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Overly Analytical Problem #29

When test questions don’t contain enough information…

Seriously. How am I supposed to answer when there are 29 ways the question could be taken, 35 variables that aren’t specified, and 7 different ways of writing any of the possible answers!!!

That’s… 7,105 potentially correct answers and nothing indicating which one to choose!!!

Çiçekler ve ağaçlar, toprağın derinliğindeki sırrı bize ifşa ederler. Orada da kokuların ve renklerin bilmediğimiz tecellileri olduğunu lisanıhal ile söylerler. Fakat biz bir şey anlamayız. Bu anlaşılmaz lisanlarını kulağımıza fısıldayan nebatat, anlaşılmadıklarına mahzun sönüp giderlerken, biz de yeni mevsime gireriz. İşte bu mevsim sonbahardır.
—  Havuz Başı, Sait Faik Abasıyanık

K.Flay is easily one of my favorite artists to come out of San Francisco Bay. Even though she went to Stanford, which is Cal’s rival, I’m not mad. Her brand of gritty hip hop and electronic pop has delighted my ears far too much for me to complain. One of my favorite tracks off her album Life As A Dog (which I contributed to via crowd funding) is Can’t Sleep. I also love the Vanic remix of the tune. K.flay’s new video for Can’t Sleep begs a requisite re-share of Can’t Sleep. I can’t wait to catch K.Flay live again for the, umm, umpteenth time, at LIve 105′s BFD come early June.

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Random Rhys Gestures

“He prowled closer, slipping his hands into his pockets.” -Acotar pg. 190       

“He stuffed his hands into his pockets.” -Acotar pg. 310 

“He brushed some invisible fleck of dust off his black tunic before he surveyed me.” -Acotar pg. 310 

“What a pretty little wedding,’ Rhysand said, stuffing his hands into his pockets.” -Acomaf pg. 43 

“Rhys paused less than a foot away, sliding his hands into his pockets.” -Acomaf pg. 46 

“Rhysand just brushed an invisible fleck of dust off Tamlin’s sleeve.” -Acomaf pg. 105 

“Rhys picked an invisible piece of dirt off his fighting leathers.” -Acomaf pg. 206  

“I made my face a mirror of ice; the unfeeling twin to the cruel amusement on Rhysand’s features as he picked at the fleck of lint on his dark tunic.” -Acomaf pg. 459

Okay so I was thinking about Acomaf today and how we’re so close to Acowar!! And just like everyone else, I was thinking about my baby bat Rhys and how most of the time when he walks into a scene he always either puts his hands in his pockets or dusts off a piece of “imaginary lint” from his jacket which I find so interesting and really hot….I don’t know why lol….so I went back and looked through some of the parts where he does these gestures and I just want to talk about this because it’s sort of a significant part of his character since he does this a lot…I was thinking it had something to do with his facade…or maybe that’s just part of his personality😂 


Título: Uma doença chamada Park Chanyeol

Plot#: #105

Couple(s): ChanSoo

Classificação: +16

Contagem de palavras: 8.633

Avisos: Linguagem imprópria, homossexualidade,  

Sinopse: Por mais que seus sintomas tenham persistido e mesmo assim que ele não tenha consultado um médico, Kyungsoo tem certeza que morrerá e a culpa é toda e exclusivamente de Park Chanyeol.

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Bishop Briggs’ passionate and fiery music has propelled her to the top tier of my artists to watch list this year, and there’s no doubt in my mind that she’s a personal favorite, too. I was elated when she made her television debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon a few short weeks ago, and I was spellbound by her powerful voice and magnificent stage presence at Live 105’s BFD earlier this summer. The Los Angeles based rising star released a new track on Friday, adding to her collection of stupendous tunes with Pray (Empty Gun). Unlike The Way I Do, Wild Horses, and River, Pray is a far more electronic offering, showing us a somewhat different side of this immensely talented artist. In fact, Pray (Empty Gun) is a slow whomping, steady marching trap pop ballad. Despite reining in some of the bombastic energy and reeling fervor we’ve grown accustomed to, Bishop Briggs still exudes ardent intensity on the taut gripping, grandly shimmering tune. Pray (Empty Gun) is available now from iTunes.

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The live video was a lot of fun, but it jammed in the end so it cut off a bit abruptly. Instagram doesn’t store live videos, so it’s gone forever, much like we will all die one day. 

People didn’t actually ask a lot of questions. It’s actually quite hard to suddenly think of something to ask, and I felt shy about it. I thought of a few questions eventually, but the chat jammed before they could answer me. What do we learn from this? Don’t be shy like me and ask your questions instantly.

Here’s the responses I remember:

-New tour dates will be announced in tomorrow’s episode 501!

-Meg is going to have a new character!

-Cecil’s favorite episode is 105, he said it was fun to record!

-Meg said the new book is a page-turner, and Joseph said it’s more plot driven than the first novel.

-Symphony told fans to come to the theater in their Glow Cloud cosplay, because she will judge them. (as in which is the best one, I think she said)

-They’re impressed by cosplayers, because it takes a lot of work and creativity to make a cosplay 

-Symphony’s cat has her own (adorable) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mambokitters/ 

-She got the Khoshekh plush from a fan at a show, and now she always bring it on tour with her

-There was a lot of talk about coffee. Ceci likes his coffee with half milk and sugar (real sugar!) Symphony likes it with sugar and no milk 

-Symphony is lactose intolerant 

-Joseph follows dozens of podcasts, including their own - he said it’s good to follow your own podcast, just so you know it loaded. 

-Cecil and Symphony said they can’t always come outside after a show, depending on how tired and busy they are, etc. 

-They also said people wouldn’t want to meet them, because they smell really bad. I think they were kidding, but it wasn’t smell-o-vision so I can’t confirm it. 

-Someone told Cecil to sing and Symphony was like “NO”. Cecil said he’d do it for money. 

-Meg ruffled Joseph’s hair. That’s not informative, but it was adorable.

Girl Genius Liveblog #105

UPDATE 105: Zola’s Evil Plan (Muhahaha)

Last time Zola had started to reveal Gil her evil plan (muhahaha). I cut it in half because it was getting to what I’m sure is an important part, so let’s get going with that.

The very last frame last time was Zola asking what’d happen once Wulfenbach dies. The answer is simple: the reign will be given to his son! And nobody knows a thing about Gil. Oh! Yeah, now that they mention that, I do have noticed Gil was curiously unknown to the general public despite being Wulfenbach’s son. For example, nobody in Mechanisburg recognized him. He needed to wear the cool hat for everyone to recognize him. Not even Wulfenbach’s guards in front of Castle Heterodyne recognized him. I hadn’t commented it before, but yeah, I did find it a tad strange nobody knew how Gil even looked like. Guess that explains it, Gil has been kept as a secret, for one reason or another. For his safety, perhaps?

There are bits of information and rumors about Gil’s actions, though. Zola mentions the Volume 1 events, when Gil and Wulfenbach went to Beetle’s laboratory in Beetlesburg – or whatever it was called.

Well that may not be an exaggeration. How was Gil behaving, again? Allow me to do a flashback in the most unflattering way possible for Gil.

There we go! Now that’s unflattering. Anyone would think he was metaphorically or literally chewing the furniture. What a madman. On an unrelated note, man, the faces and everything looked sloppier back then! I hadn’t noticed the improvement in drawing and everything, but now when I look back to the first volume it’s glaringly obvious they have improved their skills.

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It’s been 105 years… Here’s just a small piece of the tragic history of the ill-fated Ship of Dreams….

As an Irish businessman, Thomas Andrews was the managing director of Harland and Wolff, a shipbuilding company in Belfast. He was also the architect in charge of the plans for the Titanic. Andrews was on board and passed away when the ship sank.

Andrews is quoted to have said, “Let the Truth be known, no ship is unsinkable. The bigger the ship, the easier it is to sink her. I learned long ago that if you design how a ship’ll sink, you can keep her afloat. I proposed all the watertight compartments and the double hull to slow these ships from sinking. In that way, you get everyone off. There’s time for help to arrive, and the ship’s less likely to break apart and kill someone while she’s going down.”

Andrews was noted for his heroic actions during the two hours and forty minutes it took for the Titanic to completely sink below the ocean’s surface, going under at 2:20 a.m. on April 15, 1912. Passengers said he moved constantly around the ship urging everyone to put on their life jackets and get into lifeboats immediately, knowing there wouldn’t be enough room in them to save everyone on board.

Then there’s Joseph Bruce Ismay, the chairman and managing director of White Star Line. 

Allegedly, Ismay told Andrews, “Control your Irish passions, Thomas. Your uncle here tells me you proposed 64 lifeboats and he had to pull your arm to get you down to 32. Now, I will remind you just as I reminded him these are my ships. And, according to our contract, I have final say on the design. I’ll not have so many little boats, as you call them, cluttering up my decks and putting fear into my passengers.”

In the end, the Titanic only carried 20 lifeboats with a capacity for almost 1,200. There were more than 2,200 on board. Only 706 survived.

Of those survivors, some later reported hearing Ismay say the ship would be speeding up despite ice warnings. Others said they heard him pressuring Captain Edward J. Smith to go faster. He allegedly wanted to make it across the Atlantic in record time to make headlines for the new liner. 

This portrayal of Ismay is seen in the film from 1997 (shown with the captain’s famous line after the Titanic strikes the iceberg, “Well, I believe you may get your headlines, Mr. Ismay.”); however, some historians do not believe Ismay had any motive to act in this manner. Ismay did make it into a lifeboat, later dying of a stroke in 1937 at age 74.


Spiral Heart Moon Rod

Description: The third weapon Sailor Moon receives to fight enemies.

First Appearance: Episode 91

Last Appearance: Episode 130


  • Moon Spiral Heart Attack
  • Rainbow Moon Heart Ache
  • Moon Cosmic Power


  1. In some of the musicals, the Silver Crystal was inside the Spiral Heart Moon Rod.
  2. In the anime, the Spiral Heart Moon Rod was formed from the love between Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. In the manga, it was given to Sailor Moon by Neo Queen Serenity.
  3. In the English dub, it was called the “Spiral Heart Moon Scepter”.