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you know what would be cute – hear me out cause i know i say this about every fucking plot – a little supernatural gang/squad. a small bunch, maybe like 4-5 people. each a different type of supernatural (full breed, half, whatever tf). and they’re all just like friends ??? like tight friends. maybe they act like they hate each other’s guts AND HEY MAYBE THEY DO. but when one gets in shit, at least one other will come to their help. maybe not even cause of the kindness of their soul, but just because they all owe each other a shit ton of favours. in the course of owing favours, they just naturally start hanging out more, talking more, being there for each other more and this tense friendship/bond/teammate relationship forms.


OKAY, I DIDN’T ACTUALLY EXPECT REPLIES ON THIS POST. For those who want to be a part of this little gang (mutuals only and preferably another species than those already listed here), feel free to reply to this letting me know. As of right now we have:

( 4 / 5 or 6 members )

Kamiko ( @nematai​ ) - nekomata
Ahreum ( @gumihc​ ) - kitsune
Baekhyun ( @tempuris​ ) - vampire
Griffin ( @hivaeths​ ) - mutant ( verse u/c )