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The Cost of D&D

To say this game is meant to be accessible to everyone and require no more than dice, pen and paper, to do it properly is incredibly expensive!
I’m gonna be honest and not pretend that I haven’t been using a dodgy copy of the Players handbook, DM guide, etc for years, but today I decided to invest and actually buy the genuine articles (finally, a semi local shop that sells such things!)

The three core books (players, DM, monsters) set me back £120!!! That’s like $155! I was also planning on buying some official WotC miniatures but they were crazily expensive! No chance.

They are books of exquisite beauty but still… Ouch my wallet.



** Synopsis: By analyzing the gas motion of an extraordinarily fast-moving cosmic cloud in a corner of the Milky Way, astronomers found hints of a wandering black hole hidden in the cloud. This result marks the beginning of the search for quiet black holes; millions of such objects are expected to be floating in the Milky Way although only dozens have been found to date. **

It is difficult to find black holes, because they are completely black. In some cases black holes cause effects which can be seen. For example if a black hole has a companion star, gas streaming into the black hole piles up around it and forms a disk. The disk heats up due to the enormous gravitational pull by the black hole and emits intense radiation. But if a black hole is floating alone in space, no emissions would be observable coming from it.

A research team led by Masaya Yamada, a graduate student at Keio University, Japan, and Tomoharu Oka, a professor at Keio University, used the ASTE Telescope in Chile and the 45-meter Radio Telescope at Nobeyama Radio Observatory, both operated by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, to observe molecular clouds around the supernova remnant W44, located 10,000 light-years away from us. Their primary goal was to examine how much energy was transferred from the supernova explosion to the surrounding molecular gas, but they happened to find signs of a hidden black hole at the edge of W44.

During the survey, the team found a compact molecular cloud with enigmatic motion. This cloud, named the “Bullet,” has a speed of more than 100 km/s, which exceeds the speed of sound in interstellar space by more than two orders of magnitude. In addition, this cloud, with the size of two light-years, moves backward against the rotation of the Milky Way Galaxy.

To investigate the origin of the Bullet, the team performed intensive observations of the gas cloud with ASTE and the Nobeyama 45-m Radio Telescope. The data indicate that the Bullet seems to jump out from the edge of the W44 supernova remnant with immense kinetic energy. “Most of the Bullet has an expanding motion with a speed of 50 km/s, but the tip of the Bullet has a speed of 120 km/s,” said Yamada. “Its kinetic energy is a few tens of times larger than that injected by the W44 supernova. It seems impossible to generate such an energetic cloud under ordinary environments.”

The team proposed two scenarios for the formation of the Bullet. In both cases, a dark and compact gravity source, possibly a black hole, has an important role. One scenario is the “explosion model” in which an expanding gas shell of the supernova remnant passes by a static black hole. The black hole pulls the gas very close to it, giving rise to an explosion, which accelerates the gas toward us after the gas shell has passed the black hole. In this case, the astronomers estimated that the mass of the black hole would be 3.5 times the solar mass or larger. The other scenario is the “irruption model” in which a high speed black hole storms through a dense gas and the gas is dragged along by the strong gravity of the black hole to form a gas stream. In this case, researchers estimated the mass of the black hole would be 36 times the solar mass or larger. With the present dataset, it is difficult for the team to distinguish which scenario is more likely.

Theoretical studies have predicted that 100 million to 1 billion black holes should exist in the Milky Way, although only 60 or so have been identified through observations to date. “We found a new way of discovering stray black holes,” said Oka. The team expects to disentangle the two possible scenarios and find more solid evidence for a black hole in the Bullet with higher resolution observations using a radio interferometer, such as the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA).

WHATS UP GAMEERS i was thinking about Pearl Running from Kurain to L.A. (According to Phoenix, a 3 hour train ride) and i did math (shocking, I know) and i realized something very scary

so! we’re going to be using L.A. to San Diego becuase its almost exactly 3 hours by train. so, L.A. and S.D. are 120 miles apart. according to google Earth, it’s a FOURTY ONE hour walk. Now, let’s assume Pearl leaves Kurain right after the final timestamp in the investigation of that case 6:30 pm. (Please note- as day 1 investigation has no time stamps, I am using day 2 investigations times. they are most likely basically identical, as we know the case timestamps form the next day are) The next time we see her is at just before 10am. This gives her around fifteen and a half hours to run from Kurain to L.A. (and this sin’t even counting… how she found it? did she run along the tracks and then ask someone at Amtrack or what??) 

This would make her average running speed, with NO BREAKS about 8.5 mph which is pretty reasonable except that is she ran for 14 hours straight she’d definetly collapse? a well paced walk of this is supposed to be 42 hours, and she ran it in 14. Basically what I’m saying is that Pearl fey has the legs and stamina of a professional track runner x10000 and should go into trakc when she’s older. also that I love her.

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117 & 120 plz

117 ~ “Can I do your hair?” 
120 ~ “He’s pampering me, let him be.” 
Note ~ I think these are starting to get worse and worse as the night goes on. But it’s currently 11:59, so this might be my last one for today. Hope you like it anyway! :D 

“This is boring, can I do my hair?” Shawn flopped onto the sofa behind me. Que grunted in annoyance, like every time Shawn made any sound ever.

“Sure.” I agreed half distracted by the game of Mario Kart on TV. We had been playing for two hours straight and I have yet to beat Que, because apparently she had a special talent when it came to this game.

Shawn let out a small cheer. He shuffled around a bit, finally settling with me between his legs. His fingers instantly found my hair, combing through the messy strands, brushing out all the knots and kinks.

“He’s going to tie your hair in a knot.” Que joked as we waited for the next game to load. I felt Shawn stiffen behind me and I knew he was biting his tongue, not wanting to fight back. And while I was grateful that he was trying to be nicer, I sometimes missed the constant banter between the two.

“He’s pampering me, let him be.” I shot back.

Shawn bursted out laughing when Que’s mouth fell open, her hands raising in surrender, “Well then.”

I found it really hard to keep my eyes open throughout the next game as Shawn tugged and pulled sections of my hair into what I guess was a braid. Every now and again, he would lightly scratch at my scalp, and I would give a content sigh making Que laugh.

I didn’t win the next game, or the game after that, or the game after that one. By the fourth game Shawn had finished whatever he was doing to my hair.

“Can I have your hair tie?” Shawn asked, knowing I always kept one around my wrist. Still focused on the game, I stuck my hand out in his general direction. He quickly pulled the elastic off my wrist and tied it around my hair.

“Oh my god, that’s actually amazing.” I barely registered what Que was saying. All I was thinking about was the game as I ran through another power block. I chuckled silently to myself as the blue shell of pure evil appeared. She didn’t even seem to be paying attention as she got hit, allowing me to overtake her into first place.

Que’s attention shot back to the game as I passed the finishing line, cheering as I finally defeated her after countless games. I stuck my tongue out at her, but all she did was roll her eyes and throw the control to the other side of the sofa. Well, someone’s not a happy bunny.

“Okay, but seriously, look at this.” Que passed, threw, her phone to me. She must have taken the photo while I was finishing the game; Shawn had styled most of my hair multi-strand side braid, leaving some of the shorter pieces around my face, giving it a messy look. But I had to agree, it looked bloody fantastic.

“When did you learn to do this?” I asked him.

“Aaliyah watches a lot of hair tutorial videos. Sometimes when I’m really bored, I’ll sit and watch them with her, then try and copy some of the styles on her.” He shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal.

“If this whole music thing doesn’t work out for ya, at least we know you could have a career in hair.” Que commented. I handed the phone back and she started typing away, most likely posting the photo on Instagram.

“Did I just hear you compliment me? For the second time in a year!” Shawn joked, slapping his hand over his heart for emphasis, “Are you okay? Did you hit your head?”

Que rolled her eyes. Picking up the pillow, she threw it at Shawn, smacking him square in the face, “Yeah, yeah. Don’t get used to it.”

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I don't know if you've already answered this, so, sorry if you have, but how much do you think you'll be selling the zine for? I'm trying to decide what I should buy since I can only afford one thing *sobs*

The zine seems like it’s going to come out as $20! Mostly because it’s 120 pages of bonafide crack content LOL that’s basically like a mini novel now that I think of it

But if you can’t afford it, I will also be uploading it as a PDF for $5 on gumroad when everything’s shipped out!

I just started sobbing bc I saw a Humans of New York post about a woman originally from Venezuela who had to leave to try to make money to send food back to her daughter

she was selling keychains on the street when Brandon (the HONY photographer) talked to her and got her story

he started a fundraiser for her, from which all the donations will go directly to her

it’s raised $120,000 in 2 days

people are so fucking good sometimes