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So, look.   I'm not at all surprised Melissa moved me to tears in this episode because she slays me every damn time.  But can I just give a shoutout to Mr. Reedus?

Because that little “Why’d you go?” just about finished me off.  The hurt in his voice, and his body language the whole episode…I think the man is pretty underrated.  He’s really brought Daryl to life, and when he and MMB share scenes?  It’s fucking magic, man.  She’s already a master class (IMO), but when they’re in scenes together, they elevate each other’s game. 

Take note, TPTB.  Forget this whole absence makes the heart grow fonder shit, and reunite these two for good.  They’re each compelling in their right, but together?  Let me just put it this way.  Was Mulder not better when he had Scully by his side?  What about William Adama and Laura Roslin?  I could go on, but I won’t.  And really.  Carol and Daryl, in my mind at least, are just as much a part of each other as these characters are a part of each other. 

So.  Let this latest separation be blessedly short.  Because these two?  Deserve to be together.  They deserve to know love and be able to actually bask in it, openly, for more than 5 damn seconds. 

And hey. If it’s the whole thrill of the chase, longing pining thing you’re afraid of losing, don’t be.  Because I think we all know, MMB and NR are more than up to the task of continuing their beautiful story and taking it forward naturally.  The characters, the portrayers, and the fans have all earned that much. 

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Title: a sing-along wolf song
Author: otter
Rating: G
Word Count: 2272
Status: Complete
Summary: There’s something seriously wrong with Mr. Hale’s kindergarten class. They’re adorable on an inhuman level and too well-behaved to be real children.


Talia Favia’s class at Radix with Charlize Glass, Maddie Ziegler and Eliana Hayward

Klaine one-shot - “Caught in the Act” (Rated PG13)

There’s an amazing man in one of Kurt’s classes, and Kurt just has to find out more about him. He tries to consult the man’s student profile in an attempt to find some clues, but he can’t remember the man’s last name. Luckily, a serendipitous stranger wanders by to lend a helping hand. (1226 words)

Different first meeting, NYADA, inspired by this video.

Read on AO3.

“Jesus, Rachel! Could you take any longer calling me back?” Kurt grumbles, juggling his phone and his books as he fights his way through the crowd for a seat at an empty table with an available computer. The campus coffee shop is always busy during the school day. Students pop in to log onto the café laptops between classes and check their email more than they do to buy coffee, so Kurt usually makes it a point to never go there. The coffee tastes burnt anyway, and he prefers to use his laptop at home. But this is an emergency. He needs information, and he needs it now.

“According to my phone, I called you back literally a minute later,” Rachel says in her defense. “I just got out of class a second ago, too, you know. Cassie’s glaring at me as it is. I think she’s about to grand jete over and fan kick me in the face!”

“Bob and weave, Berry, bob and weave. This is important.”

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After years of experimentation, the effect of the Ariarian Variscite sample we’ve been working with is unmistakable. The introduction of extremely small doses of neurotoxin to the living tissue of primate and insectoid species combined with a period prolonged exposure to the emissions of the Variscite sample results in an immediate physiological reaction in the body of the host. Medical team’s analysis indicates that the metabolic rate and skin elasticity of the newest affected subject (RA) have both reached a level consistent with most of the S-Class biological anomalies which have spontaneously occurred in RA’s species. 

RA is continuing to process experimental resources at this time but is undergoing continuing study. RA’s potential as a resource for the Company could be astronomical.

The success of this experiment will mark the beginning of a new era for the Milky Way Galaxy.



I was overlooking a shipment when I was approached by Regina. She challenged me openly in front of all of the staff in Loading, demanding that I “tell her everything I know” about Juli. She demanded to know “exactly where Juli would have gone”. It was rather ironic, as she hadn’t heeded my instruction about letting herself get rest and time to digest, and was still hauling that stomach of hers with her.

I reminded her of her position within the Company. I reminded her that she was more than welcome to find out how I “intended to handle Juli and traitors like her”. When I showed her the tip of my tail, she got the message and backed down.

I could tell she wasn’t convinced. She was clearly angry - my antennae were still red-hot. I have advised Moira and Xel’e to monitor Regina carefully.



Regina has fled the station. 

I found Moira and Xel’e unconscious in the hallway outside of the infirmary. A Personal Warp device, an old pressure suit and a gun were stolen from the armory.

There’s a 50% chance the Personal Warp smeared her across the solar system in a million tiny particles.

I’ve deployed Hera and Genevieve in case of the other 50%. They have been instructed to take extreme care in handling Regina if - when - she is found.

We cannot afford to lose experimental data over acts of passion or anger. 


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"You're hot."

A continuation of this: on a03

On the day of the final, Leslie shows up in sweats, carrying a large thermos with a tea label hanging out. She sits in her usual seat in the front row and takes out a package of tissue paper to blow her nose.

“Sorry,” she says, only it sounds more like ‘soddy’, “It’s my allergies.”

Ben can tell from the looks on the other student’s faces they believe Leslie’s only suffering from allergies as much as he does, which is to say, not at all. But still, most are more concerned with their final exam than whether or not Leslie is going to sneeze all over them.

But she’s there, with her blue book and her pens and growing pile of tissues. He’s seen students skip class because of a hangover. But not Leslie. She’s there, rain or shine, sickness and in health.

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Hi! I noticed that Nick is 16 and Charlie is 14, but they are in the same class at school. How did this happen? I'm curious to know! Also, I read that Charlie's birthday is 27th Apr and Nick's is 4th Sep, but I'd really love to learn what their age gap is in years, if you'd be so kind.

Oh! I tried to explain it in the first update notes, but - Nick and Charlie are in the same form group. This is the UK equivalent to what other people might refer to as ‘homeroom’, or sometimes it’s called ‘registration’. In the UK, it’s a short 15-20 minute thing (it’s not even really a class tbh) that students go to at the start of the day, and again after lunch, so that the register can be called and attendance can be recorded, notices can be read out, etc, etc. It’s not a real class, you don’t learn anything - it’s just mainly for calling the register.

In my school, and i believe many schools across the UK, we had what’s known as ‘vertical form groups’, which means that there are several students from each year group in each form group (so Nick and Charlie’s form group probably has something like 5 Year 7s, 5 Year 8s, 5 Year 9s, etc, etc). And that’s how they ended up in the same form group.

I think their age gap is about 19 months? so approx 1 and a half years. Nick is in the school year above Charlie (in @heartstoppercomic​ he’s currently in Year 11, while Charlie is in Year 10).

Real-life Romeo: class 1/4

This is the second half to our previous reactivity class. These are all exclusively outside. I think she’s gonna move us up to a busier park at some point but I dunno.

anyway I am sick so I 100% neglected my work this weekend and focused entirely on the scheduled dog things (Gunner’s dental check, Asher’s class) and basically nothing else except laundry

can you hear my nasaly voice as I type

the REAL THING THOUGH: Asher is doing A+ and I’m cgonancry about it

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M just asked me to live with him next (academic) year and like….I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into. He’s my SUGAR DADDY - I have a boyfriend who I love very much and hope to have a family with in the future. My life is at college - friends, clubs, classes. He’s not even paying me anything and suggested I use the money being saved on housing to buy a car. Maybe this is bratty but I would’ve thought he’d offer to pay for the car tbh lol. Plusss how am I gonna be my hoe self when living under the roof of just one dude. At the same time his offer is v appealing - it’s a nice house and he’s out working mucho hours 6 days each week. That includes evenings, he doesn’t get home until 12-3am. I could leave in the morning and get back at night, which would offer plenty of privacy. Plus he’d be covering all living expenses, that means saving thousands and thousands of dollars. And I’d have my own bedroom/bathroom/closet space. But damn, I dunno. Gonna need to think about it.

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The anon who wants to graduate a whole year early, start applying for colleges now. You're already at a disadvantage for not applying in November. Also, if you kinda know what you want to do, what field at least, take classes in that field, don't just take gen ed. Lastly, think it through. I graduated half a year early and some days I regret it because I have to be an adult. No one's gonna tell you to do your hw, study or go to class. It's all up to you to step up and deal with your own shit...

Very good advice from someone who obviously knows their stuff. Thanks, anon! <3

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I have this weird headcanon that Faith is weirdly bad at anything newer than a classic Nokia and old monster desktop, tho a lot of that is from drawing on what she would have experience using and her lack of easy access to technology. Anyway, long-winded way of asking how well you think she'll take to tech in the au since she's living with Jenny and all?

oooh that’s a headcanon that makes a lot of sense!!! i don’t want to spoil too much of my half-formed planning for this fic but i think she’s going to start taking jenny’s computer class and actually picking a few new things up (with some tutoring from jenny on the side) and i don’t think willow’s going to be super happy about that