s 3b

  • Season 1: Who’s the alpha?
  • Season 2: Who’s the kanima?
  • Season 3a: Who’s the darach?
  • Season 3b: Who’s the nogitsune?
  • Season 4: Who’s the benefactor?
  • Season 5: Who’s the beast?
  • Season 6: Who’s Stiles?
Teen Wolf

Season 1: Who’s the alpha?
Season 2: Who’s the kanima?
Season 3a: Who’s the darach?
Season 3b: Who’s the nogitsune?
Season 4: Who’s the benefactor?
Season 5: Who’s still alive?
Season 6: Who’s stiles?


Dean’s never felt so scared in that moment. It was as if he’d been pulled back to hell. Seeing his baby brother hugging Scott, that fear and desperation- yet loss of all hope in those cinnamon eyes…But most of all they showed the innocence. It chilled him to the bone.

Yes, this was hell. 

Turning to Sam he saw tears well up. Dean knew he wasn’t alone in what he was feeling. Stiles has to stay alive. He just has to. 

"Stydia has a longer history"

Stydias like to use the argument “Stydia has a history” - or - “a longer history”. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

First thing, and I cannot stress this enough: Stiles’ creepy obsession with her since the third grade is NOT history. Stydias history began in Season 3a… actually I’ll be kind and say it began towards the end of Season 2. That’s when a friendship was starting to be built. Stalia’s interactions began in 3b: Stiles and his father driving her back to her fathers (when Stiles’ ability to read truly came back), then in Eichen where they bonded through traumatic experiences; not judging each other. Given Teen Wolf’s confusing timeline, that is a few weeks apart from each other.

Now let’s now factor in Season 4, which was all Stalia. And the introduction of Marrish. Now, in between Season 4 and Season 5 it was 8 months. That is 8 months of Lydia and Jordan spending all their free time with each other. Joking, flirting, smiling…

Stydia = Stiles’ creepy obsession; a few weeks - possibly a mouth of friendship. Stalia = weeks - possibly months of a RELATIONSHIP. Marrish = 8 months of connection (regardless of the Supernatural aspects; it was still them). And in those times spent together Lydia told him about Allison; Jordan showed her his insecurities.

“Stydia has the longer history” … Stydia has a few weeks of newly found friendship (in which Stiles yelled at her; gave her death glares; treated her like a fragile doll - something to be protected) over Stalia, who had weeks - months of a RELATIONSHIP. Over Marrish who showed their insecurities to each other; who genuinely respect one another.

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its almost like maybe they shouldn't have killed L off if she was so important they need to mention her constantly. They framed clarkes emotional arc in s3 around returning to leadership, and learning to integrate with grounders, all with lexa's help. So s4 rolls around and theres nothing for clarke's character to do but be empty inside and go through the motions to try and save her people. She's stagnated since 3b and it sucks because she was my fav, but now i struggle to connect with her.

she’s like a walking corpse full offense

Hook’s wants and desires have been the centerpiece of CS since at least 3B. It’s been all about what he wants, how much he wants her, how she’s his happy ending, how he wants to break down her walls so he can have her, how DO Emma wasn’t the Emma he wanted, how Emma had hurt him by making him a DO, etc. It’s all been about what Hook wants and how Emma can make those things happen.

Teen Wolf, a summary

season 1: who’s the alpha?
season 2: who’s the kanima?
season 3a: who’s the darach?
season 3b: who’s the nogitsune?
season 4: who’s the benefactor?
season 5a: who tf do u think you are jeff?
season 5b: who’s still alive?

It’s not you, it’s Smee: A 3B crack-canon divergence

So after a little chat with some lovely ladies, the silly idea was formed.

What if Killian had gone with Emma & Henry last minute, just before Pan’s curse hit?

Well, that would have been fantastic and many fics out there have proven just how awesome it would have been!

But then we wondered who could have came to find them?

My answer? SMEE!

Just imagine.

Typical morning in New York… breakfast as usual. 

Everything’s going great.

Then… a knock at the door!


He’s come with important information for the captain and the sheriff. 

A bird landed on the Jolly Roger while he was taking care of it, bringing news of them all being in danger.

But Emma’s having none of the crazy man’s ramblings and closes the door. 

Smee decides that his best course of action would be to wait to get the captain alone.

He finally catches him on his way to work… 

Killian can’t help but listen to the crazy man.. 

Will Smee get through to the cursed pirate? Or will he find himself in the brig before nightfall?

Because we know true love isn’t just romantic.. and Smee’s loyal to his captain…

“Bloody hell- you just kissed me?!”

“I’m sorry, captain. I thought you felt as I did.”

“Felt as you di- I don’t bloody know you! And stop calling me captain!”

Or Smee keeps thrusting an old plank of wood from the Jolly Roger in Killian’s face.

“Just- kiss the wood, sir.”

“I beg your pardon?!”

“Trust me. Just kiss it. Or touch it. It’ll all make sense once you do.”

“I think it’s time you left. You’re clearly in need of professional help.”

“But she’s your true love, captain!” 

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How i want Teen Wolf to end

So imagine this:
This villain of the last season is trying to kill the pack. Scott needs help so he calls everyone he knows. Like literally everyone. Jackson, Isaac, Derek, Cora, Ethan… Every episode people keep getting killed. It’s the final episode and it’s just Scott left.
He is attacked by the villain and out of nowhere Peter comes and saves Scott, sacrificing himself.
Scott runs up to him and tries to help, but Peter keeps repeating “it wasn’t me”. Scott asks him what he’s talking about and Peter tells him that he wasn’t the one who bit him that night. He pretended that it was him only to get Scott to think that he’s his Beta. He dies before he can say who it was.
Scott, all alone, decides to go back to that night and find out who gave him “the bite” (like he, Allison and Stiles did in 3B) he’s furious, sad and he can barely control himself, trying not to “wolf out” every second. He goes back to that night and sees Allison, Stiles.. Seeing them is too much for him he can’t control himself anymore. He sees a boy. Scott wants to kill him so bad, he’s so mad, he doesn’t have anyone left, nothing matters anymore. He becomes so strong he breaks the barrier between the present and the past.

He bites Scott.
The same story keeps repeating itself.
Teen Wolf never ends.

This beautifully haunting track comprises several parts:

Part 1: Judy’s theme (0:00 - 3:05)
This itself has several sub-parts:

  • 1a. Judy’s sad theme (0:00 - 1:29), then a flute quickly rising in pitch heralded the next sub-part:
  • 1b. Judy’s majestic theme (1:36 - 2:25)
  • 1c. Judy’s sad theme again (2:27 - 3:05)

Part 2: Zootopia City theme (3:05 - 4:38)
This part is the part that sounded really like “world music”, hence, the name.

Part 3: Nick’s theme (4:38 - 6:33)
This part has several sub-parts:

  • 3a. Nick’s playful / hustling theme (4:38 - 5:52)
  • 3b. Nick’s poignant / majestic theme (5:52 - 6:33)

Part 4: Back to Judy’s theme (6:33 - 7:32)
This is very similar to Part 1c above, i.e., Judy’s sad theme.


Dark Moon Heroism

Many people have said that I only talk about other characters (which isn’t true) and I never talk about what makes Scott McCall a hero (which isn’t true).   People were also outraged that I suggested that Scott’s and Derek’s improved relationship in 3B and 4 was well established.  The show obviously thinks that it established this relationship.

So here is an example from The Dark Moon which I watched today.   Specifically, the flashback in the episode to the meeting between Scott, Stiles, and Lydia in Deaton’s office.

It is Scott who discovered that Derek was missing.   He was the one communicating with Derek.

Stiles: So long has it been?
Scott:  A week. He hasn’t gotten back to any of my texts.  

It is Scott who went to the loft and discovered the Calavera’s shells.  

Scott: So I went to the loft, the alarm was on, and everything looked okay, but then I found these.

It is Scott who brought Lydia and Stiles together to investigate.  

Stiles: You don’t think they killed him, do you?  
Scott: I don’t know … (Looks at Lydia) That’s why you’re here.

It is Scott who determines that the pack is going to Mexico to rescue Derek.

Stiles: So if the Calaveras have him, how do we find him?
Scott: Mexico.

I’m not sure what people want an alpha to do more than that?   He recognizes one of his pack (even though people have convinced me that Derek is not his beta, I think it is clear he is pack) is in danger and he mobilizes resources to find and rescue him.   He takes the lead and makes the decisions, without relying only on himself.  

Of course, Stiles and Lydia help, but I never said that Scott does everything by himself. That’s what pack is for.  And that’s not even the most heroic thing Scott does that episode.