Things that felt Wrong
  • The Equius part of ARquius suggested prototyping Feferi and Eridan (even with the argument that he was super hemophobic he HAD A THING AGAINST SEADWELLLERS, PARTICULARLY ERIDAN, canonically) instead of NEPETA. I mean, NEPETA. 
  • Karkat??? Giving up a leadership position??? caring more about the cuddling session than being in control and the *fate of his dead friends*? KARKAT VANTAS???
  • What the shit was going on with Tavros–even when he was being manipulated by Vriska during their session he never felt like THAT to her. Even when he wanted to human marry her!
  • Terezi seemed way too… indifferent? Cautious in what she was saying? She said um in one page more than I can remember her saying it in the whole comic. Also: “TEREZI: 4W TEREZI: Y34H, OK TEREZI: YOU'R3 R1GHT… 1’M B3H1ND YOU 4LL TH3 W4Y!” When has she ever had her moral compass changed so quickly, if at all? This just seems concerning to me. 
  • VRISKA: Nothing. No8ody’s getting a promotion, it was a joke. KANAYA: Fuck 
  • ???

In addition to these points I might add that pretty much everyone seemed off in some way or another. Has Hussie forgotten how to write his own characters (doubtful) or is John going to come in and slap the shit out of them and wonder what HAPPENED with Vriska ruling them??? (I bet my money on this one)

i will never understand how people can come up with 1000 ways for how abusive and scarring s/olangelo is after a few chapters of interaction but fawn over how cute and amazing p/ercico is even though percy has been outright mean to nico in multiple ways since the first ten minutes in ttc when percy interacts w/ him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ can one of you explain it to me ?? like everytime i’ve posted something about this people are quick to cry about a ’ “ ’ ” ship war ’ “ ’ ” but i dont get any answers @ the end of the day

hello i would like to introduce to you a reversed version of the helena singing in the car scene where instead one of sarah’s jams comes on at home and she aggressively and dramatically stomps around the room, playing air guitar/headbanging and singing while helena stares in awe.

(”you are very wonderful performer, sestra. good stage presence.”)