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Normani VS Camila Girls, Lauren and Ty Dolla Sign Drama

You know, maybe in Europe it’s still dawn, while in the US it’s night. But here in Asia, it’s already in the morning, on the next day. I actually went to sleep at 2.30 AM, which means I was still awake until 8 hours ago. This was happening right when I was about to sleep, but since I never see my timeline anymore, I didn’t really know what’s going on until I woke up. No, I didn’t stalk Twitter right after I woke up. I just happened to join in a lot of group chats and these are what I found. You know, it was not a pleasant thing to wake up with these trolls, and it just took me 1 second to get my mood ruined.

Seriously, I’m so enraged. As Harmonizers, you must know that we tend to associate Ally girls with being sweet and unproblematic. But, what makes me disappointed even more is that one of these fans is Ally’s stan. I won’t mention which one but you can check it out by yourself. So, Ally girls are sweet? Bullshit! Every -izers are the same. They just care about their favorite ones without caring about others. Note: I’m speaking this as a general. It doesn’t mean all of you are like that if you are one of them. And I do know that there are people who still respect the other girls even if they only stan 1 or 2 girls.

What makes me frustrated even more is that I followed one of these people. So I checked one by one and I unfollow that account. So, my decision has been right not to see my timeline anymore. It’s full of hates.

Honestly though, we know who are the object of hates here and who got the most hates. I’m gonna say it out loud, it’s Camila. Now that she’s even out of the group, it’s even easier to just throw shades and hates on her. But, here I’m not gonna defend anyone in particular cause the last time I did it, I’ve got a lot of question whether I would do the same for the others. I was even questioned, “Where are you guys when Ally got bodyshamed? When Lauren got bodyshamed? Or when Dinah was accused of being homophobic?” You don’t know me here. What I do is nothing but supporting and defending all the girls. Even right now, I should be working, but I put my time aside to write this.

That #ApologizeCamila hashtag is so disgusting tbh. I thought as a fan, we should have understood by now not to pit women against each other. The girls have been saying it over and over again. As #Harmonizers we should have known this better than anyone else in this world. If you really love the girls, you will know all about their interviews, what they have been promoting, and their advices as feminists. Should i remind you about what they said about what they have been promoting, watch this!

If you idolize these girls, then you should follow them by example. I still don’t understand how people admire someone as a person, inside and outside, physically and characteristically, but not follow them by example. Then what are you stanning? Only their sexy bodies? Their beautiful voices? Their boobs? Their asses? You wanna get inside their pants and you get horny watching them dancing around? I’m sorry, but that means you are drooling over them, NOT idolizing them. I know some of the fans are like that, but these girls are more than just their sexy bodies and their voices.

Please keep in mind that these girls are HUMAN. THEY HAVE FEELINGS. Confronting them out of something they didn’t do is stupid! Who started the war? US!!! Now, let’s trace back. Things have gotten really worse when Normani’s face was cropped and lynched. Who started it? Answer by yourself! We might not see it or we might see it sometimes, but Camila has been crying over all the hates she gets. Now who started it? Now, let’s not blame each other over WHO did it first. You keep saying, “Camilizers started it.” or “Normani girls started it.” WHATEVER!! Basically we are the ones who makes everything worse. We are the ones who started the war. And not to mention, we ARE the reason why the girls are hurt. Are you heartless or what speaking about them or even confronting them out of something that they don’t even do? Before you speak all those disgusting words, THINK, PUT YOURSELF UNDER THEIR SHOES, AND THINK ABOUT HOW THEY FEEL. Are you happy being called a cunt? A whore? Or every other negative words flowing out of your mouth so easily. We are all the same in front of God, cause we are ALL THE SAME: HUMANS. So, if you call them those words, then it goes the same with you (I have said this on my posts waaaaayy long ago). You call Normani a monkey, then you are also a monkey. You call Camila a camel, then you are also a camel. Now are you happy being called like that? ……………EXACTLY!!!

I’m not telling you who to stan or whether you should be an OT5 stan. Some of the people in the fandom indeed only stan 1 or 2 girls. Some of us are OT4 stans. Some of us are Camren shippers, but don’t really know about Fifth Harmony. Whoever you stan, please have respect to the other girls. Do a research about them as a person, what they have been promoting, and keep in mind that the world is much better if we just spread love instead of hates. You have a big platform: Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube. Some of you might have only 100 followers, some other might have more than 1000 followers, some others have more than 10K followers. Use those platform for something good, NOT for something bad. Now I’m asking you this question: IF YOU USE YOUR PLATFORM FOR SOMETHING BAD, YOU HURT PEOPLE, YOU THROW SHADES AND HATES HERE AND THERE, AND YOU SPREAD NEGATIVITIES, ARE YOU EVEN PROUD OF IT? Ask yourself this question whenever you wanna start spreading negative words and throw hates. I’m speaking this to the general fandom, NOT only to Harmonizers. I’m not a fan of her but her wisdom is also something I admire. Lucy worded it well here.

Now if you have nothing to do, or if you have a lot of free time, use your platform to support the girls instead. Vote for awards. Compliment them for what they do. Show them love. Keep reminding them that we support them no matter what. Be there for them. Cause there have been a lot of drama in these girls’ lives since 2014. Imagine yourself in their position and your lives are out there being spoken, talked, and posted anywhere. Some are true, and some are even made up stories. They have got enough drama, and don’t even add up more dramas to their lives. This is the example of the current drama.

So, that girl is Ty’s ex. Perez Hilton even makes it worse by making it like a love triangle. *rolls eyes*

Honestly though, this is more like a “love rectangle” (I’m making up a term here lol) cause Camren shippers are also going crazy out there. But I don’t believe this guy. Ever since the Fifth Harmony drama especially about the leaked picture of Lauren and Lucy, I don’t believe in media anymore. For God’s sake, he might even get paid for this.

Honestly there have been a lot of drama involving Lauren and Ty Dolla Sign before this one, but let’s focus on what happened in the past 24 hours. Otherwise, we are gonna write a novel about the girls. But, let’s see their indirect tweets about their reaction.

Ty Dolla Sign has been teasing by tweeting and deleting. And his ex also did the same. Have you ever wondered why this happened after the Camren denial? I keep wondering why drama has been put to our faces over and over again.

Now enough with the drama about Camila leaving the band or the questions like “Is Camila leaving the band?” cause she did. Ever since the leaked photos in October 2016, who are the center of all of these dramas? Other than the side projects or solo projects that have been going on, now trace back and focus on what the media has put on headlines that blow up all over the world. Everything revolves around LAUREN. Lauren’s leaked photo with Lucy, Lauren got caught in weed in the airport, Lauren tweeting about something during the Grammy that made the media put on headlines “Did Lauren Jauregui diss Camila Cabello?”, Lauren’s photoshoot with Lucy, Lauren’s denial about Camren, and now Lauren and Ty Dolla Sign dating rumors. I’m sorry, did I miss something here? Cause, it’s hard to put up with all the drama. But, have you ever wondered why it has to be Lauren being put on the spotlight of medias and headlines? The scandal is always about Lauren so far.

I’m gonna leave it there though. I leave rooms for interpretations and I leave you to believe what you wanna believe. But, I want you to keep your mind open. Have you ever wondered why they keep teasing by deleting tweets? Was it a mistake? Or are they playing with us? Are they playing with our minds? Are they playing with our hearts? If they know, it would blow up and get themselves being in the spotlight, if they don’t like it, why would they do it? They know people will focus on the deleted tweets.

I just wanna remind you this thing. Lauren is a VERY PRIVATE person. She doesn’t like her private lives to be talked in public and being posted all over the place. She keeps ranting about people talking about her private lives. Then, why all of a sudden, all of these are put on our faces like it was some kind of shiny treasure we have just found out of the clue we have been given and we are all mesmerized by it?

Anyway, I don’t wanna get delusional but Lauren tweeted that during the #ApologizeCamila was trending. Honestly, those tweet could be anything. It could show that she low-keyly supported Camila or she could be tweeting about things in general or she could be talking about her own personal lives and the headlines about Ty and her. But since we are so caught up with the whole Ty and Lauren dating rumors, we only perceive those tweets as her reactions towards it. Meanwhile, there might be other things she is implying to that we will never know what it is about unless she answers some of the fans’ replies.

Ever since the drama in 2016, especially that goddamn cursed Dec 18th, 2016, I never really believe in media, headlines, tweets, posts, NOT even the girls’ accounts. I only like Snapchat or Instagram stories since it seems like those are the only ways we can see something behind the scene. But, even now Snapchat can be staged, like the 7/27 Tour Spain when Camila was actually in the bus, but her face was not there. We could hear her teaching the girls Spanish, but then we still found only 4 girls in the camera. Sometimes, these girls just CAN’T pretend. Lauren also admitted herself that she has another Snapchat account, which means that she has a private Snapchat account and I’m sure the other girls do too.

What I’m implying here is no matter how much we wanna know about what happens behind-the-scene, WE KNOW NOTHING. No matter how much we think we know what’s going on in their lives, we know nothing. We can only watch their body languages and their expressions now as those are the most sincere language they can communicate to us, NOT some bullshit written interview or headlines on the media.

Keep your mind open and respect the girls, guys! And keep supporting these girls endlessly. They need us, especially Lauren. I can’t imagine being in her position where dramas keep haunting her life one after another.

welcome to east asia, where no one ages

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After seeing this Touka x Sailor Moon crossover art [x] I remembered a few moments in the manga that made me laugh

There’s a folklore in Asia about the rabbit that lives on the Moon based on the markings looking like a bunny (similar to the Man in the Moon idea that I have in my country because it looks like a face)

Ishida made a reference to this once with Touka in her Rabbit mask next to the moon

Sailor Moon’s regular name is a pun on this idea 

Tsukino Usagi –> Tsuki no Usagi –> Rabbit on the Moon

Which is why I had *war flashbacks* to a certain omake because as we know, Sailor Moon has her iconic boomerang tiara well

Moon Moon himself channeling his inner Sailor Senshi and Rabbit Touka

The Shoujo with Corpses strikes again

With You {Part 2}

Mark x Reader x Jinyoung
Genre: AU/Fluff/ Angst
Previous Chapter

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Fiancee. Daughter. Mark was taken by surprise as he looked at the three of you standing in front of him. He was too busy focusing on your smile that he had missed the now apparent diamond on your left hand.

Jinyoung reached out his hand and smiled, “Hi, nice to meet you. You’re Dorine and Raymond’s son, the one who lived in Asia.”

 Mark’s gaze was only on you, you tucked your hair behind your ear, fidgeting at the situation that was occurring right now. He grasped Jinyoung’s hand and shook it, forcing a smile on his face. “Hi, nice to meet you. Welcome.”

You stared as your fiancée and your ex shook hands, your daughter remained clinging to your leg. You felt so uneasy, feeling your legs wobble as the situation made you anxious. You bent down to meet eye level with your daughter, pulling a cupcake from the table you handed it to her. “Why don’t you and Jinyoung go and find a place to eat this cupcake while mommy talks with her friend.”

 Your daughter’s eyes widened at the cupcake, “Come on! Let’s go eat!” she said in excitement before running off again.

You looked at Jinyoung and smiled, “I’ll catch up with you two in a bit.”

 “Alright, nice meeting you Mark.” Jinyoung said already glancing to see where your daughter ran off too, then he turned to follow after her.

 It was silent, the tension surrounding both of you was thick. You scrambled to find something to say expecting to be the first one to speak but Mark beat you to it, “Wow, she looks so much like you.” Mark stated as he watched your daughter from a far. “Jinyoung probably hears that a lot I’m guessing.”

 “Jinyoung isn’t her biological father,” you stated, cursing yourself for speaking to hastily.  It had become a habit for you to explain the situation to others “Her biological father isn’t in the picture.” You quickly added. You glanced at Jinyoung who sat with your daughter, peeling the wrapping around the cupcake for her, “But Jinyoung is basically a father to her.”

 As if Mark wasn’t surprised already, now he was really caught off guard. He didn’t know what to say, a part of him hurt a little and another part of him was curious to know what lead the father to not be a part of the picture. Except, that was none of his business. He noticed the way you fumbled with your dress and how uncomfortable you looked. He was starting to feel pretty awkward himself.

 “The cupcakes look great by the way,” he said shifting topics and trying to ease the atmosphere.

“Thank you, definitely give one a try,” relieved that he didn’t pry any further, you smiled at him, “I should get going and make sure Jinyoung doesn’t let her eat the whole cupcake before dinner,” that was a lie, you just didn’t want to be there with him right now.

 “Yeah no for sure,” Mark nodded, “It was good seeing you Y/N.”

 “You too,” you smiled at him as you walked off.

 Mark stared after you, you may have looked the same, but your life was completely different. How did he not know that you were engaged? Or that you had a child? Surely both of your parents would have talked and there was no way news like this could have been kept hidden. He was more out of the loop than he thought while he was in Asia. He needed a drink to settle his thoughts. Mark made his way over to the bar and poured himself a whiskey on the rocks. The cool malty drink warmed his chest as he sipped and made his way over to the patio. He leaned against the rail to get a full view of the celebration. Once again his eyes found you in the crowd. You were sitting at the table, your daughter sitting on your mother’s lap while you fanned her with a napkin. He watched as Jinyoung walked over with two plates of food and set it down in front of you, casually slipping his arm around your shoulder as he laughed at something your mother said. Mark felt a twinge of envy as he observed the three of you together. He went to take another sip of his drink only to find it empty, setting his glass down beside him he rested his elbows on the rail. His gaze still fixated on you.

 “Here, looks like you could use another,” Raymond walked over with two glasses in hand and handed one to his son. His eyes followed to where Mark was staring. “She’s a spitting image of how Y/N looked growing up isn’t she?”

 Mark took a sip letting the estery flavor coat his mouth before swallowing, “Did you know?” he asked his father.

 “Your mom and I both knew, but we figured it was none of our business to share her news.” Raymond said, his expression apologetic. Like Mark, he wasn’t one to pry into other’s personal lives.

 Mark remained quiet, as he always is when he has a lot on his mind. Why was it that as he watched you smiling at your daughter, another man’s arms draped around your shoulder, he still wanted you? How many times had he thought about you and him together, regretful for the way things ended? It was so hard for him to let you go these past years but you had obviously moved on.   

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alright guys im gonna talk about a comic called Monstress now because its fucking amazing

right, so its basically steampunk fantasy in an alternate 1900′s Asia, about monsters and humans and gods and morality and shit like that, and if you’re not already interested, I have more:

so basically right off the bat you see a hell of a lot of diversity

it’s a story fully driven by women. its almost astonishing, there are no main characters that are men, and very few side characters. they arent condemned or anything, we just dont have many male characters. its never addressed (as far as ive read so far), so i’m guessing the authors just decided to flip the gender tables and give men the treatment women in fantasy usually get. and its kind of refreshing, honestly.

several characters are missing limbs, including the main character 

and still kicking ass

theres also a mute woman who uses sign language to communicate

(also there are no relationships established yet where i am, but the author is known for including LGBT+ in her writing, so im guessing there will be lesbians)

and for the love of god, LOOK AT THE ART

these arent even covers, they’re just panels from the comic!

and if you’re still not sold, have this panel:

its literally just ten bucks for the huge first volume, please go pick it up its so good!