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Fairytale AU for Vongola (u can make it headcanons to make it easierrr and congratulationssss)

I hope you don’t mind if I also mix some of FT characters in.
  • Nono is the guild master that can never retire like Makarov, with whom he’s also a great friend. He’s very understanding and accepts any child, man and woman into the guild. As much as he’s nice, his quests to become S-class wizard are twice as hard.
  • Out of the tenth generation, Gokudera, Hibari and Chrome are only S-class wizards. Yamamoto becomes one later when the guild is attacked during the exam for the next S-class wizard.
  • Gokudera doesn’t become friends with Yamamoto right from the start and usually takes it off with ‘competing’ with each other like who can beat more enemies during the mission, while Yamamoto doesn’t care about that yet still goes along because it’s fun. But when he ends up in a serious incident, does Gokudera realize that Yamamoto isn’t just a comrade, but also a friend, who would actually sacrifice his life for him if needed. Later on they become one of the best S-class wizards Vongola ever had.
  • Gokudera is at first puzzled with Natsu and Grey and their magic, but soon becomes friends with them to learn more. Yamamoto just goes along and laughs when they’re bickering.
  • Chrome is officially part of Vongola while Mukuro is more of a free-loader. He doesn’t have the guild mark, though he gets one later. They’re also one of two great wizards, but they hate being in the spot, so they’re usually in the shadows, protecting others and making sure no harm is done to them.
  • Chrome gets along with Lucy and Levy a lot and they usually have a girls’ night along with the rest of girls from both guilds. Chrome for those times always uses her illusions so the boys can’t get in, even Mukuro. Tsuna and Lambo are the only exceptions, but very rarely.
  • Lambo is closest to Chrome and Tsuna, who are the only ones that still play with him since he’s the youngest. They take him on some easy missions like when they need to catch a bad guy in the next town, yet somehow still manages to sneak in when they go on harder missions. He also gets along with Happy really well, especially when it comes to food and jokes. Both of them love to tease others and pull pranks on them.
  • Tsuna and Jellal are those two sane friends, who have enough of everyone’s insanity around them and want a break.
  • Whenever they’re on a mission where they have to sneak in, Ryohei’s the one that always gets them caught with his loud voice that is followed by Gokudera.
  • Hibari and Natsu have a weird but functional friendship.
  • Xanxus and Laxus actually don’t go along in the beginning, but eventually they soften up when Squalo ends up talking and arguing with Evergreen for turning Levi into stone.
  • Lots of scheming in Vongola guild, but much more when both Vongola and Fairy Tail come together. It’s highly possible that not only a town or city could be destroyed, but whole country.
  • Magic council always give their hands away when Vongola name gets to them. They never want anything to do with them. Never.
Headcanons: Miraxus Week 2015

Day 1: Rock & Roll

♥  They both love music (that’s a fact). So they enjoy sharing Laxus’ headphones when they have some time alone together. One Christmas they both got the other the latest model of magic headphones, and they didn’t plan it at all. 

♥ Another fact is how Laxus digs classic rock. Laxus loves Mira’s singing voice and he gets thoroughly entertained when Mira goes all-out rock n’ roll mode on stage. 

♥ One time Mira surprised him at home wearing a black all-leather rock star outfit and you can imagine how incredibly turned on Laxus was, especially after going home exhausted from a mission.

Day 2: Danger

♥ Both Laxus and Mira are assured that their better half is well-capable of protecting themselves (I mean hello? They’re both S-class wizards!). Each night before a long mission, they spend some few good minutes in a warm embrace, silently comforting and reassuring each other that everything will be all right.

♥ Mira insists on Laxus giving her a call once he reaches his destination, while Laxus repeatedly stresses on Mira that he’s on her speed dial and should not hesitate to give him a ring should things get bad while he’s not around. They both roll their eyes when one lectures the other, but they both comply anyway.

Day 3: First Aid

♥ Once he’s home, Mira would check every bit of Laxus to make sure he’s in good shape. Or that she will be the one to first treat his injuries and make him all better.

♥ Mira’s just so sweet and has a habit of kissing Laxus’ wounds, bruises, etc. Mira loves to baby him. 

Day 4: Host/Bar Counter

♥ Laxus usually waits around till the guild clears up and he’ll take his spot on the counter where he enjoys a few drinks with Mira and they have the place to themselves.

♥ Mira particularly loves it when Laxus sets her at the wooden bar top where they’ll enjoy some good ‘ol kissing and some.

Day 5: Tattoos and Guild Marks

♥ Laxus had his tattoo during his rebellious teen phase, and it was Mira who he first told about his plans of getting inked.

♥ On the day itself, he was having second thoughts about getting the tattoo so he had Mira accompany him during the whole process. Mira secretly thought the tattoo made him look sexy, but she just admitted out loud that it made him look “dangerous”. 

Day 6: Storm

♥ During storms, Laxus and Mira prefer to stay in, watching a good movie, surrounded by fluffy pillows. They enjoy goofing around, cuddling and Mira teases Laxus when scenes get cheesy and mushy and she sees Laxus’ struggle in keeping a straight face.

♥ Mira loves to snuggle under Laxus’ fur coat and Laxus loves how Mira’s scent lingers in his coat long enough. 

♥ One stormy night, Mira had scented candles lit all over the room. Laxus was in awe at how amazing she was in turning a gloomy day around. 

Day 7: Lullaby

♥ Mira has a habit of singing in the shower. Laxus is fond of listening to her angelic singing voice and it makes him think of how Mira will be an amazing mother to their kids, showering them with lullabies. Even if the thought of kids sometimes scares him but well, y'know..

♥ Laxus still struggles with his motion sickness, and Mira helps him cope by bringing him close to her, and singing softly to him. This makes him relaxed and brings him to a peaceful slumber. 

Natsu is E.N.D? *pfft* puh-leaseee

How can this

piece of flaming sh*t dork

be the creation of Zeref?

like this is what happens to him when Fairy Tail’s best S-Class wizard punches him just look at him turn into a star okay A FREAKING STAR IN THE SKY

C'mon, Zeref you must have been drunk when you created E.N.D because I bet you that a scary ass demon can’t do this

or this

or even chill around like this

It can’t be, ‘kay? Gildarts demolishing an entire hill turned him into this

His reaction to getting Playboy-esque magazines instead of food is absolutely priceless 

I REFUSE to be convinced that he is E.N.D

Natsu can’t be E.N.D right?



*runs away while laughing like a mad man*


Always and Forever

Nalu Week Fanfic

Background: Natsu and Lucy have been married for ten years now. Over the years, Natsu finally became an S-class wizard, and takes on countless jobs to support his wife and two kids, Nashi and Neel. Lucy on the other hand, works her celestial magic part-time and has recently published her novel that she’s been working on ever since she was a teen. Though the two have been very successful, they have been growing apart over the years. It’s to the point where only a few words are said to each other on the daily.

Summary: Lucy looks for her ‘wedding day’ box, in hopes to regain how much she and her husband once loved each other.

 Always and Forever

“Here it is.” The golden blonde mage said to herself. “Our Wedding Day box.”

Lucy-Heartfilia Dragneel decided to look for her old Wedding Day box in the basement of their house. She thought that if she could look upon what was inside that box, it would bring back the love that is now lost.

She flopped the box onto the floor, sending dust flying everywhere. As she crawled down the ladder, she knew deep in her mind, she shouldn’t be doing this.

You’re only hurting yourself…” her inner thoughts called to her.

Ignoring her thoughts, Lucy picked up the box and headed back upstairs. As she walked, she could see her little pink-haired monster grinning at her.

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If they have the S-Class exam every year, then why aren’t there more S-Class wizards in Fairy Tail?
     — submitted by anonymous

I can’t remember where Makarov (or was it Cana?) said something about this, but not every year ends with someone becoming s-class. Sometimes the candidates just aren’t ready for the promotion yet. 

If you look at the timeline on the wikia:

Natsu joins in X777.
Laxus becomes S-class in X778. 

Erza becomes S-class in X780.
Mira becomes S-class in X781.
Mystogan becomes S-class in X782.

Lucy joins Fairy Tail in X784

Now we know that Mest/Doranbolt was actually a member of Fairy Tail and quite possibly was S-class if you consider his powers. He could be one of the blank years, or it could be that no one was ready for it in one of those years. 

The years before Natsu, everyone in his generation was too young and the ones that were old enough weren’t S-class material. It could also be that some years there wasn’t an exam held because Makarov didn’t think anyone was ready for it.

Also S-class members retired or joined/made a different guild in the past. (i.e. Goldmine, Bob, Yajima, Ivan, etc) and they also may have taken some S-class mages with them. Really, Fairy Tail is a LOT bigger than a lot of people realize. Technically Blue Pegasus and Quatro Cerberus (maybe Lamia Scale too?) could be considered offshoots of Fairy Tail.

It is a very risky thing to do S-class jobs and although death isn’t really something you think about when it comes to Fairy Tail members, that also could have happened - as is in the case of Rob.
     – Soar


  • See if fairies have tails

  • Meet your edolas counterpart

  • Get a Fairy Tail guild mark

  • Bang Natsu’s and Gray’s heads together

  • Compete in the Grand Magic Games

  • Fight alongside Gildarts

  • Go to the celestial Spirit World

  • Be kawaii like Mavis

  • Remind Gray of his clothes

  • Be friends with the whole Fairy Tail guild

  • Have Nalu become Canon

  • Become an S-Class wizard

  • Go on a quest with team Natsu

  • Go to fishing with Happy

  • Become a member of Fairy Tail

  • Have a drink with Cana


Fairy Tail Chapter 447 Colors!

All the pictures are cleaned and colored by me. Please don’t erase the watermark and if you’re gonna use fucking credit me.

*ships Miraxus* *cries because Makarov*

I really hope Gray and Juvia have their rematch soon since there have been so many parallels with the early chapters lately

And this time, instead of him stopping the rain, Queen Juvia should knock the darkness right out of him. This is just a personal thing, but I really hope Team Natsu doesn’t just handle everything and then drag him home to her, because Juvia is NOT a damsel. She was an S-class wizard at Phantom, and she qualified to take the S-class exam at the same time as Natsu and Gray. If she chooses to, she can bring Gray back herself. The only thing stopping her now is the hope that he might return on his own.


CAN WE PLEASE JUST TAKE A MOMENT TO REALIZE THAT LUCY MORE THAN LIKELY THOUGHT NATSU WAS FREAKING GILDARTS AT FIRST. She said “this feeling” and then tried to get people to leave the scene so they would be safe… The only other person that’s ever happened with is Gildarts- a S-class wizard and a badass, might I say. For Natsu to be compared to him is amazing… I mean… LOOK AT HOW MUCH HE’S GROWN. AND HIS HAIR. LOOK AT THE FREAKIN HAIR. ALSO HE HAS A BAD GUY CAPE… 😢 MOMMA IS SO PROUD