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arigato-gozaimashita  asked:

Can I have headcanons for Akira and Yusuke hearing their S/O singing for the first time and they have a really pretty voice?

This is a cute request! Thank you!! I hope you like it!


  • “I’ll be leaving the cafe to you. Don’t cause s/o any trouble, you hear me?”
  • Akira nodded respectfully, and with that, Sojiro departed for the evening.
  • “I’m going to wander for a bit. See you later!” Morgana then followed suit after the cafe manager.
  • Akira took a glimpse of the paper Sojiro had entrusted him with.
  • “S/o, I’m going to run a quick errand. Would you mind watching the place for me?” 
  • They nodded. “Of course.”
  • “I’ll lock the door just in case. Wait for me,” he said, and after stealing a quick peck he left the building.
  • He arrived back to Leblanc within fifteen minutes or so. When he unlocked and opened the door, s/o was nowhere to be seen.
  • They must be upstairs, he thought.
  • After quietly setting the groceries on the counter, Akira continued on upstairs.
  • He froze halfway up the staircase. His ears had caught something. 
  • Singing?
  • It was melodious and soothing, almost like the twinkling of bells. 
  • He took a seat on the stairs, closing his eyes and smiling as their lovely voice surrounded him.
  • When it stopped, he glanced up at the staircase. S/o was standing there looking very bashful and very cute.
  • “Don’t let me interrupt,” Akira teased.
  • Their brow furrowed. “You should have told me you were here.”
  • “And miss out on listening to such a beautiful voice? Not a chance,” he said, then proceeded to take them by the waist and kiss the top of their head.
  • “…Thank you.”
  • “I mean it. Sing for me again sometime.”


  • “My teacher just notified me regarding an important matter,” Yusuke proclaimed, slipping his phone back into his pocket. “I will return shortly, my love.” He kissed s/o’s forehead and exited the dorm.
  • “This assignment is quite demanding… I’ll be sure to stop by the art supply store later,” he mumbled as he shuffled to his dorm room.
  • His hand hovered over the doorknob, and he heard sounds coming from his room.
  • “Is that… singing?” Yusuke silently opened the door.
  • S/o was sprawled out on the love-seat, their head resting on its arm. They were scrolling through their phone and softly singing an unfamiliar yet pleasing tune. 
  • Yusuke stealthily shut the door behind him and leaned against the wall next to it. He was completely captivated; he had no idea such an ethereal voice could exist anywhere other than heaven.
  • His hand twitches with the urge to draw, but he ignored it in favor of the melody exuding from his s/o.
  • He listened more intently to the lyrics, and realized they were just expressing how they were waiting for Yusuke to come back.
  • A bubble of laughter betrayed him and blew his cover.
  • S/o whipped around so quickly that they nearly dropped their phone. “Yusuke?!”
  • He chuckled once more. “You have quite a stunning voice, my dear, but your lyrics leave something to be desired.”
  • “Don’t tease me,” they pouted.
  • Yusuke sat himself down next to them, leaving an arm hanging around their shoulders. His free hand caressed s/o’s lips as he asked, “will you sing for me again sometime? I don’t know if I can do it justice, but I’d like to incarnate your divine voice upon my canvas.”
  • He said it so earnestly that their face turned bright red. “…I’d be happy to.”
  • He grinned. “Splendid! Will you accompany me to the art store? There are a few things I need to pick up…”

akechis-wife  asked:

Oh nice! Cuz I was kinda gonna make this after shidos palace, like if Akechi lived (he does I tell you I will defend this theory with my own life) and s/o visiting in the hospital after that gunshot wound? All low key worried but trying to stay cool abt it? Still mad asf at shido? I'm always passionate about an s/o who stayed at akechis side the whole way through even if it was wrong technically speaking, with all that jazz (tsym omgg, this wound up being more specific than it meant to be)

I support your theory!! It’s sad that the adults get a chance at redemption but Akechi’s the one paying the price. ;_; And it’s okay, specifics help a lot! Thank you for the request, and please enjoy!! Oh, and SPOILER ALERT! Please read at your own discretion. I’ll put this under a cut because it’s super long and I love the idea of Akechi living and trying to redeem himself. T_T

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anonymous asked:

Can I request Ryuji having a nightmare and being comforted by his S/O?

I’m on it anon! Thank you for the request and enjoy!!

Ryuji’s mother was working an overnight shift, so he decided to send an invitation to s/o to keep him company.

His phone buzzed with their reply.

Don’t worry. I’ll protect my Ji-Ji from the big bad monsters.

Ryuji’s face flushed slightly and he sent his reply.

Yeah yeah, just get over here!

S/o arrived and greeted Ryuji with a kiss, then they spent the night cuddling on the couch while watching movies and reading manga. Everything about that night was serene and pleasant.

Well, maybe not everything.

S/o was awakened by their boyfriend’s movement, which had knocked them as well as the manga and blankets on the floor. 

“S-stop it… get away,” Ryuji mumbled. “Can’t… run.” 

Concern washed over s/o like a tidal wave, even more so when they witnessed the terrified expression that Ryuji’s face was twisted into. “Hey, Ryuji…” They touched his arm and he smacked it away.

“Get away from me,” he pleaded.

Desperate to relieve him of his pain, they shook him cautiously and increased their vocal volume. “They won’t get you! Please, wake up!”

Ryuji jolted up to a sitting position, emitting a cry when he did so. His chested heaved from his panting, and s/o immediately rushed to his side on the couch, putting their hands on each side of his face. It was moist with sweat. “You’re okay, you’re safe now.”

Ryuji’s hands slowly made their way to s/o’s and he let them bring him into an embrace. S/o ran their fingers through his golden hair. “Talk to me,” they said softly.

“… It was about dad again. ‘Cept this time my knee was actin’ up, so I fell down and… couldn’t run anymore.” He shuddered slightly. “He… got me.”

S/o knew what that implied, and they tasted bile in their throat. “Do you always have these nightmares?”

They felt Ryuji shake his head. “Nah, not always. Maybe once every so often.” He wrapped his arms around them and squeezed. “Sorry to make you worry, babe.”

“Don’t worry about me,” they replied. “I’m… so sorry that you’ve suffered through so much. There’s nothing we can do about the past, but I want you to know that I’m here for you now. If you fall down, I’ll help you back up.”

“…what if I just end up draggin’ you down with me?” Ryuji’s voice had nearly dropped to a whisper.

“Then we’ll pick each other back up and face your darkness, together.” S/o held him tighter. “…You don’t need to run anymore.”

“Babe…” Ryuji’s voice trembled slightly. “…thank you.” The two quietly held each other; s/o continued playing with his soft locks and Ryuji sporadically kissed their shoulder.

“Let’s go to sleep,” s/o whispered, kissing Ryuji’s exposed neck. “I want to be in your dreams tonight.”

anonymous asked:

Can you do one with Ryuji meeting their S/O for the first time and the S/O being a sorta thuggish, intimidating person?

I smiled when I read this lol. Thank you so much for the request! Enjoy!!

It was a hot Sunday in Shibuya. The sun was ruthlessly beating down on the pavement, and people scattered like ants trying to secure a place indoors or in the shade. Ryuji scowled and swore as he was pushed about by frantic strangers.

“Hey! Watch where the hell you’re goin’!”

“Whoops! Uh, s-sorry, didn’t mean to step on your foot.”

He navigated his way through the treacherous maze and arrived at his destination. 

“Whew…” He sighed and shuffled his way into the arcade. Chatter and sound effects invaded his ears. He surveyed the area and his eyes landed on his favorite game. It seemed it was already occupied, and…

Wait a minute…

Ryuji approached the machine and frowned. The stranger that was ‘occupying’ it was just loitering, intrigued by their phone rather than the game. Their back was facing him, so he couldn’t get a good look, but was too irritated to be bothered by appearances.

“Hey…” he started, “just go home if you’re gonna stand around playin’ on your phone. There are others here too, ya know.”

The stranger turned to face him. “What do you want?” they asked aggressively.

Ryuji’s anger doubled from their nasty attitude. “You’re blockin’ the game.” He did his best to keep his voice level, but his patience was rapidly decreasing.

“And? I was here first, wait your turn.” 

That sassy, nonchalant tone in their voice really got on his nerves. “What?” he growled.

“Wait. Your. Turn.” Their voice was condescending as they said, “are you deaf as well as stupid?”

That’s it. Ryuji gritted his teeth and was only inches from them. “Get outta the way.”

A coy grin spread across the stranger’s face. “Make me.”

He had no idea why, but those two words painted a red hue on his cheeks. “H-huh?!”

They came closer. “Make. Me.”

Redness spread across his entire face now. He knew he wasn’t a match for this person. “Tch, whatever. I don’t got time to waste on you.” He trudged his way out of the arcade and down the street. He came to a halt and looked back at the arcade.

I wonder if that punk goes there a lot…