to lead people astray, and it takes up energy. So it’s not surprising that it can aggravate someone’ anxiety. Besides, everyone needs to take a break and just read once in a while!

Take care of yourself, enjoy your break, and know you’re not any less magical because you’re off for a while. (^ω^)/

Don’t date on Tuesdays

word prompt: “Well, what do you call it when someone tries to kill you, then?” “Tuesday.”


“Drive!” You yelled the moment you jumped into the waiting car and he did as he was told, the tires screeching so loud it almost drowned out the sound of gunshots.

“We need to get away!” You tell him from the backseat, pushing the sleek silver suitcase down from the seats and slipping out of your costume at the same time.

There’s a tiny ball of shame rolling around in your stomach when you slip off your skirt and sit on the backseat in nothing but lace underwear.

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Do you know any good fluff fanfictions that has less than 20 chapters? Or anything similar to A&E fanfic?

You Stir up a McFlurry in My Heart by tau (1/1 | G | 7,985)

Jungkook is completely and utterly screwed the moment he develops a crush on the voice behind the McDonald’s Drive Thru speaker.

I’ll Be Yours by jonghyunslisterine (1/1 | G | 7,374)

Busy COO Min Yoongi makes a deal with his assistant: a temporary marriage to prevent Yoongi from getting deported in exchange for a promotion.

Only now they’ve got to convince Jungkook’s family that the fake marriage is a real one.

take me out (we’re going down) by kaythebest (1/1 | T | 20,202)

There are a lot of things that Jungkook expected from his junior year of college. General stress. Student debt.

He did not expect to be hit by a car.

It’s going well.

since when do we say yes to love by riverlikespine (11/11 | E | 56,612)

Jeongguk is the golden boy and Yoongi is a nobody.

Or the one where Yoongi is a public defender with something to prove and Jeongguk is an over-achieving corporate lawyer. They both work too much and don’t really get along, until they do.

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Kanadiamari & 6, 30, 86! I love your headcanons btw!!

Ahh, thank you Anon! That means a lot to me! 💕 Writing my headcanons and making people happy are two of my favorite things, so I’m glad that I can do both at the same time!

6: Weakness
One of the many reasons that Kanadiamari work together so well as girlfriends is that they compensate for each other’s weaknesses.
Kanan isn’t always great at clearly communicating her thoughts; Mari has the shiny force that drives Kanan’s walls open, and Dia is a slow, methodical, observant mediator who helps her rationalize.
Dia can be too uptight, stern, and overly focused to the point that she drives herself into the ground whilst working on a project; Kanan helps keep her calm and loose, while Mari helps remind her how to have fun and find enjoyment in the simple things in life.
Beneath her memes and bright exterior, Mari often feels disconnected and lonesome. Money can’t buy solid relationships, after all. Luckily, Kanan provides physical support of warmth and hugs. Dia is less touchy-feely, but no matter how upset she is with Mari, she’s never afraid to address her directly. That verbal attention provides a sense of mental/emotional closeness and stability, so Mari knows that even at their worst, Dia pays attention to her and cares about her.

(This is more canon than HC, but I love this type of analysis so please forgive me for this one, Anon!)

30: Happy
One of their favorite activities to do together that makes them all happy is to stargaze! Kanan originally suggested it, but once Dia pointed out that no matter where they are, they’re all underneath the same sky, the three found a special meaning in this simple hobby. Considering the separation of their past and the uncertainty of their future, now that they’re third years, they find solace in knowing that they’ll always be connected by the same, neverending sky.
Mari also likes making up her own constellations, akin to finding shapes in the clouds.

86: Selfless
If they’re ever in a situation where not enough sleeping space is available for all of them (ex: 2 instead of 3 beds or sleeping bags), Kanan and Dia fight over who gets to sleep with Mari. They’ve done this since childhood, aware that Mari may have had trouble fitting in as the new girl and the foreigner. Nowadays, they’re especially passionate in their debates, after being apart from Mari for so long and realizing how horribly lonely she was. They want to ensure that she never feels alone ever again, and they’ll gladly sacrifice their sleeping space for their girlfriend’s peace of mind!
Sometimes, to settle the two down, Mari will just suggest that they all sleep together if the bed/couch/etc. is large enough. She’s selfless in this respect, too, preferring peace, warmth, and togetherness over a large sleeping space.

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