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hey, animorphs fandom, here’s a thought;

Seerow Hamee (Aldrea and Dak’s son) was taken as a host after his parents’ deaths

Which were probably a decent period of time before Andalite Chronicles

In which we know Esplin 9466 had a Hork-Bajir host

now I’m not saying that his host at that time was Seerow Hamee

but “if I can’t have you, I’ll have your son” is exactly the sort of petty revenge thing Esplin would have done, is it not?

Lesson #21: Body Parts:

This lesson is something I haven’t studied much so I though doing this would help all of us:

손가락 - finger(s)

손목 - wrist(s)

손 - hand(s)

주먹 - fist(s)

팔 - arm(s)

등 - back

무릎 - knee(s)

배 - stomach

다리 - leg(s)

허리 - waist

목 - neck

가슴 - chest

입 - mouth

코 - nose

머리카락 - hair

입술 - lips

턱 - jaw

팔꿈치 - elbow(s)

손바닥 - palm(s)

허벅지 - thigh(s)

어깨 - shoulder(s)

얼굴 - face

In the future I’ll post more on depth vocab for body parts once I am confident with my knowledge! If this lesson wasn’t helpful let me know so I can edit this one or post an alternative version.

As always guys, I am not a teacher, tutor, fluent or native speaker. I learn on my own and post these lessons to help others like me!

Thanks guys!

anonymous asked:

81 for the vaguely NSFW ask thing, if ya don't mind.

81. Who are five people you find attractive?
This is a difficult question for me, mainly because I don’t judge attractiveness the way most people do? Like, I understand that some people are Just That Pretty but for me, there has to be a personality perspective before I can go from ‘yeah, okay, pretty’ to ‘hot damn’ level. 

But, in saying that, Angelina Jolie has been and always will be near the top of that list, in part because Tomb Raider and also literally every other role she’s ever had (fight me, I loved Maleficent, IDGAF about the narrative flaws, I will throw down). Dak Prescott and Jason Witten (QB and TE for the Dallas Cowboys, respectively) also rank pretty high (love Dak’s tats and I know damn well Jason is married, that wasn’t the question). Ke$ha and Robert Downy Jr. round out the list (gotta love the ones who’ve fought tooth and nail and still fight every day).