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So I reached 2k recently and although that may not seem like a lot to many people, it blows my mind. Thank you to each 2k beautiful followers that tolerate my complaining, TRS fangirling, and love for music. I love each and everyone of you. I want to give special thanks to particular people who have made my time on Tumblr and my dash entertaining and a fun place to browse. 

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almostdeadonarrival | arctichalo | barakatjack | blackvist | breakyourvibes | caraphernatalia | carapherxelia | causewearecastaways | datesjaime | die-in-beautifulstars | disasterologys | drellabove

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I probably forgot some people because I’m kind of dumb but know that I love you! And of course, everyone in my blogroll is amazing! 

so since I have hit 3.5k here are some of my favorite blogs that I follow ayyy YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY FOLLOW ALL OF THEM they are absolutely hella and I don’t stalk them or anything psh who does that

abitimelow alexgaaskarth alexsmalldickgaskarth alltimeih8u alltimexho always-alltimelow andrewhurleys ashtonirvvinz atlasdrive

backseatsenerade baracrack barafucks barakatjack barakatology barakuddles baraqats barasigh barxkat blackvist breakyourvibes

callmeaname carapherxelia carlileaustin couldntfake

dearmariasuckmeoff derpceschi disasterpierce dontletjagkdrive drellabove

earthtoclifford elmakiass empiternal everythingatlymas ewfuentes

fabulous-fuentes fagkbarakat  fallohboy falloutlosers fallutboy farts-on-fire-tonight fckbarakat fetusvic fflyzik flykat foentes freejustin frickinjack fronceschi fuckedbarakat fuckyeahflint fuckyeahitsalexgaskarth fuenteses fuentesexual fullsfrontal

gaskarths gaskaths gcskarth goldrian gveenday

handslikehoses happybarakat hayleywilliasm hellobrendonurie hisshissfaggots

jackbarakatofficial jackpurrycat jagkbaracats jagkpunk jaimepreciaclo jalex5eva jamiespreciados jbkats jennamcdougalls johnocallaganteven jurassicjack justapapermoon

keyxstreet king-until-may kingwntz kisskarth

llttledeath lolgaskarth

markhoppusofficial merrikat michacl mintybarakat mistergaskarth mockingjaj


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takethistyourcorktree taylorjardine tayloryxrk teenage-jalex teenjalex thecanalsarefreezing thrpy thrty3 tiameatsix tommoirwin tonyperrie topramens



youmeatnips yukimuar yummybarakat


sorry if i forgot anyone, here’s my blogroll!  (◡‿◡✿)

okay so because it’s been nice to feel all that christmas spirit in the past few days and i reached my next thousand not so long ago i’ve decided it’s a good time to get my shit together and finally make a follow forever. here is a list of my favorite blogs/people who make my dashboard a beautiful place and who make me feel that there’s always someone out there who really cares. i’d just like to thank you for being here and say i love you all (▰˘◡˘▰)

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adropofchaos // avvsugar // awgaskath // baraqats // brieflyshaking // caraphernatalia // castielful // chillysykes // christmascest // christmuse // damnbarakat // damnedafterall // drellaveil

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eearly-sunsets // exorchrist // foreverlovinga7x // frankierx // frozenfuentes // fuetnes // fun-ghoul // gaskath // glassandy // heavenisfull // hiddllesxmas

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jaimepreciaclo // jalexslikeaunicorn // joshfrancesci // karsla // keyxstreet // lostthefinalfight

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merryurie // miinza // obsynity // ourplague // punkcores // queenforadaay

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s-andpitturtle // samwinc // santamachined // santapreciado // tonysperrys // tonyxturtle // vicc-fuentes // vics-tits

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whileshepees // whiskeyxhands // xasiralx // xdeathbeds // xheartburn // xsuicideseasons // yeahbarakat

+blogroll (bc i probably forgot about lots of rad blogs and i apologize about that)

Hi guys!! Well this is the first time in 2 years on tumblr that I decided to make a follow forever. (sorry about the text, i’m so bad with words)

I just wanna thank you all for making my dash so flawless with your reblogs and perfect edits. I wish each one of you a happy holidays and an amazing 2014. Thank you for everything ◕‿◕ 

acciodougie, awgaskath, back-to-transylvania,17blckz, claulovemcfly

dannysl0ver, dancealongs, fxnces

gonnaliveforever, helpmcfly, herondale-ivashkov, itstransylvania, iheart-mine

lets-mcfly, lizardzukie, likeatragedynow, marrymepoynter, matsmithers, mcflydemetria, mcfly-182, memorylane-s, mishafeels

nerdvanas, nobodycansee, onebedisbroken, partyinh0gwarts, pone-s, poyntter, poynterdougies, proynters

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