Have some more Kino, because everyone* loves Kino.

Had a vague thought about turning that first sketch into a giant scene inside a ramen shop, with a bunch more Pokemon representing my friends in the background, but would require far more effort than i should be putting into it.  Also had a thought about making a third variant of the color picture with Kino wearing her dad’s scarf, but apparently scarves are the single worst accessory you can give a Pokemon OC, so, yeah.


More Pokemon things i’ve been working on on-and-off for the past few weeks.

1) A good friend’s Arcanine.  2) Kino, for a “vote on this character’s fate” thing i really would like to do, but not sure if i should.  3) My region’s poison-type Gym Leader, Hasuna.  Her shorts’ camo pattern is called “no one hides in purple”, and i really have no idea why i wanted her to have camo shorts, she isn’t even close to being military or wanna-be military or anything.  4) First part of the Gym badges for my region.  Kinda stuck on the next one, that i want to be a mixture of a spiral staircase and DNA coil though.

25 Days of Pony, Day 17

Blackjack and Boo



So of course I had to draw this, how could I not?  Boo was super adorable in Chapter 62b, I’m really happy she could help Blackjack get through such a traumatic event.

Thanks and hugs to Retl, Quotidian, Anonymous, Epic, and Dochand for coming to watch the stream.

Oh yes, and Blackjack got more normal-ish looking eyes because I just wasn’t happy with how the visor-eyes turned out.

There’s at least a 60% chance this picture turned out better than the actual story will, heh.

So now I just need to finish the story.  Unfortunately I have no idea how long that might take… could be a week, could be a month…

I guess I should add a link to the story here, so people can see it when looking through my “drawings only” tag, in case it actually matters…

By Any Other Name

Rampage the Magnificent.

There’s a bit more to it, but basically I was trying to think of what Rampage could possibly do once the Wasteland was “saved”.  The best solution I could come up with was that she could be a magician.  Not only would it allow her to interact with foals in a safe and positive environment, but she’d also have a pretty good fail-safe just in case a trick went bad.

At first I just thought of it as a joke after watching this episode of Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed (which is an awesome show, and you should totally watch it), but the more I thought of it, the more it actually seemed like a decent idea.

Scotch, of course, would be her trusted assistant, as would somepony else.  I wonder who…

Go Fish and squishy fishy.

I got hit by a really bad attack of depression while finishing this, so I figured I’d better just hurry up and post it before I end up deleting it from my computer or something rash like that.

I’m also going to need to completely redo parts of the rough for my drawing of Boo in her Gala dress, once I feel better, so there’s going to be more delays on that. Sorry.

Security - Please Stop Being Blown Up

So… After I finished the picture of LittlePip last night, the tiny Blackjack in my head was whining about wanting a window too.

“But Blackjack, your story isn’t finished, so we don’t know how to honor your accomplishments yet.” “But I’ve done cool things! Lots of cool things! There has to be something you can use!”

The first thing that came to mind was the fact that Blackjack is constantly blowing things up, and being exploded herself… so this happened. I’m sorry.

I’m gonna put in some work on my commissions, then exercise (or maybe the other way around), then we’ll see if I’m feeling up to doing the 30 minute challenge.

Bringer of Light - Never Forget

Something I had to do. This is actually much closer to what I was thinking of the first time, but it took me a whole year to realize that I could do it in the stained glass style for better effect.

Maybe a little simplistic, but it turned out exactly how I wanted.

*toasts to LittlePip*

Okay, now off to work on a commission rough.