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Anyway, here we go with the Les Mis Pokemon au trainer cards:

Javert’s team–or, as I like to call it, “talons and fangs”.

Lycanroc (midday form), Luxray, Swellow, Mightyena, Umbreon, and Noctowl.

The “friend code” is his birthday lol.

Debated putting a lucario on his team but idk something felt weird about it being a biped? Also considered growlithe, fletchinder and samurott.

I said I wouldn’t give him legendaries because like how would he have gotten them?? But if he did have any it would be Suicune and Zygarde 10% (doggo) form.

All of his pokemon are geared towards being really great hunters and/or being extremely loyal and obedient. Kind of a “night” theme going on because Javert seems to be on patrol/stakeouts at night a lot in canon.

I thought the Lycanroc was a good metaphor for him because of its split evolution. Night-form’s grin looks just like Javert’s lol

Was gonna go with the “Policeman” sprite for Javert but it looked so young and like … uncertain? Although it was cool that it had a cudgel. But I felt this “Veteran’ sprite looked more like him. It’s got the whole greatcoat thing, the undercover agent thing, and the self-assured cocky but stern thing going on.

Haha, I used the Kalos badges because Poke-France.

Wish I could have used the older pokemon sprites, because they look better, but no, I just haaaaad to put a 7th gen pokemon on his team, so …

And here’s Valjean’s:

For some reason Valjean’s team was way harder to put together …

Sawsbuck (summer form), Leavanny, Stoutland, Meganium, Gogoat, and Leafeon.

All of his pokemon started off as adorable baby pokes because of course they did. Imagine him cuddling their pre-evo’s. Team was decided based on being plant-related and/or empathetic and helpful or compassionate pokemon.

Haha, his sprite is the “Gentleman” one.

(Valjean, do you understand how weak ur team is to fire …? He probably doesn’t care tho tbh. I don’t see him fighting competitively or at all if he can help it.)

If I had to pick a legendary for him it would have to be the Onion Fairy, (AKA Celebi) and Life Deer (AKA Xerneas).

Do people want me to do Cosette’s, or Eponine’s or something? Because I have lists. Like, a lot of lists. Basically everyone but the more obscure Amis tbh. Bishop Myriel’s maybe? Thenardier’s (ugh)?

Duel Links’ TVTropes pages got some interesting edits in light of the Yami Bakura event!

“Duel Links’ Yami Bakura is confirmed to be an NPC controlled by Kaiba, which begs the question of why Kaiba made him, how he got his personality down, and why no one else knows he’s an NPC.“

“OOC Is Serious Business: When meeting Kaiba, Yami Bakura breaks character and informs him, and the players, that he’s an NPC controlled by Kaiba.“

“Yami Bakura, who’s an NPC, gets several funny moments by giving Kaiba advice for dueling, insulting Ryou’s dueling skills and calling him a thief, telling Keith to beat Pegasus up, and fanboying over Weevil throwing Yugi’s Exodia cards in the ocean.“

“Yami Bakura’s event mentions several manga events like Ryou reclaiming the Ring from Yugi and the Monster World game, but also mentions anime events like Pegasus and Keith being alive.“

“While mischievous in some cases and malicious in others, Yami Bakura is nicer to several characters than in canon, particularly Mai, Weevil, Kaiba, and Yami Yugi.“

“Yami Bakura/Mai, Ryou Bakura/Mai, Yami Bakura/Kaiba, and Yami Bakura/Yami Marik all get teased in Bakura’s event. Mai says that usually Bakura has a cute face, and he thanks her for her kind words and admires her spirit in return. Kaiba created and controls the virtual Bakura and they give each other dueling advice, and the bulk of Bakura’s conversations with Ishizu and Odion have him discussing Yami Marik and how he knows he’ll appear eventually and can’t wait for when he does.”

i’ve seen no posts about this so here we go.
right before you will be found, evan has a monologue that he’s reading off index cards. everything is okay, until he flips the wrong one and screws up. he gets flustered and fumbles for a bit with the cards until they slip out of his hands and off the stage (this was the only part of the show where i wished i was in orchestra seating) he dives to catch them but they flutter off. he sits there for a couple seconds (like a good 30 seconds to a minute) just shaking. he’s so overwhelmed with anxiety that he can’t stand and he’s just shaking. he then composes himself and the song starts soon after. this shows just how good ben platt is. he does so well with this character and to have this raw moment where it’s just evan onstage all alone and so horribly anxious. it’s so amazing. i just, i love ben platt y'all

(btw i had the privilege of seeing the show in person and it was so amazing i’m still in awe and it happened a couple days ago)

help me come up with a title in the tags

She was radiance
Shoulder blades and beaches and orange headphones
Carsick Saturday’s and card games I could never win
Just like her heart
But I think I’m ok with that

At least I played the game
And that’s enough
Sometimes our calves would brush
As we sat on the bench
And that’s enough
Even if I never see her again
I got to know her
And watch her be happy
And that’s enough for me

So yes, I was awkward and she was graceful
I was nothing and she was absolutely everything
But I am ok
I got to be a witness of it all
And that is enough

Topi’s Daily Card #942:  Heat Shimmer

How much would you pay for a one turn clone?   If the answer’s three mana, and particularly 2R, then you’d have Heat Shimmer.  I don’t see this card too often, and that’s probably because of the sorcery speed.  Being able to copy one creature for three mana though nets you any ETB effects, and at the very least a hasty version of that creature that’ll swing in for damage.  As a fix to other hasty tokens, this one exiles itself instead of dying, leaving out any dies triggers as part of the shenanigans unless you have a sacrifice outlet.  When you think of this card less as a spell and more of a one turn clone the card seems to gain appeal at least to me and the possibility of using this to Populate with a Naya deck seems mighty tempting.  It may not seem amazing, but it all really depends on what you get to clone for a turn, and what you can do with that copy.

Quite fond of this design. Still, there’s a lot I could tweak about it.

Considered making it a 0/0 on the backside, having it be a Lizard without the Innistradi horror flavour, and having it grow faster but be more expensive.

As it stands, I think it’s quite a powerful card. The most basic use is to just play it turn 1 and flip it as a 2/2 the next turn, basically treating it as a Diregraf Ghoul, but it has a lot of potential beyond that. I gave it a push because I think it’s the kind of beatstick that appeals to Spike-y players.

anonymous asked:

How do explain gender identity to parents that keep insisting you're a girl because girls can be masculine and won't accept the fact that you have dysphoria? I'm having a bit of self-doubt because of this. I can't describe what feeling like a boy is like and that's their card against me.

Tell them you know yourself better than anyone else. You realize that feeling like you’re a boy and being masculine are two completely different things, and they need to realize that too. You feel like a boy because you feel a connection to that gender as if it were your own (because it is) despite what they think your body means. Tell them that it makes you uncomfortable to be referred to, seen as, perceived as a girl, even a masculine one. Because there’s a difference- it’s different for everyone, so try to think of some things specific to you, if you can.

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Well to follow the other one how would hanzo be as a roommate?

hanzo is the polar opposite of jesse. he’s super neat to a fault, he always remembers to clean up after himself (and sometimes he cleans up after me too). he doesn’t really like to go out a lot and he likes his alone time. but when he goes out, well…he’s a wild card. he can be silent and judgy one second and the next he can be belligerent and making bad decisions…

which is why he needs to live with someone who balances him out. someone who can encourage him to go out and socialize but also appreciate his independence. they can bring out that fun-loving side of him but also respect when he needs to be alone

hanzo would be the type to keep the place full of flowers and looking aesthetically pleasing all the time. he’d rearrange the furniture to his liking and sometimes when he gets nervous or stressed he’ll put it back to the way it was. he goes to bed early. he likes to cook but he’s not great at it. he likes to watch hgtv and home channels and do home projects. he’ll also stay up all night with you when you’re upset over someone and he’ll always be there to listen

anonymous asked:

When was yami ever rude to you? Weren't you always the one rude to him?

I used to make an effort to show him my respect and talk to him like an equal. He ignored that and preached his usual sermons about my shortcomings and how he was better than me. Every conversation with him would devolve into my lack of friends or his stupid magic. What gave him the idea he was above me? Besides being the King of Games, he has done nothing particular that would make him extraordinary. He doesn’t deserve that title, by the way. After I nearly won a children’s card game against him (save for that badly timed earthquake) he denied that fact. He coudln’t admit it, haha. He’s a sore loser. Even if he admitted his defeat later…

It’s interesting. He almost managed to convince me to accept him as a friend, one time. I mean, I don’t know what state of mind I was in, but… this whole story might have turned out differently, if he got off his high horse. Who knows? It might have turned into a strong bond that transcended dimensions. He could have been a companion I would have done a lot for.

…no, that’s not going to happen now. Friendship is for fools, anyway.

So, in all the excitement about the POV scene, I nearly missed this perfect piece of fanart!! Look at him. Look at his stubbly face. The hair, the square jaw, the thin lips … the artist, Leila Rheaume did a PERFECT job, wow. I wish I knew if she had an instagram or a deviantart or a tumblr or sth so I could tell her how perfect her art is!! I love that it’s a tarot card??? The Magician, how perfect. Today is a good day you guys. Today is a really good day.