s a m e exactly

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Kaminari is the love of my life and he has such a great character but theres something about the thought of him being a traitor that makes me sin everytime

S A M E. Honestly this is exactly how I feel. I want the drama but I also want villain Kaminari to kidnap me and do unholy things with me. Is2g this is going to end in some kinda sinful sunday event where I get to offload my very strong feelings about evil Nari.

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trying to figure out what words exactly trigger the “s.a.f.e m.od.e” filter rn

also my communications au image. is marked as n..s/f.w and i think thats cause you can see a small part of wendy’s undergarment but? whats so bad about that???? 

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I just think there's too many fan girls with way too many fan-fiction thoughts in their head. Nothing wrong with a guy going out with another guy for a movie or whatever its technically a date or whatever. The idea that he's out with a boy or the boys doesn't make him homo. The fact that he's rejecting the idea doesn't make him homophobic either. Is just too many fan girls, with too many wild thoughts, get upset because it ruining their imagination (Boy on boy thing I'm sure) People are stupid.

Y E S ! Exactly. My thoughts exactly. I had talked about this a few months ago and ended up deleting my post because people called ME homophobic and sent me threats etc. But, just because he rejected the idea for HIMSELF, it just means it made him uncomfortable. Just as if he was homosexual and they put him in a heterosexual situation, he would ultimately be uncomfortable, right? But of course, this is 2017 and we’re forced to agree that any mindset slightly off from the popular is “wrong” and that we must cater to the popular opinion. But you see, that doesn’t favor jaebum obviously because he was uncomfortable in that situation, so he got called homophobic. Instead of compensating and sympathizing for his already set awkwardness, people were quick to call him a homophobe because he didnt fit what THEY wanted. Its just messy. 

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They’re hardly abusive… If anything, they’re a textbook REALLY GOOD couple. They trust each other and have each other’s backs, and can be playful without misinterpretation and hurting each other’s feelings. They’re great what do they m e a n

EXACTLY MY POINT but i guess OP is 14 and confused?? i mean ok

even riot said rakan/xayah have no lines for when ahri charms either of them cause they trust each other so much