s 120

can you guys believe it’s official we’re fucked, trapped, living in a fucking dictatorship?

can you guys believe it’s been more than 120 days of protest with more than 120 deaths and thousands of imprisioned and yet the goverment it’s still fucking dancing over the corpse of our democracy? 

can you guys believe my people made their opinion clear, that we did NOT wanted that fucking bullshit called Constituyente bc it’s all lies and corruption and yet these fuckers went on with that shit bc they just couldn’t have enough with taking all the money and having all the power? 


Golden Days

So in the case of TOA’s timeline, Ford would be roughly in his late 80′s early 90′s by the time Addi was physically in her 50′s. If they were together, there would actually be quite a bit of time where Addi would be a widow. And now I’m thinking about the depressing fact that in TOA canon Addi will be well into her 120′s by the time she passes away, meaning that all of her friends from the good ole days, including Stan in this, would be gone for quite awhile. At least she’d have her newer friends around.

wanna one in costco
  • daniel: normal shopper that goes in with a game plan, but comes out buying too many fruits and a huge box of christmas lights, "idk... it felt like a good decision in the moment", cannot make eye contact with staff out of sheer awkwardness
  • jihoon: kid that's silently fillin' up his parents' shopping cart with an unnecessary amount of snacks, "jihoon you don't need that box of 160 fruit gummies", they can't say no to him so they buy it anyways
  • daehwi: kid walkin' around costco and snatching all the food samples, whines to his mom for a bulk of frozen dino nuggets bc he NEEDS them, "my life depends on it, mom please", leaves all fussy bc she bought healthy chicken breast instead
  • jaehwan: poor boi that works in customer service, "no ma'am you can't return a used or damaged playground set", wishes he applied to work at chick-fil-a instead, probably lost title of employee of the month to seongwoo
  • seongwoo: workin' the cash registers, shoppers love him bc he makes friendly conversation and convinces them to invest in the pricier executive membership, "'s just $120 a year, practically the same as a gold star membership(only $60) and with great benefits(not much really)"
  • woojin: abandoned in the electronics section, but that's fine with him bc he's watchin' ice age on all the tvs, doesn't even notice that his family is prepared to leave without him until he sees them cashing in from the corner of his eye
  • guanlin: kid that you see wanderin' through the wine section n' lookin' at bottles, his fam is shopping for fruits and tbh he'd rather read wine labels than help pick out the best brand of tangerines, "who names a wine 'smoking parrot'?"
  • jisung: tbh probably just goes to costco for a quick lunch, always buys the pizza and chocolate-vanilla ice cream bc the hot dogs are disgusting and are the actual spawn of satan, buys himself a bulk of coconut water just bc he can
  • minhyun: gives out samples, the hair net makes him feel like an ol' lady, moms love him for some reason but that's okay bc he convinces them to buy a huge bag of off brand cheetos for $13 in exchange for a kind n' boyfriend-esque smile
  • jinyoung: kid who gets lost in costco (help this poor child), waits around by the dairy and baby essentials sections for a solid 20min before running around in a panic to find his family, they were only one aisle down, pretends he didn't cry
  • sungwoon: just bought himself an executive membership (thanks seongwoo),goes wild on spending for more "benefits", probably the one to buy those huge boxes of frozen dumplings and noodles to "stock up" but finishes them all in a week



** Synopsis: By analyzing the gas motion of an extraordinarily fast-moving cosmic cloud in a corner of the Milky Way, astronomers found hints of a wandering black hole hidden in the cloud. This result marks the beginning of the search for quiet black holes; millions of such objects are expected to be floating in the Milky Way although only dozens have been found to date. **

It is difficult to find black holes, because they are completely black. In some cases black holes cause effects which can be seen. For example if a black hole has a companion star, gas streaming into the black hole piles up around it and forms a disk. The disk heats up due to the enormous gravitational pull by the black hole and emits intense radiation. But if a black hole is floating alone in space, no emissions would be observable coming from it.

A research team led by Masaya Yamada, a graduate student at Keio University, Japan, and Tomoharu Oka, a professor at Keio University, used the ASTE Telescope in Chile and the 45-meter Radio Telescope at Nobeyama Radio Observatory, both operated by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, to observe molecular clouds around the supernova remnant W44, located 10,000 light-years away from us. Their primary goal was to examine how much energy was transferred from the supernova explosion to the surrounding molecular gas, but they happened to find signs of a hidden black hole at the edge of W44.

During the survey, the team found a compact molecular cloud with enigmatic motion. This cloud, named the “Bullet,” has a speed of more than 100 km/s, which exceeds the speed of sound in interstellar space by more than two orders of magnitude. In addition, this cloud, with the size of two light-years, moves backward against the rotation of the Milky Way Galaxy.

To investigate the origin of the Bullet, the team performed intensive observations of the gas cloud with ASTE and the Nobeyama 45-m Radio Telescope. The data indicate that the Bullet seems to jump out from the edge of the W44 supernova remnant with immense kinetic energy. “Most of the Bullet has an expanding motion with a speed of 50 km/s, but the tip of the Bullet has a speed of 120 km/s,” said Yamada. “Its kinetic energy is a few tens of times larger than that injected by the W44 supernova. It seems impossible to generate such an energetic cloud under ordinary environments.”

The team proposed two scenarios for the formation of the Bullet. In both cases, a dark and compact gravity source, possibly a black hole, has an important role. One scenario is the “explosion model” in which an expanding gas shell of the supernova remnant passes by a static black hole. The black hole pulls the gas very close to it, giving rise to an explosion, which accelerates the gas toward us after the gas shell has passed the black hole. In this case, the astronomers estimated that the mass of the black hole would be 3.5 times the solar mass or larger. The other scenario is the “irruption model” in which a high speed black hole storms through a dense gas and the gas is dragged along by the strong gravity of the black hole to form a gas stream. In this case, researchers estimated the mass of the black hole would be 36 times the solar mass or larger. With the present dataset, it is difficult for the team to distinguish which scenario is more likely.

Theoretical studies have predicted that 100 million to 1 billion black holes should exist in the Milky Way, although only 60 or so have been identified through observations to date. “We found a new way of discovering stray black holes,” said Oka. The team expects to disentangle the two possible scenarios and find more solid evidence for a black hole in the Bullet with higher resolution observations using a radio interferometer, such as the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA).


Fat girl can’t do what? Revisited.

For this lovely FatAttack 2015 I’ve decided to revisit this often trolled image along side some more recent shots. It’s funny how so many people think being bigger will limit your abilities to dance or your very ability to be flexible. What isn’t funny is how doing the things I do are often lauded in people who happen to be thin, but declared disgusting and unhealthy when I do them. These are the same people who are so blinded by their fat phobia that they see things like this, but still declare that I’m so fat I can’t walk across a room without getting winded or even wipe my own ass. I can literally lift my leg above my head, but my ass is so far out in orbit I can’t possibly reach it. They read that I had heart issues in the past and declare that it’s atherosclerosis. Too bad that’s not what happened. (It was Dysautonomia, if anyone actually cares. Structurally my heart is perfect and my arteries clear. Imagine that.) They tell me I’m diabetic. Nope, A1C under 5 every time. Blood pressure? 120′s/80′s. If it’s not running low. (thanks again, Dysautonomia). It’s always the same things over and over and over again. They’d love it if I fit into their narrow minded narratives, but I don’t. Yes I’ve lost weight, but since I’m still fat I’m still killing myself and the message I’m attempting to spread is unhealthy. Of course. All this to “encourage health” I’m sure, right?  

What they really mean is ‘Stop being so visible.’

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for fools like that. They can sit in the dark attempting to make others as miserable as they are, I will still dance. I encourage you to do the same. It doesn’t have to be dance, it be can anything that makes you happy. Shine. Share it with others. Remember that representation matters, and that you have the power to represent. I never in a million years imagined that I might be the one to encourage and inspire others to get out there, love themselves and do the things that make them happy. It’s a point of pride for me, and an immense source of joy as well. Try it. See how good it feels when you not only get out there, but put yourself out there for others to see. There may be haters, but they are so easily drowned out by the love and support of others who want to see you succeed. Your body is just that- you body. Fat is not evil, greedy, ugly, slow, lazy or any other thing it’s become associated with, no matter how many people try to tell you otherwise. Shut them out. Find the joy in loving yourself. Dance in any and every way possible. And don’t forget to fly.

I never thought it would happen, but I made it into the 120’s! 128 actually! I’m SO very close to my goal and it’s exciting.
And I’m really, really tightening and toning from all the weight training! Plus getting stronger week by week feels pretty badass. 😊

I have two more weeks of the training program but I really want to continue with this gym and just get a lot stronger. Having trainers guide me through everything has really helped me in every way possible!