Happy Maglorificent Monday!

Today’s update is a color illustration of my character, Ryvalia, from the PC game APB: Reloaded. It’s a multiplayer free-to-play open world shooter, kind of like GTA. The game’s character customization is so powerful, you can create your own clothing with your own custom designs and logos.  You can also customize cars and compose your own music in the game as well.

I drew and painted this in Paint Tool Sai, and it took me pretty much half of the day to do!


Happy Non-Magloricent Monday Tuesday!

While today’s update is not exactly drawing or comic related, it is however art related. The above images are from an online game I play called “APB: Reloaded”. In APB, you can create custom art and clothing.

The game’s art tools exercise my artistic skills, and gives me an easy excuse to play the game.

The game’s symbol editor (where I make my in-game art), has a limit of 100 primitive vector symbols (circles, triangles, bean shapes, etc). It’s always an artistic and mathematical challenge creating an finished image within that 100 symbol limit.

I enjoyed spending time recreating the Aquabats logo as well as their Battletram van, which I ride around time to time in game. (The Aquabats logo is the property of the Aquabats, so I don’t own the rights to that.)

The last four images were commissioned for in-game money by a friend, with the last one being the most challenging. I had a blast creating it, and I give her my thanks giving me such a challenging request.

There are plans in the works on creating a separate blog for my gaming adventures, but that will come after I finish work on my anthology piece. Back to work for me!