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Um how do I do that

the system seems relatively crude - you can inspect element on the eye:

data-states functions (from my experimentation; you can actually freely change this):

0 - can’t click on it
1 & 2 - open the report thingy when you click on it; default state
3 - occurs after you report - clicking indicates it’s being reviewed
4 - clicking opens dialogue box saying review was denied
5+ - same as 0

you can technically send multiple requests by clicking send, then changing data state back to 2, and repeating…

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you cannot separate jason and tim after a mission, doesn't happen. batfam has also given up on sending one out without the other, (jason lost it when tim came back with four broken ribs and a fractured wrist.) jason pretty much kidnaps tim after them and it's a while before anyone sees either of them. batfam bets on what they're doing. dick is the one who goes into the room. they're cuddling. or suffocating each other more like it. //jason also pulls a gun on dick but that's normal by now//

Okay this is adorable and I agree with it 150%!

But picture this:

Batman, sneaking into Jason’s safehouse at 4:45 AM. His patrol is done for the night, and all of his kids have been accounted for, except Jason and Tim.  Bruce knows they are likely both here and can handle themselves if any trouble comes up, but he sleeps better if he knows without a doubt that his children are asleep.

He barely makes it all the way in before Jason is pointing a gun at him. It irks him, but definitely doesn’t scare him. Jason is laying on his back on his bed, arm a wrapped around the bundle lying half on top of him. Bruce can make out a tuff of Tim’s hair sticking up out of the top of the bundle and his mismatched socks poking out of the bottom.

“I’ve been waiting for a good reason, B.” Jason hisses. Bruce raises a brow behind his mask. 

“That’s a nerf gun.” He replies.

“Uh yeah so? It’ll still hurt like a bitch if I manage to shoot one up your nose.”

Batman leaves them alone for the night, content in knowing that his family is safe.


*A month later*

This time it’s Dick crawling in the safe-house window, on Bruce’s orders, to make sure the missing boys are alright. He stops short, smiling at the sight of Tim reclining on the couch. Jason is laying down with his head resting on Tim’s lap, fast asleep. Tim is using one hand to play with Jason’s hair while he uses his other hand to type on his laptop.

Tim doesn’t even look over at Dick when he speaks.

“If you wake him, I’ll send the entire Justice League pictures of you in your disco suit.” He says in a deadly whisper.

Dick has never left a building faster in his life. 






Oh… oh my god is Mokona impersonating Yuuko Ichihara.

I was not supposed to survive this chapter.

This is where I die.

Go on without me.


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hey, First things first: I love your blog! it has helped me a lot in writing over the years ❤️ With the story I am writing at the moment I have fallen in love with the main character and the general idea so I wanna writ it out properly but I cannot think about a proper conflict to bring the story forward. Do you have any texts to read to figure out a good conflict for a protagonist? It would help me a lot Thank you

I’m so glad you’ve found the blog to be helpful! :) <3

The best way to figure out a plot for a plot-less character is to ask yourself these questions:

1) What does my character want more than anything?

2) How do they plan to get this thing?

3) What happens that changes everything? How does their goal change as a result? How does their motivation change?

4) What’s their plan for moving forward?

5) How does this thing cause additional obstacles to be thrown into their path?

6) How do they tackle each obstacle? 

7) Do they ultimately get what they wanted?

If you have trouble thinking of the big “life changing” thing that could happen, consider what’s the best and worst thing that could happen to your character. The answers will provide some possible “inciting incidents” to get your story off on its path. Read my post How to Give Your Story a Purpose for more. :) <3

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: portrayal of diverse characters, portrayal of emotions, specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), “how to portray/describe,” asking for tropes/cliches, asking for resources; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

honestly debating whether or not to call the cops rn

it’s currently 4:40 AM as i type this, and there’s a guy who’s been periodically walking by my apartment building ranting to himself.

first, almost an hour ago, he was legit screaming in anger. i could hear him from way down the street, and he’d stop for like 30 seconds, then he’d start up again and he’d sound closer. then at one point he was literally directly across from my apartment when he started screaming again, and it was so loud and sudden it scared the shit out of me.

about 20 minutes ago, i could hear him as he walked by again, but was just talking at this point rather than screaming, though still sounded angry.

and just now he walked by again, saying, “i’m gonna burn this whole motherfucker to the ground. it’s too late. y’all gonna burn.”


should i do something about this, or………

i might call if i hear him walk by again, but maybe he’ll have already burnt down a building by that point.

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Top 5 favorite FP scenes?

5. FP playing guitar in episode 7

4. FP and Hermione at the drive in in episode 4

3. The reveal that FP was Jughead’s dad in episode 4

2. Every FP moment in episode 10 especially when he kicks Chuck out of the party 

1. FP in the Whyte Wyrm in episode 8 

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fieldofclover replied to your photo: [4] WHO’S LYING NOW SAKURA WHO’S LYING NOW FAI YOU…

Please note that Kurogane and Mokona are like the only honest members of the fam at this point. Mokona is honest because she’s a troll, and Kurogane because he doesn’t see the point of lying.


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You know what I have been afraid to ask (that's why I'm on anon lol) what is warrior cats? I know it's a book series (I think lol) but that's all I know?

it’s a series about cats! warrior cats!

it starts off with a house cat who has been wanting to explore the forest across from his house since he feels as if it kinda calls to him
he eventually leaves his garden and check it out and end up meeting some wild cats who live in that forest, thunderclan!

after asking them questions about how they live n shit the leader just straight up asks this housecat if he wants to join thier clan, and after thinking about it he decides to go with them and then gets his own clan name, firepaw!, and is taken in as an apprentice to train as a warrior

warriors in a clan fight, hunt, patrols, ect, ect doing whatever to protect thier clan 

along with thunderclan there’s a total of 4 four clans in the forest, thunderclan, shadowclan, riverclan, and windclan

god im not great at explaining stuff but i fucking LOVE this series, theres like 6 series of it where each one has 6 books and can be all read here

Current State of Vox Machina Part 4

Everybody’s dying boogaloo redux the fourth

Vex: Dead Alive(Praise Pike’s glorious golden God) note: saved Grog

Vax:  Disintegrated Saved By Scanlan Pulling a Counterspell out of his ass Disintegrated (For real this time) Addendum: Shopvacc’d into a vial - most of his gear has been retrived + ashes.

Grog: Banished to Shadowfell, (10 rounds?) Saved from certain death, just in time for Planeshift

Scanlan: Still Alive

Keyleth: Very Upset and Planeshifting

Percy: No Mercy

Pike: Smol but Angry


[ENG SUB] Luna’s Alphabet S3 Ep. 4 – Hot Summer Swimwear Styling 


rules: post your lockscreen + homescreen + current song + selfie

Thanks sm for the tag @nightmaredean 🙌

Btw DO YOU SEE THE FLIPPIN TEMPERATURE?? That was at 3:30 but it’s only gone down 4 degrees pls kill me i’m melting

I’ll tag @fallen-castiel @wanderingcas @vintagesam @joyxdeparted @poseidonsdamnation @castielismyfavouriteangel @deanlovesbunnies @iamalwaysaslutforcoffee

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stop shitting on dan lmao

hi babe… im not

just bc u criticize ur idol / fav celeb / whatever , doesn’t mean you’re shitting on them. there’s a BIG difference between criticizing and being a dick. 

yes i am criticizing dan’s latest content but i still!! love him with my WHOLE heart and it’s all just a matter of opinion. i have said before that i am talking on a personal level, meaning it’s what i think and i’m NOT stating it as fact!! 

here’s a comparison for you

criticism: “idk i just haven’t been into his content lately and would love to see more of what he has to offer!”

being an ass: “ugh dan isn’t trying hard enough he sucks he’s a sellout he’s not uploading often enough he sucks”

but yeah it’s 101% ok to criticize in a civilized manner , so there’s the difference 4 u

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Hi. I love your writing and its so nice of you to take time to fill all of these prompts. Please "AU where everything is the same but jemma gets infected with the alien virus in season 2, 3 or 4, that's up to you"

Hi! Aww thanks, I’m actually really enjoying it! :) Also, thank you for the prompt!!

I chose do to Season 2 (though I could pretty easily be persuaded to try out 3 or 4…), and since “everything is the same”, I wrote under the assumption that something else in Season 1 triggered Fitz’s realization of feelings, and everything happened in much the same way, just without 1x06.

*Takes place sometime around 2x12/2x13



Jemma Simmons was completely and utterly tired of aliens and the messes they left behind.

When Coulson had gathered up her, Skye, Fitz, and May on a trip to investigate a floating body, Jemma had known nothing good could possibly come from it. Whatever had caused it was obviously alien, and Coulson had been worried that it might have something to do with the Obelisk (even after it’d been destroyed in the temple) or possibly even HYDRA – neither of which spelled out anything good for them.

Unfortunately, it had taken two more victims for them to realize that the cause was a virus left in a Chitauri helmet, and Jemma couldn’t help but feel responsible for more deaths; if they’d only just figured it out sooner…

However, they had the helmet in their possession, and had loaded it onto the Bus to take with them to another SHIELD base Coulson had gotten back up and running, that would further study and take care of it. Along the way, Jemma had begun the study, though, and she was so sick of anything to do with aliens that she couldn’t even find it in her to be amazed at how the virus spread from person to person through electrostatic shock, something never before seen on Earth.

And, it was just par for the course that Jemma herself would end up with the virus; really, she wasn’t even surprised any more by the terrible luck they all seemed to have when it came to things like this.

According to her calculations, she figured that she must have contracted the virus thirty-six hours ago, which left her with only two hours now to figure out a solution – or remove herself from the situation, which she would if it came down to it. But, so far, nothing she’d tried seemed to work, because how could it when she didn’t understand anything about this virus?

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Audrey’s face fell at the sound of that. She wanted to talk about it. She was worried sick about Ted and yet, he wouldn’t let her help him and he wouldn’t take her advice on anything. Did he not trust her? Was it something she had done in the past? Maybe if they talked about it they could work something out.

“Sounds good.”

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It's quarter after 4 am where I am and I was just freaking out over a cockroach or something in my living room for 20 minutes and now I'm in my bedroom but I'm really paranoid help

Ew, a cockroach?
Have a baseball bat by you, then you feel safe

what am I doing with my life it’s 4 why can’t I sleep my eyes are tired but they won’t close