park walks and coffee. | peter parker.

summary: today is a good day for coffee, walks in the park and accidently confessing your feelings to your best friend.

warning(s): nothing. just a lot fluffiness.

disclaimer(s): gif is not mine.


“Okay, what about that guy?” Michelle said.

The little cafe was bright and warm. The rays from the sunlight shined through the windows, emitting a golden glow throughout the place. The sounds of the cash register opening and closing, the cashier asking a customer whether they’d like a cookie or a muffin with their order. It was a lovely day, indeed.

You leaned in beside Michelle, catching a sight of a man outside the cafe that she’s referring. You hummed to yourself for a moment. “He’s probably an assistant to someone. He has kids and a loving wife. He looks tired, probably because his boss is annoying is hell. But he looks like he’d bring his family to festival, with lots of food and music.”

You and Michelle were currently waiting for Peter and Ned to join you. After a while, you both got bored and started to make up stories for anyone that passed by the cafe. It was fun to fill in the time instead of wasting the seconds.

“Fair point.” Michelle said, smiling at the story that you made. She looked down at her watch and frowned. It had almost been half an hour since you got to the cafe. “Where are those losers, anyway?” She questioned.

You shrugged your shoulders and looked around the cafe. Peter nor Ned had arrive yet and you both were getting a little impatient. “Cheer up, MJ. I’m sure they’ll show up soon.” You said. You unlocked your phone to see whether the boys sent you any messages. None.

Your friend sighed beside you and began to open a book she brought. “Well, tell me when your loverboy arrives.” Michelle said as she started to read. You blushed at the name that meant Peter.

“He’s not my-”

Michelle lifted her face from her book and looked at you, raising an eyebrow as if she wanted to test you.

You groaned. “He really isn’t, MJ.”

“That’s not what you said last time. You said how kissable his lips were and-,” You cut off by putting a hand on her mouth. “Stop it.” You insisted, smiling.

You let your hand fall and your friend continued to read her book. You began to mindlessly go through your social media, hoping either Peter and Ned would message you.

After a while, you heard someone, or two, bumping into the door. You and Michelle jumped in surprise. The two people rushed in the shop, bumping into each other and almost knocking each other over. You chuckled under your breath as Peter and Ned came to sight.

“Finally.” Michelle whispered under her breath. The two best friends walked over to your table, looking a bit flustered.

“Before you say anything, Peter slept in.” Ned quickly said. Peter, wide eyed, turned to Ned. “Dude.” He said, offended.

“Guys, it’s fine. Sit down with us.” You said. The duo sat down, Peter opposite you and Ned opposite Michelle. Ned and Michelle were already starting a conversation. You pushed a cup of latte towards Peter.

“I didn’t know what you wanted. Sorry.” You said sheepishly. Peter smiled, appreciating the offer. “It’s fine. Thanks!” Peter thanked you, taking a sip of his drink.

“So, you slept in, huh?” You teasingly asked. The boy groaned, making you grin and laugh. “To be fair, I was finishing up on homework.” He said. You smiled. Knowing Peter, he’d always want to finish up his work early. Even during school breaks. “Fair play, Parker.” You said, sipping on your drink.

Then, it was silence between you two. You both seemed to looking anywhere but each other.

You took a glance at Peter. He was wearing a grey sweatshirt, one of your favourites if you had to admit. His hair was slightly messed up. A bit of curls falling on his forehead. You swore your heart swoon at the sight of your best friend that you were most definitely sure you were in love with right now. He looked calm and gentle. You felt a certain warmness in you just by looking at him.

Peter was the same way. If they was one ward he could use to describe you, beautiful was definitely it. He couldn’t help but just admire the way you looked today. The way your hair falls into place on your head. How the light made you look golden. Aboslutely beautiful, he thought. He could look at you all day and never get tired by your beauty. There was a sense of light and warmness everytime he looked at you. He’ll never get tired of it. That’s when Peter knew, he had it really bad.

Both of you soon meet your gaze and stared at each other before looking away, blushing and shy like little kids.

Ned and Michelle were amused by the sight of their friends. They knew about your feelings for each other. It was pretty obvious. It was personally amusing for them to see best friends acting all shy with each other, even after knowing each other for so long.

“Hey, guys. It seems like a nice day to head to the park.” Ned suggested. You and Peter turned to him. “I mean, c'mon! Let’s enjoy the fresh air and sunshine for a while!” Ned exclaimed. You smiled at his enthusiasm.

“Yeah, I’d like that. It sounds nice.” You agreed. Michelle nodded in agreement. Ned turned to Peter. “C'mon, man. It’ll be fun.” He tried to persuade him. Peter looked at you for a moment. You only smiled at him. “W-Well, I guess I could join.” He stuttered out, cursing to himself for doing so.

“Great! Let’s go!” Ned said, already standing up from his seat. Michelle followed his cue. Peter held out a hand towards you as he stood up. You took his hand and smiled as he pulled you up. Then, all four of you went out the door and under the bright sunshine.

Queens seemed rather busy. People were bustling here and there due to their own business. Cars were honking at each other. It was loud and a bit hectic. But nonetheless, it was a good day.

The four of you entered the park. The smell of sweet flowers and trees filled your noses. Ned and Michelle were ahead of you and Peter. You were starting to think they were up to something. You and Peter walked side by side, your hands lightly grazing against each other. The slight touch made your body tingled and you just wanted to entangled your fingers with his. But you didn’t.

The birds were chirping happily. There were children playing around. It was a nice and calm situation that you liked.

“Today really is a nice day.” Peter said, breaking the silence between you two. You looked at him, seeing how bright and happy he looked. The sunshine creating a faint halo above his head. You smiled at the beautiful sight and nodded. “Yeah, it is.” You agreed.

After a while, you felt Peter’s hannd nudging itself into yours. You looked down to see his fingers slowly intertwining with yours. You blushed at the sudden action but you tighten your hand anyways. You could sense a big smile forming on Peter’s face as you held hands.

“Soooo,” Peter said, dragging out the word. You giggled at his effort to start a conversation. “The weather looks nice.” He said. He mentally scolded himself for the lame statement. The weather, Peter? Really?

“It really is.” You said playfully. He shook his head, smiling at you. You both laughed a little.

“Y-You look pretty.” Peter said, blushing already. You smiled at him and blushed. “Thanks.” You mumbled out. Peter smiled at you. He stopped his tracks and turned to you. He lifted a hand towards your face and you could feel your heart racing. He brushed off your hair off your face and tucked it behind your ear. You felt your breath hitched in your throat.

He then proceeded to walk past behind you. Your heart deflated a little, thinking it was a silly thought that he’d kiss you there. You turned around and saw Peter standing infront of a bush of roses. You tilted your head in confusion as you saw him pluck out of rose. He turned around and made his way to you, plucking out the thorns off the stem. He twirled the rose between his fingers before giving it to you. With warmness filling your heart, you took it. You brought it up to your face and smelled it, closing your eyes as the sweet scent filled your nose.

“Beautiful.” Peter whispered under his breath. You looked up at him and smiled. You see how warm his eyes looked like and the way he looked at you. And you couldn’t help but think how much you want him to hold you in his arms as he whispered sweet nothings in your ear, how you want to kiss his lips, how lovely you felt with him, how you just want to be his.

Peter turned away and walked ahead of you. For a moment, you stood still. The butterflies in your stomach were going wild. A voice in your head said you had nothing to lose. Quickly, you ran up to him. Peter looked at you in confusion.

You thought to yourself, He’s here. He’s right here. You put a hand on his cheek, feeling the soft skin under your palm. You felt his face heat up a bit due to the affection. And you pulled yourself towards him and kissed him. And the feeling was worth a million of beautiful words.

You felt Peter tense up before easing into the kiss. His soft warm lips moving slowly against yours. You felt his arm wrapped around your waist. You ran a hand in his brown curls and heard him let out a soft moan. It felt amazing. He was amazing.

Peter was euphoric, beautiful, gentle, warm, and every other beautiful words there was to describe him. And you wouldn’t trade this feeling you felt for him for anything else in the world.

You broke from the kiss and looked at him. Peter was flushed in his face and stared at you with doe eyes. You thought to yourself that you made him like that. And it felt amazing. You giggled at him, breaking him out from his trance. His smile seemed to widen and you wonder if it was because of you or the kiss. You grabbed his hand and pulled him. “C'mon. We better catch up with Ned and MJ.” You said as you walked ahead, holding his hand and a rose in your other hand.

Feeling all lovestruck for you, Peter chuckled to himself and followed your lead. His smile never left his face as he looked at you. And neither did yours.

And it felt like, finally.

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH where is that Vince McMahon reaction gif, that’s the only thing that can properly express my feelings for that trailer

not gonna lie I am most excited for the return of SPACE SENSEI!! if anybody gets to actually do something and not just be a quick cameo I want it to be him. he still has so much to teach us. :(

My top 5 fav Tails gif!

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What’s your fav top 5 Tails gif?

Those eyes are…. The reason why he’s adorable!