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Why is everything about C$ so EXPLICITLY transactional?

So I was going to write a late-night drunken rant about how incredibly obnoxious Killy was in the 4.1 script (that is floating around thanks to a CS fan so obviously I don’t want to add it to their post) but as I was drafting it, it struck me again how many moments in their relationship are portrayed as, very specifically and explicitly, onscreen, transactions.

Their first kiss: Killy literally asks for it as payment thanks for saving Emma’s father’s life. 

They start dating: Because, as Emma says onscreen, “You gave up your ship for me?” This after an entire season in which her response to him has been, in JMo’s word, “shunning” him. (Yes, JMo also says that in 3B that’s because Emma is afraid of falling for him–but frankly, onscreen her response to him is lukewarm at best. In the entire season before the finale there was maybe four times when she displays any concern for or attraction to him at all.) But knowing he traded his ship FOR HER sends her into his arms. Explicitly paying him back.

They get engaged: And Killy asks for Emma’s hand in direct response to Charming asking how he can ever repay him.

 Why? Why? WHY??? Is this theme repeated over and over for them?

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I always imagine teen wolf if it were office politics. TP would be middle management who you can't say anything around bc he'd run and tell the senior management JD. DOB is the star performer who always meets their goal/quota who can pretty much get away with anything, bc what are they going to do fire him? They know he can get a better job elsewhere. HR's been working there for a long time & knows everyone's job. So, she just knew when CR left, she'd get a promotion, but bc she don't (1 of 2)

(2 of 2) have a degree they higher SH fresh out of college to get the position. And to add insult to injury, HR has to train her superior to do her job. I always thing that if TW was an office, this was probably how it would have felt like during S 3b/S4 transition. A lot just happened CR left, DOB started to rise, TP & HR probably felt a sense of displacement for whatever reason. And TH just rolled out. I haven’t placed him in the my office politics. CH had to leave b4 the rat race took over.

Why is this so accurate lmao?

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I love that TVGuide article. A remember how pumped critics were about Bae's performance on season 3b. He was so on point and clearly outperform everyone on that season. Hoech was good in his scene where he's possessed and trying to burn Chris.

He started strong, but went out like that flame, lol.  I remember being like “almost…. almost… ALMO- OHHHHH!!”  Lol.  

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How would you rank the seasons best for CS?

Let’s see … 

  • 3B is my favorite … all that sexual tension and him being there for her
  • 5A … so. much. love. for. each. other.
  • 2A … I loved their beginning and the flirtation
  • 3A … first kiss, his declaration to win her heart, her starting to have feelings 
  • 4A … first date, the two of them getting closer
  • 2B (well, really just 2x22 when they have that moment in the diner, technically this one should be last because they barely interact but …)
  • 6A … moving in, the two of them working to protect each other
  • 5B … Underworld fighting, him returning to her
  • 4B … him being supportive and helping her as she’s tested by darkness
  • 6B … despite proposals and and a wedding, this half season let me down

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And I think every character was pretty awful in the first season or two/ yeah I guess, though it's strange but whenever I think about why I don't like Lydia there is this small scene that sticks out to me in season 3b, she's meant to be a good character then or generally nice person but I got so turned of by this one scene, where she meets Kira for the first time. Lydia says in this really judging voice "And who are you?" It just sounded so nasty to me. She may have reminded me a bit of my 1

A bit of my bullies just in season ½ but I think that’s when I decided I was never going to like Lydia. She just sounded so judging and rude yet… she didn’t even know Kira. So whenever she’s nice I remember that scene and I could never be friends with someone who acts like that to strangers. Not a lot of people noticed her behaviour in that scene but it stuck out to me so much. 2

Haha she actually says, “and what do they call you?” which, in my opinion, is even bitchier. 

But I think people struggle with remembering that what the audience knows is rarely ever the same as what the characters know. When Kira interrupts them at lunch, we’ve already met her. We already know that she’s an awkward girl who was embarrassed by her father and who struggles to make friends. So not only are we not surprised that she would just butt into their conversation, but we get defensive of her when Lydia makes this comment because we see it as Lydia being rude to a shy, awkward, social outcast new girl. 

However, as you said, Lydia does not know her. 

Lydia has no fucking idea who Kira is at that point. She doesn’t know that she’s awkward, that she doesn’t fit in, and doesn’t even necessarily know that she’s new. All Lydia knows in that moment is that Kira was eavesdropping on a conversation that she then inserted herself into and she has a suspicious amount of knowledge that may be pertinent to the supernatural fuckery they are currently dealing with. I mean, Lydia was nearly killed by her best friend less than 24 hours before this, they all know they reset the supernatural button on Beacon Hills that turns it into a literal beacon, and in waltzes this girl who was listening in on their conversation before injecting herself in it and she might have information that is key to the unknown supernatural mess they are in? That’s some sketchy shit. 

I get what you’re saying about your own personal experience, but I just don’t think it really translates to a show about the supernatural where the stakes are life and death. If these characters existed in our own reality, then sure, Lydia is a bitch for no reason, but the fact is that they don’t. And if we hadn’t been introduced to Kira before that scene, the whole audience would have been like, ‘all right, this bitch is the villain.’ 

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They're trying so hard to fit this new hellhound into existing canon but how they're explaining it is what makes it all fall apart. If he escaped when the DD's broke into EH, why was he the only one that escaped? And where has he been for the past 8-9 months? If that's not the case, hellhounds can go through mountain ash so he could always leave EH. Why didn't he have a connection to Parrish and Lydia and the beast AND the Nazi Alpha? His story falls apart so easily lmao

They haven’t been able to explain a single new character’s presence since 3b, this ain’t new haha