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You can’t unlove someone just like that. Three months, or even a year isn’t enough to forget the memories that person gave you. It takes a lifetime to let go of someone who gaves us happiness, tears in our eyes. Forgetting them is like taking a piece of yourself away from your body, because of them you are what you become today. A stronger person. You can’t unlove a person who gave you reasons to smile and live again. It’s not easy to move on because once, they become your path to walk on, life to live on, and a memory to cherish till the end. That love we have for those who walked away will always be there because all we wanted is their happiness. And that too, makes us happy, even if it means not having them.
—  20:58

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I friccn did it look at my crappy shading

This is friccn Mae, (or Tea) guys


ok don’t get me wrong the ‘salt and pepper diner’ bit is hysterical, but john mulaney has so many more hilarious stories that no one seems to talk about:

•the party at the house of the teacher that everyone hated

•the dog trainer

•meeting bill clinton


•“-too old to be a duckling, quack, quack!”

•“eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs.”

•literally any story involving his parents (especially the black coffee one)

just please, do yourselves a favor, don’t just stop at ‘salt and pepper diner’, listen to all this guy’s stories because they are gold