s class wizards

For those people who call Juvia a stalker are too caught up in the anime, to realize in the manga the only time she actually “stalked” Gray was when the guild was being rebuilt after the attack from Gajeel when he was apart of Phantom Lord. She only did it because she was scared that they would hurt her, or treat her horribly. Plus she wanted to know more about the person who saved her from the rain. That’s why she did it. The second time she ever followed him was during the dragon invasion, during the GMG, she was worried for his safety. The last time was after the tartrous I hope I spelt that right, probably not, oh well. Anyways she followed him, to his parents grave to tell him, it was her fault Sliver died. (Again) She even told him, that she would leave him alone, and forget her feelings for him, if that’s what he wanted. Did she force him to hug her? Did she tackle him? No I think not.

Second thing I wanted to discuss, is she is probably one of the most relatable characters.

Juvia was raised by her parents until they passed away, and she most likely went to live with her uncle. But she was cursed to have the rain follow her, based on her emotional state. When she would cry it would rain, and the other kids did not like it, so they bullied her, basically telling her, that the world would be better off with out her. This threw Juvia into depression, and when she became a teen, she thought she found someone, who actually cared for her. But turns out he dumps her, because the rain is too “gloomy” (screw Bora -_-) The made Juvia feel worse about herself. But, when Phantom Lord came and offered her a family, she accepted, and became part of the element four duh to her magical abilities, which she could manipulate water, and she could turn into water at any given moment. But When Phantom Lord attacked Fairy Tail, and hurt and kidnapped the members of said guild. Juvia found herself fighting Gray Fullbuster. Yes she did find him quite attractive, and the fangirls, myself included can agree with her. But after they fought, and Gray saving Juvia from falling to her death. Then clouds disappeared, revealing a beautiful sky. Juvia cries tears of happiness, because finally she found someone who accepted her, and made her happy. Causing her to see the sun.

For all those who believe Juvia is weak, you make me laugh.

Juvia was a s-class wizard at Phantom Lord, and when she joined Fairy Tail, she had to start over. But in an interview Hiro Mashima has stated Juvia is the third strongest woman in the guild, right after Erza as second and Mira as first.

Juvia is not heartless either, she is one of the nicest and caring people at the guild. When Meredith threatened to kill herself, which would have killed Juvia, and Gray due to the sensory link. Juvia hugged the young Meredy, and told her “If you have love in your life you must keep living!” She even cried. This helped Meredy get over the hatred for Gray. Also when Juvia followed Gray to the graves of his Mika, and Sliver Fullbuster (his parents) She didn’t have to do that, she didn’t have to apologize for killing Sliver. She wanted to. During the current arcs Mavis had told the story of her, and Zeref. Which caused her to cry. Juvia was the only one who reacted to it saying “it was a beautiful, and tragic love.” Also during this arc when Gray, and Juvia were forced to kill eachother. She was going to let Gray kill her, but she knew Gray would hate himself. So she decided to kill herself, but Gray had the same idea, and tried to kill himself. As they stood,in shock at what they had done. Gray basically told her that he never could hurt you. She just smiled and replied “your words bring such joy to me” But after this they fall, dead. But Gray wakes up, thinking to himself “how I’m alive? I made sure I died” but he looks over, and sees that Juvia had used the rest of her strength, and preformed a spell called “Water Make: Blood” she had saved his life, this was like punching Gray in the gut, because the woman who he may love. (He so does) Has died saving his ass. He begs her to come back, and that he’ll take his feelings more seriously. And when she doesn’t wake up. He remembers his favorite moments of her, and him together. This causes him to cry even more, and he screams her name.

I hope you enjoyed!! But if still dislike her, that’s your opinion!!! But please don’t tag the anti-Juvia stuff in a Pro-Juvia thing. Because the fans don’t want to see their favorite character getting bashed. Would you like it if someone bashed yours?

FT Chapter 536 Reaction

When I first met Ichiya’s character, I was a little weirded out but kinda liked his character because he was comic relief. I’m really glad Jellal didn’t die but I feel bad for Blue Pegases. They lost their S-Class wizard (Mind you in style), and I’m not sure how I feel about it. As for Anna, I wish Lucy had at least gotten to meet her…but it makes sense that she’d be the one to go through the timelapse.

This is one of the best panels ever of Jenny! And it really describes how lost Blue Pegases will be without Ichiya. I’m a little nervous about what she says…I really hope we don’t get an ending like this with FT (you never know what might happen between now and then! We still have the Lucy situation!) Anyone else notice she kind of looks like Nami?

On the other side…I’M SO FREAKING HAPPY ACNOLOGIA IS GONE! A little disappointed that we didn’t see him and Natsu go against each other (I can already hear the FT haters complaining about this…) But nonetheless, happy because hopefully know they don’t have to worry about him…hopefully…

I’m kinda loving the subtle NALU hints everywhere! Look at his arm! It’s the same arm as Lucy’s and I’m not sure if it means anything or not!

Mavis and Zeref…ARGH! There’s such history there and still so many questions! I do love their story though…and watching the prequel was just awesome! Especially when they both technically met in Hargeon!

“THE LIFE FORCE” WTF DO YOU MEAN?!? Are we gonna get to know about how to get rid of Zeref and Mavis’s curse?!?! OR is it going to be related to WTH is going on with Lucy??! If so I can’t wait to see Natsu’s reaction!!! (Fan girl scream…heart dying). There’s a good chance because he did say he was going to see Happy and his friends! 

Speaking of, am I the only one out there that might have been a bit miffed that he didn’t specify Lucy too? Not to discredit Happy and Natsu’s relationship, but we keep getting back and forth of this. One minute Natsu is singling out Lucy and the next, he isn’t. I’m not saying I want FT to be full on romance but to single out Happy and not Lucy as well…I don’t know. It’s frustrating and weird. (Especially when I get thinking about how he left for the year…WHICH I WISH THEY HAD TALKED ABOUT!). On the other hand, Natsu might be linked to Lucy because of the whole book thing and didn’t need to specify her. I don’t know what I’m trying to say LOL 


WHY ONLY 10 MORE CHAPTERS?!??!?! I WAS HOPING FOR ATLEAST 20 MORE! Which would have finished it around August and the 11th Anniversary. Basically I just don’t know how I really feel about this chapter…I loved it don’t get me wrong but still…

What do you guys think?

The Definition of Insanity - Chapter One

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and expecting different results… 

Fairy Tail are holding another S-Class trials after the problems that occurred last time… but can they expect anything to change this time around? 

Rated M for occasional smut. 

Collaboration with @gajeelswoman (go check out her other stuff if you haven’t already!)

Disclaimer - This has been rated M for occasional smut. It starts off straight away. You have been warned.

Also (I promise the story starts under the read more) this story is based in the same universe as my other fics, Iron and Paper & Soul Squared. Reading them isn’t necessary, but there are a couple of references to it.

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  • Levy: No but I will next time!
  • Elfman: I’m okay with this
  • Lisanna: REALLY?
  • Elfman: Cana is manly enough to be with big sis!
  • Lisanna: Of course you see it that way.
  • Lisanna: I’m happy for them.
  • Gray: ...
  • Cana: Gray? What’s wrong?
  • Gray: NOTHING.
  • Cana: Okay..
  • Erza: MIRA
  • Mirajane: Yes?
  • Erza: I’m so hurt.
  • Mira: Why?
  • Erza: We’re gossip buddies you have to tell me these things!
  • Erza: when did you two start dating?
  • Cana: Well we-
  • Gildarts: ...
  • Cana: Dad you have to be okay with this
  • Gildarts: I didn’t say anything
  • Gildarts: wHAT IF YOU GET HURT? I JUst-
  • Gildarts: ...
  • Cana: What did she beat you?
  • Mira: ...
  • Gildarts: I was weak that day okay?
The story you will never know: Chapter 5 - Nine months of freedom

Uncle Zeref inside. Kukuku…

Pairing: Zervis.

First chapter here.

Previous chapter here.


Nine months. Nine months since Mavis died. Nine months since I stopped Anastascia’s time. Nine months training my time magic. The curse appeared a lot of times, of course, but always in forests and similar places, never in towns. I made sure that wouldn’t happen. I even teased Ankhseram sometimes. He doesn’t like it, and I was enjoying it.

During that time, I lived the life of a wandering magician. I helped people in a lot of places, and they paid me with money, food, clothes, and books. I didn’t have most of those books, and I liked to receive them. They were really interesting.

But I really never moved from around Magnolia in that time. I never went too far away. I managed to see Yuri some times, and Makarov thinks on me like some kind of uncle. But I never stayed for a long time. It was dangerous for them. Yuri knew it, but we couldn’t explain it to Makarov. He was too little to understand it.

- Precth has been really weird since Mavis died - explained Yuri in my last visit, while making lunch -. He’s always in the basement. We think he turned crazy.

- Is there something in that basement? - I asked.

- I don’t know. Nobody can enter, besides of him. He says he will tell it to the next master.

- Strange…

I was sitting at the table. Makarov was at my side, drawing something. I looked at the house. It was a very simple house, and nothing changed since my last visit. Except two orange flowers sharing the same colorful pot.

- Yuri?

- Yes?

- Is that the Fire Flower I gave to Mavis?

- It is. Sorry, I had to take it from her grave. Precht decided to do the exams to S-Class wizard in Tenroujima.

- Thank you…

- Why?

- For making me put the flower in Mavis’ grave…

Yuri turned when he noticed I was crying. I couldn’t be more happier in that moment.

- What’s wrong, Zeref? - asked Yuri.

- I only put one seed in that pot. Fire Flowers only grew in pairs from the same seed when they are given to someone, and those two people truly love each other.

- How are you sure that you didn’t put two seeds?

- Because they are growing from the same plant.

Yuri looked at the Fire Flower closely. I was right. It was a twin Fire Flower.

- I have to take care of them like it’s your child? - joked Yuri. I laughed.

- You don’t need to do it. But Fire Flowers live for thousands of years, so take good care of them.

- I will.

Suddenly, I noticed something. The black magic of the Tenrou’s jade inside Yuri’s body was spreading. That wasn’t a good thing.

- Yuri, are you feeling well? - I asked.

- Yes, why? - answered Yuri.

- Tenrou’s jade magic is spreading inside you.

- Is that bad?

- Knowing that now is black magic, I’m afraid that it is.

- Do you think I will die?

I didn’t let Makarov listen that last part. He was too little to understand it. I covered his ears when I knew where Yuri was going. His voice was sad when he asked that.

- I hate to be the one who tells you but… If the magic countinues spreading through your body… That’s what will happen.

- Can you remove it?

- Even if I’m a fairy, I don’t have that power. I’m sorry, Yuri.

- How much time do you think I have?

- Four or five years. I’m not sure.

- That’s not a lot of time.

- I know.

- What’s happening, uncle? - asked Makarov.

- Nothing, Makarov. Don’t worry. I need to talk with your father about a very secret thing, can you go to play to the other room? I’ll tell you when you can come back.

Makarov nooded, took his drawing and colors, and went to the other room. I made sure he was in the other room before turning to Yuri.

- You have father eyes, Zeref - said Yuri.

- What?

- You were staring at Makarov like he’s your son.

- I like him, that’s all.

- No, Zeref. I know what I’m saying.

- My father liked kids. Maybe I have that from him.

- Your father?

- I have a bad memory of him, who makes the curse appear every time I think of him. That’s why I never mentioned my family before.

- What kind of memory?

- I don’t want to…

- It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me. It’s really that bad?

- Yes. It’s from when he died.

- You were there?

- It’s even worst. Anastascia made me kill my family. I- Ugh!

The curse was there, wanting to get out. Why now? It wasn’t a good moment. I didn’t had to say anything about my family. Now, Yuri and Makarov were in danger. Suddenly, the curse slowly returned from where it came from. I didn’t know why until I could listen again.

- That song…

- Do you know it? - asked Yuri, seeing my surprised face -. Mavis used to sing it to Rita when she was pregnant.

- Of course I know it. It’s the fairies lullaby.

- Really? I never knew where Mavis learned it.

- Probably her parents sang it to her when she was little. After all, the people who where living in Tenroujima were descendants of the fairies.

- What does it tell?

- Who is Anastascia, the dark fairy. How bad she is.

- What a dark lullaby.

- I know. Why did you sing it?

- A feeling.

- It stopped the curse.

- Really? That’s good, right?

- Better than you think. Now I can think in a way to stop it temporarily.

- That’s really good for you.

- Yuri, listen. You need to find someone who takes care of Makarov before you die.

- Precht will do it. Warrod wants to leave the guild and go somewhere in the mountains since Mavis died. Rita gave birth in the guild because she wanted to raise Makarov in it. That’s her wish. I want to respect it.

- You must make Precht learn to take care of him before you die.

- I will. He’s not good with kids.

- Can I come back now? - asked Makarov from the other room -. I’m hungry.

With an smile in my face, I went to the other room and carried Makarov. Something new for him, but also new for me. I had a feeling that that time would be the last I saw him and Yuri.

- You want kids, Zeref - said Yuri.

- I can’t, and you know why - I answered.

- Still, you want them.

- Even if I had them, they won’t be safe with me.

- I know. But your adult self carrying a kid, and with that smile in your face, just tells me the caring father you would be if you could have children. Who said he was hungry?

I didn’t left after lunch. I stayed a little more, playing with Makarov. Yuri kept his eyes on us all the time. Probably because I was acting like I was Makarov’s father.

- Time to take a nap, Makarov - said Yuri, some hours later.

- I’m not sleepy - answered Makarov.

- Yes, you are - I said, looking at his sleepy face.

- Do you want to put him to bed, Zeref? - asked Yuri.

- Can I?

- Only if you sing that lullaby.

I carried Makarov to his bed, and I covered him with the blanket. Then, I sang the lullaby.

“La maldad más pura,

La maldad más oscura,

Tiene sangre de hada,

Su nombre es Anastascia.

No dejes que te atrape,

No dejes que te engañe,

Porque si lo hace,

Ya no podrás ver ni a papá ni a mamá.”

Makarov fell asleep when I finished to sing.

- It wasn’t “nombre”? - asked Yuri.

- There’s a version with “nombre” and another with “sangre” - I answered -, but the song is the same.

- Who made it?

- Morgana, the first fairy queen. Anastascia’s twin sister. She sang it to her children, and soon the other fairies learned it.

- A lullaby for your evil twin? Sounds good.

- I must go. It’s late.

- Makarov will be disappointed when he wakes up.

- I know, but I was going to release the curse here. I don’t want that to happen again.

- I understand, but I don’t know if Makarov will understand it.

- The next time, I’ll bring him something. I promise.

- Be careful out there.

- You too. And take good care of Makarov.

- I will.

I left Yuri’s house, trying to not be seen by anyone. I always did it. I knew very well what will happen if someone recognizes me, specially Precht. I left Magnolia with anyone knowing I was there.


  • See if fairies have tails

  • Meet your edolas counterpart

  • Get a Fairy Tail guild mark

  • Bang Natsu’s and Gray’s heads together

  • Compete in the Grand Magic Games

  • Fight alongside Gildarts

  • Go to the celestial Spirit World

  • Be kawaii like Mavis

  • Remind Gray of his clothes

  • Be friends with the whole Fairy Tail guild

  • Have Nalu become Canon

  • Become an S-Class wizard

  • Go on a quest with team Natsu

  • Go to fishing with Happy

  • Become a member of Fairy Tail

  • Have a drink with Cana

The Dragon Among the Stars

Yin Bellasario. New face of the Wizard Weekly magazine and a recently-made S-Class wizard from the Fairy Tail guild. A Time Dragon Slayer with a cat Exceed named Lexan. Also, a major hottie with ladies, men, and non-gendered people alike.

He was one of Fairy Tail’s more well known wizards, mostly famous of the fact he completes missions by himself.

Headcanons: Miraxus Week 2015

Day 1: Rock & Roll

♥  They both love music (that’s a fact). So they enjoy sharing Laxus’ headphones when they have some time alone together. One Christmas they both got the other the latest model of magic headphones, and they didn’t plan it at all. 

♥ Another fact is how Laxus digs classic rock. Laxus loves Mira’s singing voice and he gets thoroughly entertained when Mira goes all-out rock n’ roll mode on stage. 

♥ One time Mira surprised him at home wearing a black all-leather rock star outfit and you can imagine how incredibly turned on Laxus was, especially after going home exhausted from a mission.

Day 2: Danger

♥ Both Laxus and Mira are assured that their better half is well-capable of protecting themselves (I mean hello? They’re both S-class wizards!). Each night before a long mission, they spend some few good minutes in a warm embrace, silently comforting and reassuring each other that everything will be all right.

♥ Mira insists on Laxus giving her a call once he reaches his destination, while Laxus repeatedly stresses on Mira that he’s on her speed dial and should not hesitate to give him a ring should things get bad while he’s not around. They both roll their eyes when one lectures the other, but they both comply anyway.

Day 3: First Aid

♥ Once he’s home, Mira would check every bit of Laxus to make sure he’s in good shape. Or that she will be the one to first treat his injuries and make him all better.

♥ Mira’s just so sweet and has a habit of kissing Laxus’ wounds, bruises, etc. Mira loves to baby him. 

Day 4: Host/Bar Counter

♥ Laxus usually waits around till the guild clears up and he’ll take his spot on the counter where he enjoys a few drinks with Mira and they have the place to themselves.

♥ Mira particularly loves it when Laxus sets her at the wooden bar top where they’ll enjoy some good ‘ol kissing and some.

Day 5: Tattoos and Guild Marks

♥ Laxus had his tattoo during his rebellious teen phase, and it was Mira who he first told about his plans of getting inked.

♥ On the day itself, he was having second thoughts about getting the tattoo so he had Mira accompany him during the whole process. Mira secretly thought the tattoo made him look sexy, but she just admitted out loud that it made him look “dangerous”. 

Day 6: Storm

♥ During storms, Laxus and Mira prefer to stay in, watching a good movie, surrounded by fluffy pillows. They enjoy goofing around, cuddling and Mira teases Laxus when scenes get cheesy and mushy and she sees Laxus’ struggle in keeping a straight face.

♥ Mira loves to snuggle under Laxus’ fur coat and Laxus loves how Mira’s scent lingers in his coat long enough. 

♥ One stormy night, Mira had scented candles lit all over the room. Laxus was in awe at how amazing she was in turning a gloomy day around. 

Day 7: Lullaby

♥ Mira has a habit of singing in the shower. Laxus is fond of listening to her angelic singing voice and it makes him think of how Mira will be an amazing mother to their kids, showering them with lullabies. Even if the thought of kids sometimes scares him but well, y'know..

♥ Laxus still struggles with his motion sickness, and Mira helps him cope by bringing him close to her, and singing softly to him. This makes him relaxed and brings him to a peaceful slumber. 

Juvia Lockser pt 2 (or, we can’t argue that Gruvia isn’t unhealthy at this point)

Gruvia is hands down the most controversial semi-canon pairing in Fairy Tail, and given the nature of the ship it’s fairly easy to see why.There’s really no problem with liking Gruvia in its current form, and there’s equally no problem with disliking Gruvia either. In my personal opinion, the problem starts becoming evident when the argument is made that Gruvia in its current form is healthy, or normal, or even the ideal romantic situation. This is simply not true. Given the nature of this essay, I’d like to state that while this isn’t intended to be anti-Juvia, it is anti-Gruvia and technically anti-the way Gruvia’s written and Juvia’s role in it, so anyone not wishing to read such content is advised to step away. Since this is part of my Juvia series, I’ll be focusing on why Gruvia is unhealthy for Juvia, and I may retread to focus on why it’s unhealthy for Gray later…

In addition: I’d like to thank everyone that liked, reblogged, messaged and followed me following the first part of this series. I love all of you, and I really hope this essay meets your standards! Given that the next part might take a while, I’m also open to suggestion as to what my next topic should be! 

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Everyday Lives 19: Wanna go out?

In the beautiful city of Magnolia, the young celestial wizard was enjoying an evening in her apartment, and for once she was alone.

Lucy was humming to herself as she made dinner. She had just returned from a week long mission and was looking forward to some ‘me’ time.

“OK, when I get done eating i’m going to take a nice long hot bath and then work on my novel, both long over do!” Lucy said to herself as she put her freshly cooked vegetables on her plate.

Finally sitting down at the in her quiet apartment, Lucy began to eat. Until..


…Natsu and Happy came in through the window.

Lucy stared at her plate of food wistfully. Happy jumped onto the table in front of her.

“Lucy! Ya got any fish?”

“Oooh! That looks pretty good!” Natsu stood beside her and reached for her plate.


“But we just got here,” Natsu said, unperturbed.

“Yeah Lucy, you could be nicer to us,” Happy added.

“I’M ALWAYS NICE TO YOU! YOU TWO ALWAYS COME IN AND EAT MY FOOD AND SLEEP IN MY BED! YOU NEVER EVEN SAY PLEASE AND THANK YOU! YOU DON’T ASK EITHER!” Lucy grabbed her plate out of Natsu’s hands and slammed it back to the table, making Happy jump.

“Geez Luce, what’s the big deal?”

“The big deal is I just want some peace and quiet!”

Natsu crossed his arms and cocked his head. He stared at her for a moment then turned around.

“Fine. Come on Happy, we’ll just go to the guild.”

“Aye!” Happy took off after him.

Watching Natsu slowly walk to the window made her heart sink. She felt guilty now, she wasn’t mad at them or anything. She just spent the last week with them in the woods. And combine it with Gray’s stripping and Erza’s early morning wake up calls, a girl need some privacy. She looked up to see him jump on the window sill.

“Wait,” she called. Happy turned around to look at her and Natsu tilted his head, “I’m sorry. You can stay, i’ll make something for you too.”

“Really?” Happy flew to her with drool falling off his lips, “Even some yummy fish?”

She giggled, “Yes, Happy. I have plenty of fish.”

“Thanks Lucy!” He flew into her chest for his favorite hug.

Lucy glanced up from her blue exceed to see Natsu still sitting there, now facing her with a big grin on his face.

“Thanks a million, Lucy!”

She threw him a thumbs up, untangled herself from Happy, picked up her plate and walked into the kitchen to make more.

Several minutes later, all three were seated at Lucy’s table, finally digging in.

“Thanks for the food Lucy!” the boys cried, much like their very first meeting.

“No problem,” she silently ate and watched as Natsu single-handedly ate a whole months worth of groceries in minutes.

“Ahh,” Natsu leaned back and rubbed his full belly,“ That was good. Your cooking is the best, Luce.”

“Aye!” Happy smiled up at the blonde wizard.

Blushing slightly, Lucy said, “Thanks. That means a lot guys.”

“Next time I’ll cook for you.”

Lucy sputtered into her drink. She peered over at Natsu who hadn’t looked at her as he said. Eyes still closed with content. She then began to laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” He finally leaned up to watch her. Happy watched the exchange, still eating his fish.

“You! You said you’d cook!” She continued to laugh, holding her stomach.

“What’s wrong with that! I can cook!”

“Seriously?” She questioned. She glances at Happy for verification, he nods with a sincere grin on his face, still eating, “Oh. I didn’t know that.”

“Of course I can! I’ve lived alone most of my life, you think I survived on fire alone? I wanna cook for you like you always cook for me and Happy. You’re my partner and I love you so I want to do something nice for you.”

Time stopped for Lucy. Did he really just say..?

“You what?”

Natsu stared at her, “I said I love you so I want to do something nice for you. You always do nice stuff for me. I want to do it this time.”

Lucy’s heart was going faster than it ever had before.

“Are.. are you saying you want to cook.. as in.. like.. a date?” She mumbled over her words.

“Well yeah, what else would it be?”

Lucy sat still for a moment, then let out a silent laugh. She wasn’t surprised at all, this was Natsu after all.

“Then I can’t wait,” she smiled at him, blushing and happy. His face lit up with a light that only Natsu can have.

…“They looovvveeee each other!”

“Shut up cat!” “Happy!”

In a small house right down the road from the legendary Fairy Tail guild hall, Erza was cleaning and polishing her armor. She had moved out of Fairy Hills a few months ago and was happy now that she had a larger space for her collection. And she no longer had to worry about dropping pieces and waking someone up.

A knock on the door made her come out of her zone. She cleans her armor every other month and makes sure that everyone knows she going to do it so she ins’t disturbed. Angrily she marches down the stairs, prepared to yell at Natsu or Gray or whoever else decided to be the brave one this time.

Yanking the door open, her argument died on her lips.

Standing there was a very sharp dressed man with striking blue hair.

“Good afternoon, Erza.”

“G-Good afternoon, Jellal,” it had been several weeks since she had seen him. That day he had been given his freedom, for good. No longer a fugitive and free to go about as he wishes. His very first act as a free wizard was to ask Master Makarov to be a member of Fairy Tail, which was accepted with more glee that Erza had ever seen. Since then he had been on mission after mission, with Meldy at his side who had also been rewarded freedom.

Jellal had been automatically been named an S-class wizard, although unofficial until he could compete in the trial. But his previous status as a Ten Wizard Saint had proven that much to the master. He’d been taking the most dangerous missions he could that concerned dark guilds. So much so that Erza hardly saw him, until today.

“Welcome back, I didn’t realize you had returned,” Erza said as she let him inside. She kept her eyes glued to his face. Afraid to look at him in casual clothes that tempted her hands. Faded jeans and a navy blazer, he looked ready for a fancy outing. *

“We returned last night,” he put his hands in his pockets, smiling at the scarlet haired woman who owned his heart, “Decided to take a break for a while.”

“I see. You don’t have to take missions one after the other like that, it’s better to put some time in to rest.”

“Yes well, I still want to destroy all the dark guilds. But it was also necessary, I honestly don’t want to stay with Laxus much longer than I have too,” he had originally planned to stay in the woods until he found a place to stay, Laxus had taken a liking to him during the GMG and invited him to stay with him. Jellal reluctantly agreed, and planed on paying him back when he could. Meldy was staying with Juvia, and had eventually gotten her own apartment at Fairy Hills.

“I see, that makes sense. Did you come here to tell me you have found a place?”

“No,” he immediately looked at his feet, “I came here to ask you..”

He mumbled the rest, “Ask me what?”

“If you.. um.. have any uh.. dinner plans?” It was adorable to watch such a powerful wizard mumble and blush while speaking about something so mundane.

“If I have dinner plans? I don’t think I do. I have to finish up with my armor, I still have about 15 more to do, then I have to take all my ruined ones to get fixed and go through my swords and check to see if they all work properly. It’s been a while since I’ve done that, I might even have to send a special request to the blacksmiths for help and-”

“Erza,” Jellal interrupted, knowing she could go on for hours about her precious armor, “I would like it if you would join me for dinner tonight?”

“I would love to,” she crossed her arms comfortably, knowing her armor and swords could wait whilst she ate, “who else is going to be there?”

He chuckles nervously, “No one. It would just be the two of us.

"Hm? Are we not just going to the guild hall?” He inwardly sighed, she was so smart and talented, but at the same time, she could be a little dense.

“No, there is a new restaurant on the other side of town I was hoping we could try?”

Erza knew what he was talking about. Juvia had been telling them about it for days, how it was supposedly the most romantic place in all of Magnolia.

“It sounds pretty expensive. It seems like a lot of trouble just for us,” she sat down on the couch and glanced up at him. He looked like he was in the middle of a fight.

“Well, yes it does.. but it would be.. worth it.. since it wold be.. well.. a date.”

Erza was glad she was sitting already. For if she wasn’t, she would have fallen with her shock. He asked her out. He asked her out. He asked her out. He asked her out!

“A date?” her mind was telling her to jump at this opportunity.

“Yes.” He was smiling. She couldn’t get a read on how he was feeling.

You couldn’t tell where her face ended and her hair began. She jumped up, gaping like a fish, unable to get any words out.

“Oh..uh uh.. well… um..”

Jellal waited patiently. Knowing that it was a shock.. but he needed an answer soon before..

“Yes, i’d love too,” she hid her face behind her hands, “Just let me go change.”

She ran up the stairs two at a time, feeling more excited than eating her strawberry cake.

Jellal stumbled as he breathed deeply. He grabbed his chest over his heart, glad she answered before his heart gave out, or he had a panic attack. Keeping a semi controlled look on his face was not east when she was around.

“I’m going to kill Meldy if this doesn’t go well, making me ask this way,” Jellal had wanted to send a carrier pigeon with a message to meet there, but noo. That wasn’t acceptable.

He stood to his full height when Erza came down the stairs, he heart stopped for a moment. She was wearing a white lacey dress that came to her knees with tan sandals. She wasn’t dressed like a warrior, she wasn’t dressed like the feared Titiana. She was dressed like the woman who owned his heart. And she was beautiful.

Team Shadow Gear along with Gajeel and Lily were making their way home from a simple mission. They had to stop some local thieves who were terrorizing the poor villagers.

Levy was surprised at how easily Gajeel accepted to go on this mission. Usually when she asked it was like pulling teeth to get him to say yes. But she barely said anything about and he was asking for details. Jet and Droy were happy to have him come along. Over the years that old animosity had completely died, they looked at him as a friend and comrade.

“There’s a river just over that way,” Lily spoke up from the front of the group, flying above their heads, “I say we take a lunch break.”

“Good eye, Lily! I’m starving!” Droy thanks the exceed.

“You’re always starving,” Jet complains.

“I just have a healthy appetite.”

“I wouldn’t call that healthy.”

Levy giggled at them as they made their way to the river, Gajeel stayed quiet.

Once the food is made and consumed, Jet and Droy decide to go for a swim to cool off after their hard work.

“You want to join us, Levy?” “Yeah, Levy, please?” They plead with her to join them.

“No thanks you guys, go on ahead!” She sighs at their saddened faces.

Going back to their make shift camp to help clean up, she sees Lily has already surrendered to exhaustion and fallen asleep under the shade. Gajeel was packing up some of his things when Levy joined him.

“Sorry about them, they’re kinda energetic when it comes to simple stuff,” she apologized to him as she packed her own bag.

“Don’t worry about it, look at who yer talking too,” he grins showing off his sharp canines.

“The food was amazing by the way, you’re such a good cook! I really wish I could cook.. well anything! I’m such a disaster in the kitchen.”

“I could teach ya, if ya want. Come over anytime.”

She didn’t say anything for a second so he looked up to see her blushing. He then went over his words and realized what it sounded like.

“Oh, uh, shit! I didn’t mean like that.. i meant-”

“Sure, i’d love too,” Levy’s smile lit up Gajeel’s world.

His face warmed up fast as he gazed at her, “Ok.”

“Damn you Natsu,” Gray muttered under his breath as he walked to the market. Natsu had come over the previous night, without asking, and ate everything in sight, now Gray knew what Lucy felt like.

He grabbed a basket the same time a pale hand reached for it.

“Oh, sorry, you ca- Juvia?”

“Darling!” Juvia flushed seeing who was there.

“..did you follow me here?”

“No, no! Juvia returned from a mission with Gajeel yesterday and needed to come shopping!”

Gray laughed, the lengths in which she’ll go to make sure he doesn’t hate her, “OK, OK, I believe you.”

“Why is Gray grocery shopping?” She asks when they both get a basket and start picking up their sought after items.

“Cuz Natsu really can eat you out of house and home. Moron,” Gray muttered again as he picked up ground beef.

Juvia watched in awe as he shopped. She had never done anything like this with him before, it was refreshing!

“You know you’re a great cook, Juvia.”

Juvia swerved around to see him grinning at her, “You- You mean it?”

“Course. You’re awesome in the kitchen. Just don’t give me something with my face on it again..”

“Juvia is quite silly sometimes,” she bashfully said as she got some noodles.

“Nah, it’s cute,” Gray quickly moved to the next isle so he wouldn’t see her reaction.

He was getting some canned vegetables when Juvia was at his side again, “Can Gray cook?”

“Yeah, I taught myself.”

“Oh..” Juvia pouted, hoping it could have turned into something she could do with him.

They continued to go through the isles and exchanging bits and pieces of information that you can’t talk about in a nosy guild hall.

As thet purchased their items and were about to head in separate ways, Gray said to her,“ Ya, know, no one has ever had my cooking before. I’d kinda like a second opinion. Would you like to come over one night, and try it?”

What am I doing? This is Juvia! Do I really want her to know where I live. She probably already knows anyway. But man what if she says no..

“Yes, Juvia would love it if she could try her beloved’s cooking,” she said very calmly, which shocked Gray. Until he really looked at her. She was trying to be normal and not act like herself so he wouldn’t retract his offer. It was sweet, but it wasn’t Juvia.

He patted her on the head, “Go ahead and let it out, I know you want t-”


Gray landed on the ground in a heap with a blue haired woman on top of him, squeezing the life outta him.

I should have let her keep it in..

Laxus sat in the corner of the guild hall. The Thunder Legion were sitting at the table with him, enjoying his presence. But he wasn’t paying them any mind.

He was watching the silver haired bar maid, with that ever present smile and kindness that can only exist at Fairy Tail.

He had been watching her all day tend to the members of Fairy Tail. Mostly the ones who just sat around all day and drank, who hardly ever go on missions. And most of them were men.

He narrowed his eyes as another one called her over for a refill. When she gave him a new glass he asked her something. She giggled and shook her head and walked back to the bar, only to get called over again. Laxus had a feeling that all these men were asking the she-devil one thing. And that pissed him off.

Mirajane was walking back to bar when one drunk decided to cop a feel and slapped her behind.

“Oh!” she giggled and ignored his call.

Laxus had enough. He stood abruptly, startling his team mates.

“Everything alright, Laxus?” Freed asked.

“Peachy,” he grumbled out as she marched to the bar.

He sat down near where Mira was standing and waited, no one else was at the bar. Most of the regular members like Natsu and Erza were out on missions, leaving the guild filled with the others who hardly did anything. Those were the people who pissed off Laxus the most. Ever since they won the GMG the guild had filled with wanna be wizards.

“What can I get for you, Laxus?” the pretty bar maid stood in front of the lightning dragon with a bright smile.

“You. Tonight at the new seafood place. 8 o'clock, don’t be late. No is not an option. Oh, and a beer.”

Laxus refused to look at the fearsome wizard as a beer was placed in front of him. He then hears a rarely heard shy giggle.

“Of course, Laxus. I’d be more than happy to,” the smile on her face made it all worth it.

That and also when he got to the guild the next day, they had a significant amount of members gone.

So there’s been A LOT of ridiculous complaining and bashing of Erza lately. I guess like maybe 5% of it is justified, but the rest of it is just pointless and stupid. And I can only imagine it’s gonna get worse considering Erza vs Kyouka’s going to be animated really soon. Which people are gonna freak out about. So I’m going to address all of it.

“Erza has only existed since the Tower of Heaven to be OP.” That’s not true. Mashima actually created her to be a female character Natsu could be afraid of. Of course she’s gonna be strong. I guess her magic is pretty strong since she can give herself a bunch of different armors or weapons which could always give her an advantage in the fight. But it’s definitely not OP if you compare her to Gildarts’, Rustyrose’s, Freed’s, etc. magic. Since she still has to fight and Gildarts can destroy anything while the latter two can create anything.

“Erza never loses.” She lost the defining fight of her character arc against Jellal. She would’ve lost to Jose had Makarov not stepped in. She was part of the team that got whipped by the Oracion Seis at the beginning of the Nirvana Arc. Had Laxus not stepped in her, and her team would’ve lost to Hades. Sting could’ve swept her and Team Fairy Tail. Jellal had to save her while she was fighting dragons.

“You can’t develop if you don’t lose.” you are wrong wrong wrong

“She hasn’t developed at all since the Tower of Heaven.” So we’re just gonna ignore the Nirvana Arc, her fight vs Erza Knightwalker, her fight vs Kagura, her fight vs Cobra (filler but still)? I could go on and on.

“Erza needs another character arc.” In theory that’d be great yeah. But the Tower of Heaven Arc/Erza’s backstory has been mentioned or played a role in practically every single arc since then. Besides no other character has gotten two character arcs. Gray had Galuna Island, but the Tartarus Arc was so much more than “Gray fights his father.”

“Erza’s behavior is abusive and unhealthy.” I’m not even gonna validate this with a response.

“Erza shouldn’t win fights “because she’s Erza.”” First of all you know that’s not how it is, but when Superman, Luffy, Goku, and literally millions of other characters win because of their strength, training, and will, it’s okay? ERZA WAS THE YOUNGEST S CLASS WIZARD IN FAIRY TAIL HISTORY OF COURSE SHE’S A WINNER WHY CAN’T WE JUST APPRECIATE HER.

The only thing that I can see people getting upset about with Erza is the fact that she’s won a large majority of her fights in that Samurai “Armor.” I understood in the TOH Arc it was to symbolize she wasn’t going to hide her heart in a suit of armor anymore, but now I wish Mashima would have her win fights using her various armors strategically instead of just her winning in sweatpants and tape. Props to the anime team for making her utilize all of her armors stragically.

I didn’t discuss how beautiful Erza’s character and development is but all the smart Fairy Tail fans know all about that. In conclusion Erza’s an incredibly powerful warrior who’s been training her whole life to protect the ones she loves. I honestly do not understand why so much hate for her is surfacing now, but I have no idea why a person could hate her so strongly.

Always and Forever

Nalu Week Fanfic

Background: Natsu and Lucy have been married for ten years now. Over the years, Natsu finally became an S-class wizard, and takes on countless jobs to support his wife and two kids, Nashi and Neel. Lucy on the other hand, works her celestial magic part-time and has recently published her novel that she’s been working on ever since she was a teen. Though the two have been very successful, they have been growing apart over the years. It’s to the point where only a few words are said to each other on the daily.

Summary: Lucy looks for her ‘wedding day’ box, in hopes to regain how much she and her husband once loved each other.

 Always and Forever

“Here it is.” The golden blonde mage said to herself. “Our Wedding Day box.”

Lucy-Heartfilia Dragneel decided to look for her old Wedding Day box in the basement of their house. She thought that if she could look upon what was inside that box, it would bring back the love that is now lost.

She flopped the box onto the floor, sending dust flying everywhere. As she crawled down the ladder, she knew deep in her mind, she shouldn’t be doing this.

You’re only hurting yourself…” her inner thoughts called to her.

Ignoring her thoughts, Lucy picked up the box and headed back upstairs. As she walked, she could see her little pink-haired monster grinning at her.

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