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Mass Effect Ink Series [3/?]

Comm Room - Mission Debrief

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Time travel AU with Obi-Wan raising the twins while as a bounty hunter is basically everything I want in a fic. And if he travels to CW era while the twins are babies, basically, there's very little physical differences between him and CW era!Obi-Wan. I'm now laughing at the thought of has-no-fucks-left-to-give Ben Kenobi bursting into the galaxy and confusing everyone because why is Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi suddenly a bounty hunter?!?

this was basically me, coming up with this fic. ben just wants the entire galaxy to fuck the fuck off. He has no patience for literally anything, his entire world are baby luke and leia, who adore their Nobi, and are really good at playing ‘hide and seek’. 

the council reacting to the idea that fucking OBI-WAN KENOBI has gone off the rails and is obviously super fucking attached to these two kids, SKYWALKER’S KIDS

padme and anakin silently screaming because apparently those are their children??????? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!

obi-wan kenobi silently screaming because suddenly his attachment to anakin is blatantly on display for anyone to scrutinize (sorry buddy everyone else can see it, you’re the only one you’re fooling anyway)

the only reason the council even becomes aware of Ben Kenobi is because Ben makes a splash, he can’t even help it??? plus two tiny REALLY FORCE-STRONG BABIES

the jedi: let us have the babies, kenobi

ben: ??? how about you go fuck yourself, you let all the younglings die :\\\