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Rick Ross says he won’t sign women rappers because he’s afraid he’ll sleep with them

  • Rick Ross aka Mr. “Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it” was recently asked by Angela Yee on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club why he hasn’t signed any female rappers. His response:
    • You know, I never did it because I always thought, like, I would end up fucking a female rapper and fucking the business up. … I’m so focused on my business. I gotta be honest with you. You know, she looking good. I’m spending so much money on her photo shoots. I gotta fuck her couple times.
  • Ross inadvertently spoke to a much larger dynamic that has hurt women rappers trying to make it in the industry: They are routinely sexualized and judged on their appearance, rather than their rap abilities.
  • It’s easy to dismiss Ross’ comments as a joke, but as Brooklyn-based emcee Nitty Scott said in an email, ignoring Ross isn’t good enough because he is “quite literally articulating and embodying the dominant mentality being imposed on female artists regularly.” Read more (7/26/17)

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Lil Duval joked about murdering trans women on ‘The Breakfast Club.’ They should have pushed back

  • For Duval — a stand-up comedian who was a finalist on BET’s comedy competition Coming to the Stage and has made regular appearances on MTV2 shows such as Guy Code and Ain’t That America — this feat was accomplished during his latest appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club on Friday. During that stint, he joked about murdering transgenderwomen — a reality that is far from funny.
  • Host Charlamagne tha God first asked Duval about Donald Trump’s decision to ban trans men and women from serving in the military. Duval said, “Man, don’t be asking me nothing like that,” then shouted out his “gay ass sister” and proceeded to use the slur “tranny.” He was corrected by the laughing show hosts.
  • Then DJ Envy posed a hypothetical question to Duval: if a woman he was dating and sleeping with disclosed that she’s trans four months into their relationship, what would we he do?
  • In response, Duval said, “This might sound messed up and I don’t care. She dying. I can’t deal with that.” Charlamagne tha God noted quickly, “That’s a hate crime. You can’t do that.” Read More (8/1/31)

IDF M50/M51 Super Sherman

An Israeli modernizartion and modification to the WWII vintage M4 Sherman, the M50 and M51 Super Sherman served with the IDF from the mid-1950s up until the 1980s.

The M50 (bottom) was the result of the Israelis deciding while they liked the French AMX-13, they liked its high-power 75mm CN 75-50 gun even more. While the Israelis did eventually purchase some AMX-13s, in a parallel development, it was decided to graft the powerful French gun onto the available, familiar and better-armored hull of the M4 Sherman, then the standard tank of the IDF armored units in the early 1950.

The M51 (top) was an even more powerful version of the M50. Developed in the 1960s, 180 Sherman tanks received the amazing French 105 mm Modèle F1 gun. The barrel length of the gun was reduced from 56 caliber to 44 and equipped with a muzzle brake; ammunition was altered to use a smaller cartridge. M4A1 hulls and the larger T23 turrets (from 76 mm armed Shermans) were used for the conversion.

In combat against the Arab armies, the M-51 proved itself capable of fighting newer, heavier tanks like the Soviet-built T-54/55/T-62. The M-51’s 105 mm gun could penetrate these adversaries using HEAT ammunition. The M-51 served well during its time, and is regarded as an excellent example of how an obsolete tank (the Sherman) can be upgraded beyond the limits of its original capabilities.

By the 1980s the Super Shermans had been replaced by Centurions, though around 75 were gifted to the Israeli-backed Lebanese Christian militias during the Lebanon War.

K.Flay is easily one of my favorite artists to come out of San Francisco Bay. Even though she went to Stanford, which is Cal’s rival, I’m not mad. Her brand of gritty hip hop and electronic pop has delighted my ears far too much for me to complain. One of my favorite tracks off her album Life As A Dog (which I contributed to via crowd funding) is Can’t Sleep. I also love the Vanic remix of the tune. K.flay’s new video for Can’t Sleep begs a requisite re-share of Can’t Sleep. I can’t wait to catch K.Flay live again for the, umm, umpteenth time, at LIve 105′s BFD come early June.

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hey guys

okay so no photos going up today as you probably noticed already i have some to edit and haven’t had time and today i am driving up to my hometown

my great grandma is in the hospital and is unresponsive so we know it’s time. she’s 105 and lived a great life but it’s still gonna be hard to say goodbye so i’ll edit photos and post them when i have time but i’m not sure when it’ll be

just wanted to let you babes know :)

Bishop Briggs’ passionate and fiery music has propelled her to the top tier of my artists to watch list this year, and there’s no doubt in my mind that she’s a personal favorite, too. I was elated when she made her television debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon a few short weeks ago, and I was spellbound by her powerful voice and magnificent stage presence at Live 105’s BFD earlier this summer. The Los Angeles based rising star released a new track on Friday, adding to her collection of stupendous tunes with Pray (Empty Gun). Unlike The Way I Do, Wild Horses, and River, Pray is a far more electronic offering, showing us a somewhat different side of this immensely talented artist. In fact, Pray (Empty Gun) is a slow whomping, steady marching trap pop ballad. Despite reining in some of the bombastic energy and reeling fervor we’ve grown accustomed to, Bishop Briggs still exudes ardent intensity on the taut gripping, grandly shimmering tune. Pray (Empty Gun) is available now from iTunes.

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Scholar Drawing Prompts!

Turtle Mod: No, this isn’t a challenge or anything, just something for fun!  We’re glad you liked the last one!  Hard work was put into it!  Enjoy!

Toad Mod: Please tag us in your work!  We would love to see all of your creative responses!

1. Draw your scholar in casual clothes.

2. Draw your scholar wearing something they wouldn’t wear ever.

3. Draw your scholar with their favorite animal.

4. Draw your scholar in formal clothes.

5. Draw your scholar in pajamas.

6. Draw your scholar in a onesie.

7. Draw your scholar crying.

8. Draw your scholar laughing.

9. Draw your scholar angry.

10. Draw your scholar as a mermaid/merman.

11. Draw your scholar as a demon.

12. Draw your scholar as an angel.

13. Draw your scholar as a vampire.

14. Draw your scholar as a werewolf.

15. Draw your scholar as a fairy.

16. Draw your scholar as a child.

17. Draw your scholar’s family. (adoptive/biological)

18. Draw your scholar cosplaying.

19. Draw your scholar sleeping.

20. Draw your scholar having a sleepover with their friends/crush.

21. Draw your scholar doing something they love.

22. Draw your scholar doing something they hate.

23. Draw your scholar as how they would look when they’re older.

24. Draw your scholar with Karolina.

25. Draw your scholar with Neha.

26. Draw your scholar with Ellie.

27. Draw your scholar with Claire.

28. Draw your scholar with Raquel.

29. Draw your scholar someone else’s scholar. (Toad Mod: I WANT SCHOLAR FRIENDS!!)

30. Draw your scholar with Tadashi.

31. Draw your scholar with Alistair.

32. Draw your scholar with Tegan.

33. Draw your scholar with Tyler.

34. Draw your scholar with Axel.

35. Draw your scholar if their personality was the exact opposite.

36. Draw your scholar with their favorite possession.

37. Draw your scholar in their favorite outfit.

38. Draw your scholar’s dorm room/room.

39. Draw your scholar trick-or-treating with their friends/crush.

40. Draw your scholar celebrating Christmas with their friends/crush.

41. Draw your scholar celebrating New Year’s with their friends/crush.

42. Draw your scholar dancing.

43. Draw your scholar riding a bike. (Toad Mod: I specifically request for them to ride a bike for number 43 because I like that number and bike riding)

44. Draw your scholar at an Arlington sport’s game. (football, basketball, etc.)

45. Draw your scholar and their crush hugging.

46. Draw your scholar and their crush cuddling.

47. Draw your scholar and their crush kissing.

48. Draw your scholar with something they fear. (spiders, the dark, etc.)

49. Draw your scholar eating something.

50. Draw your scholar drinking something.

51. Draw your scholar studying.

52. Draw your scholar dancing with their crush. (silly, ballroom, cute, intimate, etc.)

53. Draw your scholar exercising.

54. Draw your scholar in class.

55. Draw your scholar at lunch.

56. Draw your scholar getting ready in the morning.

57. Draw your scholar getting ready for bed.

58. Draw your scholar in your favorite AU.

59. Draw your scholar at the beach.

60. Draw your scholar hiking.

61. Draw your scholar camping.

62. Draw your scholar volunteering.

63. Draw your scholar taking care of themselves.

64. Draw your scholar taking care of someone else.

65. Draw your scholar’s genderbend.

66. Draw your scholar holding hands with their crush.

67. Draw your scholar playing sims. (Toad Mod: DRAW THEIR SIM FAMILIES!)

68. Draw your scholar in a flower crown.

69. Draw your scholar riding a dragon. (Toad Mod: I LOVE DRAGONS!!!!)

70. Draw your scholar riding a unicorn or pegasus.

71. Draw your scholar visiting a foreign country.

72. Draw your scholar in the rain.

73. Draw your scholar in the snow.

74. Draw your scholar while they are sick.

75. Draw your scholar doing something that you enjoy personally.

76. Draw your scholar playing/attempting to play an instrument.

77. Draw your scholar playing video games.

78. Draw your scholar watching their favorite show.

79. Draw your scholar baking.

80. Draw your scholar cooking.

81. Draw your scholar shopping.

82. Draw your scholar at a party.

83. Draw your scholar celebrating their birthday.

84. Draw your scholar celebrating their friends’ birthday.

85. Draw your scholar celebrating their crush’s birthday.

86. Draw your scholar in a swimsuit.

87. Draw your scholar playing/attempting to play a sport.

88. Draw your scholar as a superhero.

89. Draw your scholar with animal parts. (horns, ears, a tail, etc.)

90. Draw your scholar playing with makeup.

91. Draw your scholar imitating someone. (a parent, friend, etc.)

92. Draw a meme of your scholar.

93. Draw your scholar on a picnic with their crush. (Toad Mod: I’m a sucker for picnic dates, but I’ve never been on one.)

94. Draw your scholar in heels. (Turtle Mod: You too boys.)

95. Draw your scholar drawing.

96. Draw your scholar writing.

97. Draw your scholar cleaning.

98. Draw your scholar injured. (Turtle Mod: Severity of the injury is up to you!)

99. Draw your scholar on a magazine cover.

100. Draw your scholar singing.

101. Draw your scholar on a date.

102. Draw your scholar at their favorite place.

103. Draw your scholar with different hair styles/colors.

104. Draw your scholar with a tattoo(s).

105. Draw your scholar with a scar(s).

106. Draw what your scholar carries in their backpack.

107. Draw your scholar relaxing with their friends/crush.

108. Draw your scholar as royalty.

109. Draw your scholar in a wedding gown/suit.

110. Draw your scholar’s future family/kids. (Turtle Mod: Whether they marry their crush or not and whether they adopt or not is up to you as well!)


(via Farewell Outing | CTA freight motors S-104 and S-105 pose on… | Flickr)

Caption: CTA freight motors S-104 and S-105 pose on the old North Shore freight lead behind Skokie Shop in April 1978. This was a farewell ‘Fantrip’ before they were sold to Toledo Edison.”

Skokie, Illinois

April 1978

Photo by Lou Gerard

anonymous asked:

So 85 is a good temperature for ball pythons. I absolutely agree. What should I do if it's 105 outside and 95 in my apartment and a steady 88 in my ball python's tub? We talk a lot about heating mechanisms, but not a lot about cooling. It's hard to maintain a gradient when a thermostat on my UTH is all I know in terms of temperature regulation. I once read that bps will get in their water dish if they're too hot, too. Thoughts on all of this?

There is no “ideal” temperature for ball pythons… that was what that entire ask was about. They require a heat gradient from 78-85 degrees. No one talks about cooling because there is no cooling apparatus for terrariums and no good long term or cheap fix. The best you can do is purchase a portable a/c unit to cool the room the snake is kept in. If the heat is short term (less than a few weeks) you can place a frozen water bottle in the enclosure every few hours, every day (how ever long it takes to melt) to help the snake thermoregulate. ball pythons should not have to soak in their waterbowls to find relief. they are not aquatic animals and would not naturally find bodies of water to sit in for extended periods of time. not to mention long term soaking can cause skin problems. imo if someone cannot provide the proper temperatures for the animals they keep they should rehome the animal. i know that’s not what you want to hear but its all for their well being and benefit of the animal. being kept at 88 degrees constantly is very unfair to the ball python. sorry.