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SH 211 theory: Azazel kidnaps Izzy. Azazel is a Greater Demon. Sebastian’s knowledge apparently centers around Greater Demons. So, IMO, while the others are trying to come up with a plan to save Izzy, Sebastian ACTUALLY saves Izzy - see the fight in the alley - and they all welcome Sebastian as a hero and that’s why nobody ever doubts him. 

And nobody realizes that it was actually HE who released Azazel in the first place so that he could play the hero and save the damsel - the one character connected to everybody he needed to charm - and win everyone’s favor.

Sebastian, you’re one sneaky dude!

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Over the course of his last four films, Argentine writer-director Matías Piñeiro has developed a unique approach to bringing Shakespeare’s comedies into the contemporary world, using these classic tales as vehicles for exploring the complex interpersonal dilemmas of his predominantly female protagonists. Hermia & Helena, which opens in Manhattan this weekend at the Metrograph and the Film Society of Lincoln Center, takes its inspiration from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, centering on the friendships and romantic adventures of a young theater director from Buenos Aires, who is working on a new translation of the play while attending an artist residency in New York. Last fall, just before the film’s premiere at the New York Film Festival, Piñeiro stopped by our office for an interview and a trip inside our closet. Take a look at the array of Criterion editions he snatched up during his visit, which range from Jean Renoir’s Technicolor spectacular French Cancan to Roberto Rossellini’s devastating Journey to Italy.

Matías Piñeiro’s Closet Picks


So this is the “visitor’s center” in Roaring Heights.  Can you guess why she’s here again?  Yep more dumpster diving xD  It’s the best way for her to make money at this point so she’ll be doing it a lot lol.

This was the last thing my first love ever said to me. The messages were very typical of our relationship, one angry designed to hurt me and then one to make me feel guilty and come back. This was after we had been broken up for about 6 months and I had moved on. I had messages a mutual friend about how I didn’t want him to know because I didn’t want to hurt him but I didn’t want to put my life on hold for him anymore. She showed him the messages after he saw me and my new partner together at the cinema. He really hurt me in our relationship and I have had trouble connecting to new people ever since, he was emotionally abusive and even pointed that put to me and I would deny it but deep down I knew it was true. I had blocked him on everything but my phone’s control center still notified me off the messages and I read them and cried for hours.

ive been trying to learn the charleston for a long ass time because a couple of dances (specifically rin’s solos/centers) incorporate it and i think i FINALLY got the hang of it but like… having to turn your knees inwards was such a foreign concept i just Couldnt Do It for weeks

seoul metro training center fansign ♡ 170505
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op: i asked jonghyun for a tattoo recommendation but, before i even got to finish my sentence, he told me to worry / think about it more, that i should be careful with it - to think about it more than four times. when moving on to another talk he mentioned that he got four tattoos: “here, here, here and here at the back of my neck! i received approval from my mom! ㅎㅅㅎ” he was the world’s cutest.


pjo icons + lesbian headcanons

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yuri plisetsky thoughts
  • “ugh i can’t believe yurio is just doing this to one up the True Love that took away blah blah blah from his gold medal win”
  • okay, sharon.
  • i think my fondness for yuri plisetsky, and the reason i enjoy him as a character is because he is 15-years-old and an absolute shit.  at no point does the show try to show he has the emotional or mental faculties of anything more than that.  he doesn’t know how to be nice, and he’s the center of his own universe, so he can’t see outside himself, and he’s angry and he’s spiteful
  • the only thing that yuri plisetsky knows is that it’s him against the world
  • he is painfully, awfully, terribly fifteen-years-old.  
  • like if you look me in the eyes and tell me you weren’t The Worst as a fifteen-year-old i will never trust you, because you just lied to my face while looking into my eyes.  everyone in their own unique way was AWFUL at fifteen.  because we’re young and we’re learning how to feel and we’re learning we don’t always like that and the world is fucking huge and terrifying and sometimes straight up bonkers and processing that all at once is overwhelming and weird 
  • THAT BEING SAID: i don’t expect anything than just some filler yuri plisetsky being a dumb awful teenager in WTTM. that is what i’ve always expected, because yuri plisetsky is a dumb awful teenager.  that’s kind of his thing.   
  • BUT!! in the future of the franchise, when they’re trying to figure out what the next chapter in these characters’ lives looks like, i really hope they look at yuri plisetsky and figure out he needs to learn failure
  • he needs to try for something, and he needs to try for it with all he’s got, and he needs to fail anyway.  
  • that’s the one thing i felt i didn’t get closure on during the series, and i would just love the continued narrattive of Yuri Plisetsky Learns To Be A Real Boy, where he becomes more human and more grown up as he slowly learns to see outside himself and put words to what he sees.