s dip dye

So I headcanon that once when the rampion girls are hanging out, Iko decides to dye the others hair (with protest from Cinder and Scarlet) When she finally agrees to use stuff that wash out, they let her.

- In Winter’s hair, Iko tries to dye it a dark blue (to match her own hair) but in Winter’s dark hair it comes out a purple. She’s fine with whatever color, but Iko is severely disappointed. When Jacin comes home he just stares at her with so much love that she can’t help blushing.

- In Cress’s hair she dip-dyes it cotton candy pink. Cress adores it, but after a week she starts missing her old hair so she takes HEAPS of showers.

- In Scarlet’s hair, although Scarlet INSISTS she wants nothing, Iko dyes flecks of gold that contrast with her bright hair. Scarlet doesn’t hate it, but it comes out fairly fast as it’s not a lot of dye and she takes frequent showers (‘cause farm work is harddd) but she does kind of miss it, but she will say that to anyone.

- And finally in Cinder’s hair, after half an hour of her denying every color of the freaking rainbow, Iko decides (without waiting for Cinder’s approval) to dip-dye it black. When Kai comes home he just stops and very slowly asks if it’s a glamour. Cinder is baffled but after the week is over, she dyes it permanently.