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Meet Rywenarr

OOC Info

Origin: Homebrew fantasy universe, 3rd arc (6 years ago or so)

Style: Pen & paper campaign emphasizing role playing elements.

Class: Swordsage, (later) Exalted Swordsman, (currently) a God

Currently: NPC God in a current campaign (same as Livi), on session 29 but taking a hiatus. (He’s still around! xD )

IC Info

Full Name: Rywenarr  (Last name was tossed away long ago by him.)

Nickname(s): None

Species: Formerly, human.  Currently, God.

Age: Thousands of years as a God, but looks about 30 from the time he became one.

Brief Biography Thus Far:  Rywenarr started out as a mercenary who played by his own rules who ended up getting snagged by the strands of Fate into a journey to save not only his world, but another world that was unknowingly linked. Throughout this journey he saw how the world was created, how it would come to an end and a lot of other crazy things. Still, the one thing that never changed was his attitude- there wasn’t anything he couldn’t solve if he just bashed his face into it hard enough. 

It proved to be a common theme in the adventure as Rywenarr constantly threw himself in harms way to protect another or simply due to frustration when a villain was being a dick. He has a history of being bashed through trees, into mountains, and taking house-sized fireballs to the face. Oh and he didn’t believe in dodging- he parried or he got hit. 

That being said, Rywenarr started out as a simple swordsman who eventually could stop time itself to allow him extra strikes. The swords he acquired in his journey eventually were found out to be sealed away titans that …er, well they fell in love with him and to this day, he’s married to… both of his weapons. Don’t ask or they’ll get jealous. 

Regardless, eventually Rywenarr and his traveling companion, Lantash, took in so much power that they were forced into Godhood otherwise their presence on Terra would have caused disasters. Rywenarr absolutely hates it and longs for the day when he can go back to being a normal guy, adventuring over Terra. He currently has a demigod son and daughter who roam and protect it in his place. 

He also doesn’t allow people to worship him. Several have tried but anytime they build anything to him, some disaster happens and destroys it. He thinks it’s weird and that people should find their own strength like he did, not rely on some self-important being.