This right here is peak-level “let’s here the other side,” while wording it as if their beliefs are any different than before. The KKK and their apologists (along with other white supremacist groups) will use this to defend themselves. Nothing like assisting the Ku Klux Klan in their attempts at rebranding in order to appeal to a larger audience. They’re taking a page right out of the white nationalist/alt-right name swap. Let’s be clear, the KKK will never disavow white supremacy, don’t let them create a false image of what they are.


If you’re wondering why Ginny Baker is on an island all by herself there, it’s what baseball tradition is all about. No one talks to her, no one can even mention the words. But with six outs to go, there’s only one question on everyone’s mind: Is Ginny Baker about to pitch a no-hitter? (requested by @macaroni-rascal)

  just a general psa: jealousy is not cute whenever someone you write with is writing with someone else. no mun belongs to you, and they are  NOT  obligated to reply to you unless they want to, and HARASSING people for replies is gross. people can reply to someone else as much as they want to, and expressing possessive behaviour is a sign of abuse. so don’t. like just don’t. people don’t owe you a damn thing.