“now what a lotta cats don’t know is that this Liquid Swords joint is actually an artist’s rendering of the exact moment in the legendary 1985 match when John Nunn put Alexander Beliavsky’s chess nuts on the table - just his chess nuts on the table - and BANGED them shits with a spiked Saemisch Variation.”

“word up. the rza actually ran into wilt in a japanese airport back in 1998 during the bobby digital tour. cat kept braggin’ about how he had played chess against 20,000 different women in his lifetime. son wanted to play me too, but i had to pass, nahmean’?

seriously, son? 20,000? you know stilt caught some sorta chess transmitted some shit, namsayin’?”

“son, i knew i was in trouble when he opened with the caro-kann defence. took bobby steel out in 23 moves, god. word is bond. i was so impressed i foolishly signed him to a deal right then and there.

he turned out to be cappadonna, nahmsayin’? what? how else you think he got put on? "baby my love is still strong on some king kong ding-dong?” the fuck that mean, god? dude can’t rap for shit. but his middlegame is legendary.“