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B E A U T Y   M A K E U P   -   B E H I N D   T H E   S C E N E S

A few weeks ago I shared with you some images from my professional portfolio which were taken from a recent Beauty shoot with model, Caitlin Burles.
FYI, Caitlin was a stand-in for Gal Gadot on the Wonder Woman film. Pretty cool huh? 

During the shoot my makeup assistant, Yasmin Lovece, kindly filmed some behind the scenes of the makeup and I filmed some of the products used. So this week I edited and uploaded the footage for those of you who are interested in seeing how these looks came together.


Even more aus bc hella
  • we run a kick ass babysitting service
  • you are an assassin sent to kill me
  • s u p e r s e c r e t s p y a u
  • i am a nanny for your punk ass children why do you have eight children
  • battle of the bands
  • gods au
  • i’m a librarian and the library was quiet until you and your bitch ass friend came in and started fucking shit up get out
  • fucking teacher au
  • stop robbing my store i can’t afford rent dude please stop
  • underwear model au
  • we are cannibalistic partners killing and eating people while running from the cops 
  • H E L L ’S K I T C H E N A U
  • ancient Egyptian thief/raiders au
I honestly look up to Electra so freaking much.

I don’t identify with Electra. I’m not super flamboyant or confident in my bisexuality/genderfluidity, I just want to be. I aspire to be like Electra. I long for the day when I can burst into the room with my squad, make myself the center of attention, and be completely comfortable with it. I want to be

F   A   B   U   L   O   U   S.

I want to be

D   A   Z   Z   L   I   N   G.

I want to be

E   L   E   C   T   R   I   C.

And no one’s gonna tell me that Electra’s not a great role model, because any character that can pull me up off the floor and put pride in my heart with their song is a beast, and I will fight anyone who tries to take that away from me.

Electra, man.


♔ The  F E M A L E  C O M P A N I O N S  of  A N N E  B O L E Y N.

  • Jane Parker (Boleyn) - Anne appears to have had a close and trusting relationship with Jane, both confiding in her that Henry was experiencing sexual problems, and also through seeking her help to be rid of one of his mistresses.

  • Marguerite de Navarre - Meeting during her time in France , Anne would confide in Marguerite (who appeared to be a role-model) that she was pregnant with her second child, and that next to having a son, her greatest wish was to see her again.

  • Claude of France - Anne served the pious Claude for seven years, and would have helped the young queen through her string of annual pregnancies. A similar age to Claude, Anne perfected her education and talents within her moral household.

  • Mary Boleyn - The sisters spent their teenage years together at the French court, and Anne would later financially support her sister and (and her children) after the death of her first husband, and also once again during Mary’s banishment from court. 

  • Anne (Nan) Gainsford - Anne Boleyn must have trusted Nan, lending her a copy of Tyndale’s ‘The Obedience of a Christian Man’, and showing her a book of prophecy. Nan would go on to share her memories of the late queen with George Wyatt.

  • Madge (Margaret or Mary) Shelton - The cousins shared a fondness for poetry, and it has even been suggested that Anne entrusted Madge, asking her to encourage the king’s affections onto herself and away from a potential mistress.  

  • Elizabeth Tudor - Anne lavished love and affection upon her small daughter, and fought to spend as much time as possible with the little girl who she may have deemed to be her only remaining friend during her final months alive.

E X O r e a c t i o n s.

to you being their personal photographer.

to you cooking something foreign.

to you being drunk.

seeing you cry because your grandpa died.

to hearing you singing the first time.

when their child wants them to attend preschool with them.

being thankfull.

missing you.

to having to kiss you in a drama.

to you dyeing your hair.

how exo would hold your hand.

to you reading smut about them.

to your and Kais son. (read the scenarios first)

to being mean to you even though they like you.

to you being insecure.

to you leaking on your period.

to you performing on an award show. 1 & 2

flirting with you.

when you cry because your pet died.

when you’re tired and you talk in your mother language.

when you sing high notes.

when they find out you have a twin.

to eye-sex.

when your boyfriend makes you cry.

when their GF is Arabian.

to asking you out.

when you’re being mobbed.

when they regret breaking up with you.

when they sit in the passenger seat.

when another girl flirts with them.

E X O s c e n a r i o s

kai: having a son with his enemy.

kai: having a son with his enemy part 2.

baekhyung: cowboy.

chanyeol: planes, travel & crowds.

chen: accidental accident.

B T S r e a c t i o n s

when you want to break up.

to you being bad ass about the hate you get.

when they find out that you’re a model.

to reading smut about your ship.

when you tell a really bad joke.

when you fall.

when they hear you sing.

when you dance sexy.

to a girl with piercings & tattoos.

when you drunk text/call them.

when they are paired with you on WGM.

to you being asexual.

when you loose your voice.

how bts would hold your hand.

to a side cut.

when you injured your knee.

when you forget your clean panties.

when they’re needy.

when you wear a chuseok dress.

to sharing a bed with their crush.

when another member already asked you out.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons for Alberta? I have some too: they're very outdoorsy and love nature but don't mess with oil. They're a little wild and it shows in their every day life things, like driving for one. They're very proud of their nature areas. S t a m p e d e though. They're CRAZY about it and wear full cowboy get up

Those are some nice headcanons you got there and yes I have some of my own

- Tells everyone that they’re a rural person but secretly live in the city
- A c n e
- speaks Ukranian
- *Ed and Cal are at each other’s throats* “We’re all good”
- Texas senpai
- drinks often
- “I’m a meatatarian”
- Has a fairly large ego
- Has thrown Sask and Mani under the bus
- Owns a model train
- Loves the other prarie provinces
- Will fight the other prairie provinces
- “shut up BC, you’re high”
- fairly neat and no one knows why
- I don’t really see them as nature loving as you HC but to each their own

anonymous asked:

can you pretty please do a riarkle headcannon of like the wedding and the vows and the whole 9 yards bc I need that in my life okay

  • Kay so the wedding is in like late Spring/early Summer bc Riley wanted it outdoors
  • Maya’s already married at this point and she knows she put Riley and Farkle through so much shit while planning her wedding so she decides to go above and beyond her Maid of Honor duties omfg
  • Like she was that person running around with an ear piece screaming “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU LOST THE FIRE WORKS”
  • It’s in a park by a lake all super cute
  • Their 7 year old daughter is the flower girl and she is just the most precious one anyone has ever seen omfg
  • There isn’t really much of a color scheme all the bridesmaids have different color dresses but their soft pastel colors
  • The Bridesmaids are Maya (obvi), Ava (who’s like 18 by now yikes), and a couple other friends they made in college I don’t have time to come up with names for them omg
  • Groomsmen are Lucas, Zay, Auggie, and Josh
  • OH MY GOD okay the bachelor/bachelorette parties were on the same night and the girls kept posting a bunch of pics online and the boys kept seeing them and started posting pictures of them recreating the girls pics and it turned into a full blown social media war omfg
  • Everyone in attendance of the wedding wears a flowercrown
  • Riley’s fucking barefoot because they’re in a park who’s gonna stop her?
  • just so many flowers it’s a miracle no one was attacked by bees
  • The wedding photos make them look like a group of models it’s honestly unfair
  • He almost missed the shot of the wedding kiss because he was trying to look like he wasn’t crying
  • E V E R Y O N E  C R I E S
  • Like Riley and Farkle were trying to outdo each other with the vows so it was all very heartfelt and sappy and beautiful not a single dry eye
  • T h e D r e s s was super lacy and a little sparkly and very Riley
  • The ‘something blue’ was highlights in her hair omg which she also had in a side bride gorg
  • Her and Farkle had matching orange rose flower crowns end me
  • The reception was turnt
  • Lucas gets v wasted and falls in the lake good times
  • Zay never got 10 feet away from the Chocolate fountain
  • Like she hadn’t even told her husband yet whoops
  • At some point Cory and Topanga get a little tipsy and perform their iconic go-to duet of “War” and everyone fucking looses it
  • Riley and Farkle don’t go of each others hands the whole night omfg
  • Everyone’s just so super happy what a time to be alive RIARKLE UGH