I think Jim is the type to prefer sleeping in the freezing cold and Spock likes sleeping in the heat (because he’s Vulcan of course) so they keep their room cold at night and Spock has a super warm electric blanket to curl up under by himself next to Jim as a compromise but he gets frustrated because he can’t cuddle Jim at night with the blanket on when Science Says™ it’s beneficial to touch one’s mate while sleeping, and no, Jim, it’s not because I want to snuggle and love on you like a teddy bear that’s preposterous(ly accurate dammit)

Stereoview portrait of a dog in sitting in a studio in Augusta, Maine, c. 1800′s. By Hanson and Kimball’s Stereoscopic Views.

Source: New York Public Library.

  • Switzerland: I lied, my sister doesn't think that you're a creepy stalker, she actually likes you.
  • Belarus: Then why did you-?
  • Switzerland: Because I think that you're a creepy stalker and I actually don't like you.