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I wrote something. Its a rough draft, but I DO want to work on it...

He’s not how much weight he can lift,
         Or the weight on the scale.

He’s not what his favorite sport is,
         Or how passionate he is about cooking.
         Or painting.
         Or how his hair fans arcoss his forehead,
         Pushed back, pushed in.
         Or even the way he folds his towels.

He’s not his handwriting. The scent of his cologne, or the scent of his candles.

He isn’t his past.

He isn’t he octave of his climax,
         or the cut of his underwear,
         or the cut of his neckline,
         or the cut of his crotch.
              Exactly where the space
between his legs swells,
The way he pees.

He’s not he color of his fingernails. The length of his hair on his head, or his face, or his legs, or his eyelashes.

He’s not

                            a joke.
                            a news story.
                            a political statement.

He isn’t his laugh. His tears. His dreams. His triumphs.

He definitely isn’t the letters in his name.
The letters on his driver’s license.
The letters in his chromosomes.

He’s not the fat distribution around his hips.
   The curve of his waist,
      his chest,
      or his spine.
     The way he rocks his body
   when he dances.
Or fucks.

He’s not some pawn to move where its convenient.
He’s not your token friend.
He’s not here to fulfill your fantasy.
He’s not what YOU think a man should be.

He is simply,

                                                               a man.

It's all about body positivity until you don't like her... then all of a sudden body shaming her is justified? It's all about combating transphobia (especially transmisogyny) until you don't like her... then you find a way to justify misgendering her..? It's all about combating colorism until you don't like her.. then allllll of a sudden colorism is justified...?

Fuck some of ya lmao ya mad transparent and performative with what you say on here.

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a/n: mushing prompts together yeeee

“This color’s weird.” 

You stop painting and look towards where he is. The sun is hitting it a bit weirdly from where he’s standing, and the yellow looks a bit orangey. You pout your lips a bit as you think. “We’ll grow to love it, I’m sure,” you say, but Shawn can definitely tell that you’re anything but sure. 

So that’s how you end up sitting in the middle of your empty living room, the walls half painted, and Shawn’s fingers knotting your hair into something that looks a bit like a braid if you squint and tilt your head to the side and then maybe close your eyes. Loose strands hang around your face and you have to spit the strands out of your mouth a couple times. “There,” he says, “beautiful. Even better than before if you ask me.” 

You reinspect your appearance in the mirror. Shawn’s biting down hard on his bottom lip to keep from laughing, but when your eyes meet in the reflection you both burst into giggles. “It looks like a two year old did it,” you wheeze, gathering all the missing strands together in your fist. 

“But, like, a talented two year old right?”

Dan Is Phil Trash #1 Confirmed for the Billionth Time

(Side note: I noticed how Dan and Phil’s shirts were color coordinated. They’re going to grow up to become one of those old couples who wear matching outfits every day. Also, what nerds that they both knew all the same music and Dan recognized and identified every song immediately.)

How many times did Dan fanboy over Phil in this video? I should go back and count them. He was just lavishing praise on Phil constantly. Seriously. Have you ever seen such blind infatuation? I mean, since 2009? The 14-year-old Phil’s RPG wasn’t THAT phenomenal, but Dan just basically lost his mind at every turn.

2009 Fanboy Dan is rising.

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Does Bendy like being pink... something? Dont you prefer black? Can you transform into normal please??!?!?!

Of course I prefer black! I like pink, it’s a fine color, but it’s not really too pleasant having your entire body be the color. And the glitter is…gritty. But I can’t just turn black again on command, I’ve gotta wait for Mun to get more black ink or something. I’ll be normal again eventually.

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Noora Amalie Sætre is the perfect example of Skam’s unique story telling that makes her one of the most interesting characters in the show.
In s1 we see Noora from Eva’s perspective and Eva’s view of Noora colors our view of Noora. For Eva Noora is the ultimate bff she is strong, sassy and comes to Eva at a perfect timing. Throughout the first season this view of Noora is very rarely challenged. She is the feminist queen of the squad in s1.
In s2 we see a completely different type of Noora. She is still sassy and funny and all those things we saw in s1 but we get to see she is vulnerable. We get to see her sitting alone in her room moping. This creates a whole new dimension to her character. We also get to know about her family and her eating disorder. Watching s2 we get the feeling that the sassy act might be a shell that she uses but at the same time we see that it is just as much ch a part of her as her past. Her being at home with her roommates and her hanging out with her friends gives us two different ways to look at Noora. And in my opinion the real highlight of the season is when Noora tells her friends about the sexual assault because we see the two portals of Noora collide. She gets to be broken together with her friends and they take care of her.
In s3 we meet the Noora that Isak see his goofy roommate that is best friend with his old best friend. The best moment for Noora in s3 in my opinion is the last scene when she hangs out with her four best friends just talking and chilling. Because those are the people she can truly 100% be herself around.
I love Noora because she is the perfect example of a dynamic dimensional female character that shows us that women can be more then one thing.