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Hi, how are you? I really love your blog Can i have a scenario where the s/o misses her family and the M and S brothers try to comfort her? Thank you! Ps. sorry for my english


Shu: He would tell his s/o to stop crying because she wouldn’t make anything happen through tears. Nevertheless, Shu would calm her down with music from his earbud and if that didn’t work, he would gather her in his arms and murmur how she doesn’t need to cry anymore because he is at her side. He’ll do his best to persuade her to stay with him because she is his most precious treasure now.

“You already belong to me, you know. I won’t let you go back to your family anymore.”

Reiji: Dismissing her feelings, Reiji would inform her that she should not shed tears for people that she will never see again. But despite his cold exterior though, Reiji is a little fearful that his s/o will leave him one day to go back home. He will sit her down and make tea for her, stating that she isn’t allowed to ever leave him. In other words, he needs her more than her family.

“You are my possession and you will do what I say. Stay with me for an eternity…”

Ayato: How could she miss her family when she has the great Ore-sama at her side? Ayato finds it hard to empathize with her, and he isn’t sure what to say to make her feel better either. Pinning her to the bed, Ayato would express how he will never find sweet blood like hers centuries from now. He refuses to let her leave his side, and he wants her to know that she only needs him.

“I want your blood, Chichinashi. I’ll never quench my thirst without you. Don’t leave me, alright?”

Kanato: Kanato would not want his lover to miss her family. Her new life was with him, and he didn’t want her to misunderstand this fact. Glaring at her crying face, Kanato would say that she is stupid for thinking about her family and he threatens to burn her eyes out if she doesn’t stop. Afterwards, Kanato would caress her face and remark how she only needs him and no one else.

“You only need me. No one else matters to you but me. Isn’t that right, Teddy?”

Laito: Laito would chuckle and gently bring his lover in his arms, holding her tightly as he wiped away her tears with his slender finger. Using sweet words and some lip service, Laito would manipulate his s/o into thinking that her family really wasn’t important and that all she needed to worry about was him. His kisses and promises to keep her happy would be enough to keep her at his side.

“Bitch-chan, I’ll make love to you every day if you remain at my side. We’ll make our own family.”

Subaru: Conflicted by his lover’s sadness, Subaru might feel that his lover would be better off without him. If she misses her family that much, he’d angrily tell her to leave him while she can. Otherwise he might change his mind and kill her. But Subaru only says this to further encourage her to leave. He thinks they were not meant to be in this lifetime under their current circumstances.

“Tch…just leave already. I knew you would leave me one day for something else…”

Kino: He was abandoned before and left to be with the ghouls, so he did not want his one and only lover to leave him for her family. He doesn’t understand what is so important about family and would most likely imprison his s/o if she continues to bug him about seeing her family. Piercing his fangs into her, Kino would remind his s/o that a kiss goodbye will never occur between them.

“You exist for me. We’re match made in hell thanks to that man, don’t you think?”


Ruki: Seeing his lover cry at her desk, Ruki would quietly approach her with a frown and place his hands on her shoulders, massaging them to grab her attention. When she confesses how much she misses her family, Ruki would tell her that it would be best to forget them. After all, she was his lover now, and she wouldn’t be allowed to leave under his watch.

“Forget about them, Livestock. I can give you everything you need, including myself.”

Kou: Kou would sweep his crying s/o off her feet and carry away to their bedroom, where they can privately discuss what has been bothering her. When she reveals her hidden sadness, Kou would just pat her head and tell her that she shouldn’t feel this way. She’s married to a famous idol, what more could she ask for? In essence, Kou guilt trips her enough to make her stay with him in the end.

“M Neko-chan, I’m enough for you, aren’t I? If you love me, you would stay and not complain.”

Yuma: As rough as he appears, Yuma would actually remain calm in this situation and ruffle his s/o’s hair, emphasizing that it’s annoying to see her in this awful state. If he’s feeling generous. Yuma might allow her to go and visit her family once in a blue moon, but he sends out a familiar with her every time. Possessive as always, he wants her home before the sun sets.

“Can’t ya be quicker gettin’ home, Sow? I hate not being around ya for this long.”

Azusa: Azusa isn’t sure how to quite respond to his s/o, but he would comfort her with hugs and reassuring words. He doesn’t like the idea of his s/o leaving him or being miserable, so he will allow her to visit home as often as she likes. His s/o can’t forget him back in the Mukami mansion, and she always finds herself coming back to him. It works out for the both of them in the end.

“Eve…be safe…on your trip home…see you…soon.”

 -Admin Yuuzuki

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How about the UT/UF/US/SF skelebros getting the 'you mess with them and I'll kill you' speech from S/O's family and/or friends? :)

UT!Sans: Geez, kid. Your family really knows how to welcome a guy. It threw him off his edge for a few seconds, but he’s quick to return to his easy going attitude. He’ll promise that he’s never going to hurt you. And then do his best to seem like boyfriend material. The next few hours will be filled with jokes and a few puns. He’s quick to figure out everyone’s humor and what will appeal to them. It tires him out but he wants your family/friends to like him.

UT!Papyrus: Why?? Would?? He?? Hurt?? You?? Did he do something wrong that would cause them to believe that he’d do such a thing? He can’t find anything that would make them think that. So he loudly declares that he wouldn’t ever hurt you. He is far too great for violence, and you are far too amazing for anyone to ever hurt. And although his personality might be a tad narcissistic (in a charming and respectful way) your family and friends quickly catches on to the fact that this guy is just amazing. An hour with Papyrus and they’re ready to believe that he wouldn’t ever hurt you.

US!Sans: His reaction is close to Tale Papyrus’, albeit a bit more hurt. Why would he mess with you? Does he come off as a bad person? He does his best to seem like the perfect boyfriend when he spends time with them. Almost coming off as clingy and annoying, and also a little fake. Talking to him about it helps. But I don’t know how anyone could even think that this sweet blueberry would hurt you.

US!Papyrus: Well that’s a little hostile to say to someone the first time you meet them, isn’t it now? He keeps his mask on though, and calmly tells them that he wasn’t planning on hurting you. His social skills are pretty good, and he’ll be making funny one liners and puns through the evening. Keeping you close to show your friends and family that he cares about you. The hostile energi they’re sending out is making his anxiety flare up 10x. But he can deal with it.

UF!Sans: Okay first off, rude. He might be a monster. And he might be pretty scary looking. And GOD KNOWS he ain’t boyfriend material. And he’s also pretty mean and kind of an asshole when you first meet him and… Okay to be honest he wasn’t sure where he was going with that train of thought. He gets their concern, though. And he’s so awkward and stiff when he’s around him because he’s trying okay! He’ll tell them that he isn’t going to hurt you, physically or emotionally. But he’ll still notice how some of them are a little doubtful towards him. He’d be too.

UF!Papyrus: He really really wants them to like him. He knows, of course, that their approval isn’t necessary for him to date you. But he feels like he needs it to go on with this. He’s uncharacteristically polite and assures them that he’d do no such thing. When you both get home he sort of deflates into the couch. He is so tired from thinking about every little action and trying to fit into the human view of a perfect boyfriend.

SF!Sans: Is sort of offended. And that doesn’t mix well. Somehow his brain translates what they said into ‘’We’re not sure that you’re good enough for our friend/family member, and also you probably couldn’t even protect them’’ So he goes all out trying to show how powerful he is. And how magnificent and great he can be. It does more harm than it does good. And you’ll be leaving the gathering sooner than expected because he broke a vase and then offended whoever blamed him for it. Not a great first expression.

SF!Papyrus: He’d be offended if it weren’t for the fact that he looks like someone who could break both your body and soul. After calmly and quietly assuring them that he’s not going to ever harm you, he focuses on acting as non threatening as he can. Keeps an arm around you at all times. One part of it is to show that he’s your boyfriend and you chose him, the other reason is that he needs the physical comfort. His anxiety is through the freaking roof. When you get home he’s so tired that he pulls you onto the bed and falls asleep while holding onto you for dear life.

s/o to the polygender people who can’t come out even to their friends because they feel their identity is too confusing

and s/o to the polygender people who hate their identity so much they don’t bother thinking about coming out because they don’t want to describe something they think is so stupid

you don’t have to come out if that’s how you’re most comfy
or you can
but just because people don’t know, doesn’t mean you’re invalid
you’re wicked valid, bruh
and just because your identity is really different doesn’t mean it’s stupid
you got a whole polygender family here🌺

Asks #2 (In the Form of Things I Love)

Tattoos: What is art to you? Does it have an important place in your life?

Soil: Something that you have grown from, or that has helped you grow.

Dusk: Name something that captivates you.

Ravens: What is something you are inexplicably drawn to?

Natural curls: List some things that you like/love about yourself.

Zack: Describe someone you love. (Can be s/o, friend, family member, fictional character)

Pomegranates: Talk about something that is meaningful or has personal significance to you.

The Smiths: Share some artists, songs or albums that you adore.

Jars: Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect and why?

Mountains: Do you have any sanctuaries, or places you feel at peace in?

Hugs: Is there anything/anyone that helps keep you going on the really rough days?

Caves: Something that terrifies yet also fascinates you?

Mythology: Is there anything you have a vast knowledge of or enjoy studying?

Ruins: Are there any places in the world that you would love to see or visit?

Road Trips: What gives you that sense of freedom and adventure?

Megan: Is there anyone in your life that you admire?

Bubble Baths: Where or in what situations do you think most clearly?

Evening Walks: Are there any things you do that put your mind at ease?

Amy: Is there anyone in your life you would consider to be a kindred spirit?

Crossroads: You are at the crossroads and there are four roads. The road going north will take you somewhere or to someone that is home. The one going east will be a long journey that you will learn from, a message will be given to you. The road leading south will be an epic, unpredictable adventure. The west road leads you down a beautiful path to a body of water, where you may bathe and heal from something that you have endured. Which road do you choose and why?

Folk Metal: Tell me about something you get really excited about.

Full Moon: Describe an experience you had that was somehow related to the moon.

Live Music: Have you ever been to a concert? If so, what were some of your favorite ones you’ve been to? If not, who or what would you love to see?

Tim bringing a s/o home

- He was trying to hide them from his family as long as possible. He didn’t want the family scaring them off.
- Alfred had insisted on it. He said I would request the honor of meeting your s/o which translated is bring them over or else.
- Why couldn’t there be a massive problem in Gotham. No the whole family had to be there.
- Selina even came just for fun.
- Stephanie is like hi I’m the ex who can hunt you down if you hurt him. Cass just givinf a slient look behinde her.
- Them constantly telling Tim it was okay. Laughing at how nervous he was.
- So many questions during dinner. It doesn’t matter all of them did a background check, they still ask them.
- Tim being impressed at how quick and unfazed they are.
- He is falling in love.
- Like he fell for their intelligences and cunning skills but damn taking all the batfams questions with ease and grace.
- Jason being that sibling who has to make at least one sex joke.
- Dick being all proud brother that Tim has someone.
- Duke and Damian may have started a mini food fight.
- His s/o joining in. Yep they will fit right in.

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Can I have (poly) Roadrat, (separate) Zenyatta, D Va, and maybe Hanzo (if that's too many characters than u dont have to do Hanzo) going to a family dinner to meet their fem s/o's big family? I live with my Granny, two aunts, two uncles, three cousins, my cousin's two toddlers and my dog lol, and I like to think about things like that. Thank u in advance, and if you end up deciding not to do it, just know this is still one of my fave blogs! <3

Junkrat and Roadhog

  • They are recognized as soon as you enter the house
    • There’s some awkward silence before Junkrat just pipes up
      • “Anyone ready for some barbecue?”
  • Roadhog keeps and eye on Junkrat
    • Make sure he doesn’t cause any property damage
  • Junkrat just chatters to your grandma
    • Talking about how to perfectly barbecue stuff
      • You said no explosions or mentions of them
  • Roadhog sits ther
    • Just gruffly staring at Junkrat
      • Occassionally chiming in
    • He’ll pet the dog though
      • He gonna love that dog
  • Junkrat is surprisingly good with children
    • You just need to keep explosions away from them


  • He just floats there as they ask him questions
    • About the Shambali and how you met
    • He answers them goodnaturedly
    • His response are generally talking about you
      • He is enamoured
  • When he sees the dog he’s cooing to it
    • Gently stroking it’s head
  • The children are enamoured with him
    • As  he patiently watches them
    • Just letting them crawl all over him.


  • She knows this is important to you
    • So on her best behavour
  • She’ll talk to the older relatives on what she does
    • Letting them know about the streams
  • She’ll play video games with the children
    • Letting them win
    • They’re just loving her
    • Constantly showing their toys to her
  • She’s just so cheerful that they all love her immediately


  • He is in no way prepared for this
    • He aggreed knowing how important it was to you
    • But he is not good at being around people
  • He stands there awkwardly as they asking questions
    • Giving gruff one word answers
    • He just has never been more than the murderer his parents raised him to be
  • However he quickly earns their affection near the end of the nihgt
    • As he pulls you close and just holds you there
    • They’re swayed by his love for you

You become a backup dancer for another male group

Going to a haunted house

When you ask for a baby

When you hide your face in their chest in embarrassment

Their pregnant gf/wife being grumpy

When your boyfriend cheats on you

When you grind down on them because your horny

When you get kinky and put handcuffs on them

When a peacock tries to seduce their GF

His apartment

First kiss

Taking their S/O to a family/friends get together

When you playfully ignore their kisses

When you play with your boob when you’re bored

You being a professional wrestler

When you swallow him at the end of a blow job

When you become a back-up dancer for another male group

How they get when their jealous

They find out you quite your job because your boss was harassing you

You give them a love letter and run away

Their crush wants to be on WGM with them

They catch you masturbating

When your too shy to ask them to buy you something

You tell them you’re pregnant

Falling asleep with them after a rough day

When you tell them you’re a virgin

They develop feelings for their WGM partner

A fan hits you

You tell them you’re unable to have kids

When someone doesn’t believe their child isn’t their own because their s/o is a foreigner 

How they react to you being depressed

Meeting your parents

When they get a call from their frightened child

Making out with them  

Waking them up with a blowjob  

When you slap them during a fight and they start bleeding *trigger?*  

When you’re in public and you whisper that you aren’t wearing panties  

How they react to you leaving a love mark on their neck  

How they react to their crush being forced into an arranged marriage  

Favorite sexual positions  

How they react to you being good at puppy dog eyes  

When their toddler runs on stage  

When another idol kisses their gf in front of them and she didn’t want it  

When you tell them you like anal play  

When you give them the silent treatment

When you tease them under a table in public  

When their GF is so short she has to jump up to kiss them  

When you get bitch slapped by a fish

When you have a pet goat that screams if they come near It and their things

When you call them asking to speak to your kid but he lost them

When you swing your hips while giving them a BJ to feel the friction  

How they react to their Korean GF having blue eyes

How they react to you sexually teasing them in front of the other members  

When their child asks if he’s really their dad because they’re absent a lot  

Favorite position for eating you out *nsfw*  

When you tease them by sexting them at work  

When you love each other mutually, but you’re scared they’ll play you

How they react to their GF going all out for their birthday

When your mother starts pressuring you two for grandchildren

When his 4 yr old daughter starts opening a present excitedly  

When their 5 y/o wants to go trick or treating with them

How they react to their BF adopting a child without telling them

When their daughter gets chased by a chicken

How they react to you fangirling over another member

When they come home and find you watching tv naked

When a peacock starts chasing them

When you stick a horn on a horse and call it a unicorn

When you get insecure about your weight because someone insulted you

As sloths

When a peacock wont let them get near their GF

New years kiss

They receive a painting from a fan of him and his GF

You adopt a stray without asking

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Hey! I recently discovered your blog and it's my new guilty pleasure. How would the boys be with a kinda shy, quiet and a little bit insecure s/o?

Welcome to the family, anon. I’m so jazzed to hear that you enjoy Leigh and I’s work! 😌

I decided to opt for a simple and sweet head cannon for our beloved shy and quiet s/o.

I hope this is suited to your liking ~

Song: “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star 🍃

(Kate’s Note: I wish I could swim in the atmosphere of this song…

It’s deliciously warm and enveloping. Really blisses you out in the best way)


  • Quiet dinners with just the two of them, sitting in comfortable calmness, holding hands underneath the kitchen table
  • Bringing their hand to his lips, pressing innocent kisses to their skin
  • Sending mid-day texts with affirmations and loving words - a quick I love you or I can’t wait to see you later
  • Afternoon fishing trips, their dangling legs hanging off of the edge of the dock loosly intertwined
  • Alerting them in advance if he’s introducing them to somebody important from the royal guard or family, giving them time to prepare and farmiliarize with the idea
  • Making sure not to leave them alone in a new place if they aren’t 100% comfortable

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Shisui, Itachi, or Sasuke (and a brief explanation pls!)? If the Uchiha Massacre didn't happen, who would: have gotten married first? have fallen in love first? Have kids first? get annoying with bragging about their s/o? host family get-togethers? Play match-maker for the single ones? If married, who was his best man? How did the other one feel about not being best man? Do the others like his spouse? Do their s/os get along? Sorry if there are too many questions! Answer what you feel like!

Okay, these three are some of my boys, and I love anything that’s a Non Uchiha Massacre AU, and I really do like this ask! 

Originally posted by annalovesfiction


  • 1st: Itachi. Mainly because out of the three he would be most accepting of settling down early, and would benefit by going into that lifestyle early on. Itachi’s never really been the bachelor-life type, he’d rather be with someone and be settled down than living the free life of a bachelor, so he’d probably be the first to get married. But by no means does this imply that he’s constantly in a relationship; he’s probably one of those people who has maybe three relationships throughout his life, and once he’s found that person he wants to be with forever, then he’ll marry them relatively early.
  • 2nd: Shisui. He would definitely enjoy some time as a bachelor where he doesn’t have to care about anyone, but himself, and he can just do his thing and enjoy life. He’s more capable of letting loose and actually enjoying this stage of life in comparison to Itachi, so that’s why he spends more time in this phase; Shisui really does benefit from this stage in the long run. Though I can definitely see Shisui having one of those “We were friends with benefits but then one morning I woke up and I realized I loved them and dammit these things never work right…” things happen to him, honestly. Probably ends up marrying that person. I feel like Shisui would have a longer bachelor stage, but a short relationship stage, and him and his S/O are ‘officially’ together for maybe a year and then they get engaged/married.
  • 3rd: Sasuke. First off he’s the youngest by a good amount of years, so chronologically it’s not surprising he’s the last to get married, but I also feel like his personality kinda stunts him from getting into relationships in general, so that also prolongs his stage as a bachelor. It’s not that people don’t want to be with him, but he just has a hard time surrendering that independence and making himself vulnerable to another person, so it takes a bit for him to be comfortable enough and have enough faith in a person to get into a relationship with them. I also feel like he would be in a relationship for a rather long time before proposing, like 3+ years, if not longer.

Fall in Love:

  • 1st: Shisui. He’s the most average in his love life honestly. Out of the three, he probably has the most, like “puppy love.” That’s not the right word, but he’s more likely to be someone to love little bits and pieces of just random people he knows; it’s not the genuine love he’ll have for his end S/O, but it’s still love, ya feel? Like you loved your high school boyfriend/girlfriend, but there’s no way you’d want to spend the rest of your life with them?? Also he hooks up the most out of the three, so idk what you want to do with that, but it’s most fitting for this category.
  • 2nd: Itachi. Okay, if we are being fair, Itachi was the first to fall in genuine love. If Itachi is in a relationship, then he truly cares and loves the person, and it’ll be something that lasts for a while. He probably didn’t really date until his 20’s, so he never really went through the stage where relationships only lasted a short time period.
  • 3rd: Sasuke. Again, it takes Sasuke a while to become comfortable with a another person romantically, so he’s that last to fall in love solely because of that.


  • 1st/2nd: Shisui and Itachi: I can see them both having children right around the same time tbh. Both of them are totally open to having a family, and honestly excited, so I feel like they would both have children relatively early on. Plus since their kids are born right around each other, they can try and survive parenthood together and their babies can grow up together, how sweet. There’s a few difference between the two of them though.
    • Itachi’s child was definitely planned and happened after him and his S/O were married. He’d also probably only have one, maybe two kids.
    • Shisui’s more likely to have a child outside of marriage, and it’s one of those “oh shit,” moments. Nonetheless, he doesn’t really care, he’s okay with having a baby; his baby’s gonna be amazing regardless. Also, he’s not really one to plan for kids even after him and his S/O are married, if they happen, they happen. He’s more likely to have three or so kids.
  • 3rd: Sasuke. Definitely waited until he was married to have kids in hopes that they would grow up in a more stable environment.  He’ll only want one child, honestly, and put everything into the one child. He thought about having a second, but decided against it, just because he wanted to make sure that his first baby had everything that they needed. Probably had his baby later in life too, because he wanted deal with everything within himself before bringing a child into the world and having to focus on solely them.  He just didn’t want them to suffer, because he was still dealing with personal issues and he wasn’t able to dedicate enough time to them.

Bragging about S/O

  • Shisui brags about his S/O and Sasuke can get annoyed with it. Itachi doesn’t really care; he probably knows Shisui’s S/O well. Shisui doesn’t even do it to annoy anyone, he’s just really proud of his S/O.

Hosting Get Togethers

  • Shisui hosts the big things where there are a lot of people coming over and it’s a lively event, especially after everyone has kids. Shisui’s home’s really warm and welcoming and he’s the most welcoming and jovial of the three, so he took on this role.
  • Itachi will have the small things where it’s maybe just 6 or so people, mainly the adults too.
  • Sasuke’s a bad host, so no parties at his house.

Best Man

  • Itachi and Shisui were each other’s Best Man, because they’re are the best bros ever. Sasuke really didn’t care that much, because he already kinda figured that these two would do this from the get go.
  • Sasuke had Naruto, because without Naruto he wouldn’t where he is in life, and he probably wouldn’t even be getting married. Shisui and Itachi are just happy that Sasuke found someone who’s pushed past Sasuke and all this Sasuke-traits and decided to marry the kid.


  • I see all of their S/O’s getting along, honestly. Especially Shisui and Itachi’s, because they’ve probably known each other for a while, just because of Shisui and Itachi’s friendship. They probably went on double dates a lot and their kids play together, so they’re a tight knit family. I can totally see their S/Os end up being best friends too; imagine them talking about their husbands. omg.
    • “I told Itachi that he needed to go to the eye doctor and get new glasses, but he’s being stubborn and not admitting that his eyes are terrible. The kids were playing down the hall yesterday, and he couldn’t tell which one was which bc they were both turned around and wearing matching shirts. And if not being able to tell your children apart isn’t enough to make him go get a new prescription, I don’t know what is…”  
    • “Oh my God, I swear I think not taking care of your eyes is an Uchiha thing. Shisui needs to get new contacts; but he won’t go either for some odd reason. He wore the same pair of contacts for four days straight without taking them out, and I had to threaten to take them out myself, because I was worried that they were going to get infected or something.”
    • “So that’s why his eyes were so red a couple days ago…”
    • *eye roll* “Yes. Why don’t we just send them there together; that’s the only way, and we can’t have them going blind, that would be a mess…”
  • When Sasuke finally got a S/O, I can see all of them being welcoming to them and trying to help the adjust to all things Uchiha, because adjusting to this mess of the family can take some time, but I mean, it’s worth it.
Valentine's Day Reminders 💝

•it’s okay to have some chocolate.
•it’s okay to go out to a nice dinner with your s/o, friends, family, etc.
•you’re not going to be perfect every day.
•if you’re alone today, you’re still just as whole. You are a complete and worthy being, with or without someone’s company. 💕
•allow yourself this day to go off program, within reason, and enjoy yourself.
•take a bubble bath and destress
•drink a glass of water 💧
•remember your medications
•if this day is a hard one for you, it will pass sooner than you think. Until then, take care of yourself. 💕

Keep pushing, beauties 💪🏼🌸

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The UF/ US/ SF skeleton bros become suspicious of their S/O how has been acting oddly- only to find out they've been hiding that their half dragon and that someone has tracked them down who wants to kill them ( and S/O's small family) because of an old grudge they have on S/O's mother. What are the skelebro's responses? ( thank you, I'm quackers for your writing style:3 )

Quackers for my writing style?? That’s so cute. 



When you start acting odd, Red immediately suspects that you’re cheating or you’re leaving him. Either way, you don’t want him in your life anymore. He goes to confront you about this, but accidentally walks in on you transforming into your dragon form! Red stands paralyzed with a mixture of amazement and fear, unsure whether he should attack or wait. After all, this is you, you wouldn’t hurt him…right? Still, he can’t let his guard down. When you finally notice him, Red summons a blaster and growls, waiting for your first move, but your eyes, oh your eyes. They are the same ones as your human form, sparking with love and familiarity. You lower your head and whine in surrender, showing that you have no intentions on hurting him, allowing him to come closer and stroke your nose. Red is still cautious, but the second he touched your scales, it’s like he falls in love with you all over again, like before, he only loved a part of you, but now? He loves all of you, the dragon, the human, everything, and it’s exhilarating. 

When you revert back to your human form and explain your situation, he’s putting you and your family under his protection and essentially, under house arrest so he could go find this person and kill them himself before they could get to you. He comes back, with the attacker’s death on his hands and he promises that they are never going to bother you again. 


When Fell sees you turn into a dragon, he attacks you, but they don’t harm you and even if it did, he was pulling his attacks anyway. When he realizes that you’re not retaliating, Fell just stops and drops all of his weapons and admires you in amazement. You’re so beautiful, so perfect for someone like him. He imagines charging to battle with him on your back as you beat your powerful wings. He asks you if it’s really you, and how come you never told him. Since you’re in dragon form, you can’t really answer, but you lower your head and motion him to climb on. Once you feel him properly settled, you quickly take off, careful not drop him and soar through the skies, his screams of fear mixing in with excitement. 

You land in a large clearing and revert back into your human form and tell your story. Fell just laughs at you, asking if that’s what you’re really scared about. You’re a badass dragon who’s dating the Great and Terrible Papyrus! You should have nothing to fear! He comes along with you and helps you track down this person and gives you the honor of eliminating them yourself. 



As you transform before him, Blue’s eyes light up excitedly with little shining stars as he squeals with excitement. He confronted you about acting strange before, but he never thought you would be half freaking dragon!! This is so cool! When you’re finished, you lower your head so he could touch you, but Blue is paralyzed with amazement, that you have to nudge him back to reality. The skeleton lovingly nuzzles your nose, kissing you everywhere before asking if you could fly. He wants flight? You’ll give him flight. Without any warning, you bite his shirt and throw him in the air, catching him on your head so he could grip your horns. Blue cheers wildly as you take off to the skies, yelling, “THIS IS AMAZING” at the top of his lungs, and you can’t help but smile. You’re still careful with him, and if Stretch ever found out that you did this, you’d be dead. Landing in a clearing, Blue climbs off you, stumbling on the grass breathlessly and as his heart races with adrenaline. You transform back into your normal self and explain your situation. 

You have nothing to fear datemate! The Magnificent Sans is here to help! He gives you a big kiss and goes on his phone, dialing numbers and telling people to meet him where you’re at right now. An hour later, the entire former royal guard shows up with their weapons ready. The dogs tracks down the guy and the guard restrains them while you call the police. You asked Alphys why the entire guard showed up just for Blue and she laughs. 

“Sans never made it into the Royal Guard, but everyone treated him like one and we all would do anything for him”

You can’t help but feel the same.  


Stretch kinda….low key knew. Well, he didn’t know that you are part dragon and can turn into this wickedly epic beast, but he did suspect that you’re not just a normal human being, and that you are keeping thing from him. As you transform before him, he’s smirking and wondering how he got so lucky to land an awesome datemate like you, and who else could say that their s/o is a mother freaking dragon?! He declines your offer to ride you because he’s too overwhelmed right now, but he does like touching your scales. In fact, because you’re so big, you’re probably pretty comfortable to sleep with. Which he does in the future. 

You explain to him what’s been going on and he understands. With Blue’s help, you and Stretch put together a plan to capture this person, by staying put and let them come to you. It was an easy fight; a dragon and two skeletons against one, so no one really got hurt. Blue calls the police and the guy gets locked up forever. 



FIGHT HIM! Black isn’t going to hurt you too much, BUT HOW COOL WOULD IT BE TO FIGHT A FRIKING DRAGON?! SDFGHJKL HE’S FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW HOLY SHIT! LET HIM FIGHT YOU! He’s even more excited that Blueberry about this!!!! He wants to charge into battle with him on his back, watch you destroy your enemies with a stomp of your foot, and HOLY SHIT CAN YOU BREATH FIRE! Please calm this skele down, he’s going to have a heart attack. But his reaction is amusing and you wonder how far you can push it. You bite the collar of his shirt and take off with super speed with him in dangling from your mouth. Black screams, laughs, and cries at the same time, then when you land, he actually passes out. 

When he wakes, you tell your boyfriend your situation and Black just laughs. That person must be an idiot if they think they can hurt you when you’re under his protection. Normally he would take this job himself so he doesn’t have to share the glory, but he wants to see you in action. Also that charge into battle thing. It’s been a dream of his. 


When you transform,  the first thing he thought of is how jealous Black is going to be. Then, he finally processes that this dragon is you, holy cow, it’s you! You who he loves so much, who stayed by his side, who makes him laugh, makes him cry, and want to do anything for. And you’re also this beautiful, majestic dragon, he just can’t comprehend how giddy he feels and how much more he loves you. You lower your head so he could touch you and so Rus runs his fingers under your smooth scales and it was like meeting you for the first time again, and falling in love all over. He’s so lucky to have you.  Rus declines your invitation to take a ride on your back, but he does fall asleep on you, mostly because he’s so overwhelmed and needs some time to process.

When he wakes up, you had already transformed back into your normal form, with his head cradling in your lap as you hum a soft tune. Rus thinks it was all a dream, but you confirm it wasn’t and that you had something to tell him. You explain your situation and Rus calmly kisses your head, telling you that it’s all going to be okay. He instructs you to bring your family over to his house and sit tight. You follow his orders and when he comes back that night, the skele smiles sweetly and reassures you that you have nothing to worry about anymore. 

ichigo-ya  asked:

Hey ! I reaaally like your blog ! Could you do some headcanon about whatever character you want (I love them all and can't choose) meeting their s/o parent(s) or their s/o meeting the character's family ? Thx I hope my English is ok

Thank you, this is a nice one. I’ll go with my favorite characters, I hope you like it!

Meeting the parents: 


  • You were the one feeling anxious and nervous while he was relaxed as usual. 
  • What should you be afraid of? He’s so nice and charming, what could possibly go wrong? 
  • Well, let’s say your parents did not appreciate much finding a stranger napping on their sofa. 

Sir Crocodile

Dad: “So, you’re my daughter’s boyfriend, right?”

Croc: “mh.”

Dad: “And you’re around my age.”

Croc: “Correct.”

You could tell your dad would have punched him in the face and ordered you not to see him again, if only Croc wasn’t a scary, infamous criminal. Lucky you.


Mom: “He’s a nice guy but… what’s up with the clown thing? Does he always wear that make-up?”

You: “He’s not wearing any make up. That’s his nose.”

Mom: “Oh.”

NCT U+ Johnny Reacting To Their S/O’s Family Arguing

Anon: Could you do nct u + johnnys reaction to their s/o bringing them to meet the family and all the s/o and the family do is argue and at the end they apologize they had to sit through all that

A/N: This request was sort of confusing but I did what I could do with it xx


Taeyong will be really respectful and understanding and he’ll just smile at them, telling them not to apologise. But you could see he was flustered.

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Jaehyun would be a bit scared of the whole thing and will hold your hand tightly, asking you if its too late to leave.

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Doyoung just smiled at everyone and pretended it was all okay. He just shook his head nicely when your parents apologised. “It’s okay, all families have their problems.” But you could see how awkward he was.

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Taeil would be so awkward but he’ll keep a straight face, often shooting you a smile or two. When your parents apologised he instantly stopped them. “Its okay! My family is pretty problematic too.” And then he realised that he called your family problematic and excused himself to the bathroom to get away from your family.

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“Y/N what is going on?” He muttered under his breath, still holding a smile. When he saw how uncomfortable you were he stopped. He just smiled and shook his head when your parents apologised asking them not to.

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Johnny would just laugh it off, trying be calm but when he saw you losing your shit he held your hand and smiled at you too. He was really mortified when your parents started apologising. “Oh no its okay rlly!”

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Ten would just smile along, pretending its totally normal and would have to go for bathroom breaks because its so stressful for him. He’ll just smile and nod when your parents apologise, thinking he deserves it.

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Batgirls introducing their s/o

Prompt: introducing their significant other to the batfam? (for the girls week, it could be as in hc or idk)             


- She has black mail on everyone just in case they don’t behave.

- Holds their s/o hand while the family tries to indimate them.

- But if they are dating Oracle it is going to be hard.

- Dick got hit a few times for comments that almost came out of his mouth.

- Damian deemed them unworthy at first, but he grew to like them.

- Everyone was impressed with their ability to match Barbara in wits.

- Real test came later when they meet Jim Gordon.


- Straight up batglare from Bruce the whole time.

- Every person did their own background check.

-When they make Cass smile though, the family starts to soften up.

- Totally follows them around their date.

- Cass kicks their butts in training later to make up for it.


- Her s/o: I thought you said it was just your mom and you.

- Stephanie: Yeah this is the family I didn’t ask for but got. Heads up they don’t respect privacy well.

- Tim totally introduces him as the ex to annoy Stephanie.

- Straight up ask them what their intentions are for dating her. Jason asked that one mainly cause he always wanted to say it.


- Background checks everywhere.

- Cass is actually the scariest. She silently follows behind them.

- Tim had actually checked with Cullen before to see what he thought about the s/o.

- Harper tried to tell them to be nice.

- Duke: Oh they are being nice. Bruce took Jason gun and Damian’s sword away before you came.

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(Coughs) Ink, Error, UT and US sans' dealing with their s/o's monster-racist (specist??) family? My fam is very... not tolerant. They're nit racist but hell they'd hate monsters. 'Oh they're dangerous... how dare you date one of em?? You are a traitor to your race!' and shit like that. Heh.

Oh, jeez. ~Mod Feral

Ink Sans

Well, that’s just how things are sometimes. He’ll try his hardest to show them that he’s not dangerous, that he’s perfectly safe. If that doesn’t work quickly, though, he’s gonna just ignore them if at all possible. He’ll apologize on occasion for no real reason, he just thinks it’ll calm them down a bit.

Error Sans

Who the fuck cares what you’re family thinks? I mean, sure, they’re right, he is very, very dangerous, but for the love of everything you’re a grown human, right? You don’t have to do anything for them anymore.

UT Sans

Honestly, he’s gonna shrug it off. He kinda figured this kind of thing was gonna happen seeing as he’s watched a few of the ‘monster movies’ that made it to the underground. He’ll only really react if they either A) make you visibly upset, to where there’s likely to be a calm, rational talk on his part with a few passive-aggressive comments or B) Begin attacking Papyrus. Lord have mercy if they start attacking Papyrus.

US Sans

He’s gonna be both trying his hardest to show he’s not dangerous at all, he wouldn’t hurt a fly and has even proved that point, and is going to try and get an actual explanation out of your family. After all, you’re dating, therefore they’re family too. He may start crying on occasion if their words are harsh enough though.

couldn’t draw one husband aND THEN NOT DRAW THE OTHER

MX Reaction: Their s/o is a single mom!

Shownu: With his natural leadership skills, Shownu would ease his way as a father-figure into the child’s life — with the mother’s permission, of course. Shownu would take the child/children out to give the mother a break, while bonding with his s/o’s family! He’d be well liked by the child/children as well!!

Wonho would be intrigued by the news. With his s/o’s permission, he would meet the child/children and get to knowthem well. The child/children would love Wonho’s company and beg to see him more! Wonho would eventually hear from the mother of the children’s infatuation with him and he’d feel pretty damn good about himself. 

Minhyuk: He’d immediately want to see pictures! He’d gush about his s/o’s kids and try to make her feel comfortable after confessing that she was a single parent! He’d be incredibly supportive but take it slow! He would rather focus on his s/o before inflicting himself on the children’s lives. 

Kihyun would be a little worried, for the right reasons. He’d worry about being liked and could even feel pressure to be a good figure in their lives. He’d have to learn to get out of his head and focus on his s/o and their relationship. He’d end up expressing his worries to his s/o, who would quickly help him deal with his inner demons. 

Hyungwon would be very accepting. That night, he would ask his s/o all about her kid/kids and laugh at funny stories about them with her. Hyunwon would not treat his s/o differently since being told the news! His first meeting with the children would likely be at a aprk or beach, where he could do some activities with them and play around with his s/o at the same time!

Jooheon would be so understanding that when he’d go out with his s/o and her family, people would assume he was the father! He would wipe their mouths if they had ice cream on their chin and would make sure they were always safe. Jooheon would ingratiate himself with his s/o family with his genuine love for their beloved mother.

I.M would be very mature about it! He’d take  it seriously and love that his s/o was so open with him. He’d allow his s/o to take the first step of introducing him to the kids, but he’d also be dying to meet them. After finally meeting them, he’d shower them with love and support. Most likely, his s/o would be impressed with his maturity. 

-Admin Mars