aha i’ve had this in my head for a while

•Ichi-gO-AWAY (She probably does this whenever she’s mad at him.
•Tsunderella (Practically everyone has called him this.

•Otakushi ( Or Otakeshi. Whichever one works. I feel like she says this to tease/annoy him.
•Takenshi (how else is she gonna show that takeshi’s her bf

•Haruki Nanase (Based off Haruka Nanase. They kinda look similar, so I guess this turned into a slight inside joke for her.
•Harulex (Its a combination of his name, and the flower, ulex. The ulex (in flower language) means humility, or humble. Personally, this is how I think Mc would describe him.

•RichyouneedtostOP (Eh, not sure if this counts, but I think she says it often whenever she gets flustered.
•Rihi-too-cute! (Mc probably called him this a lot when they were younger, and sometimes even now. He gets really embarrassed whenever she calls him this though.

•Ryude (It’s pretty lame, but she calls him this whenever she’s being dorky or
she’s getting fed up.
•Ryuz-ONLY-EATS-VEGETABLES (Whenever she doesn’t want to eat them, and he’s trying to make her, she’ll call him this.


I saw this post on my dash, which is from the Galaxy Express 999 film adaptation, and I had to find and share the original, from the show.

I find this song so much more melancholic and fitting of this tragic story. 

Leryuz herself gets much more screen time in the show as well, being the partial focus of a three episode arch, as apposed to the few minutes she gets in the film.  Her story, part of ‘The Pirate of Time Castle’, starts here.

Her story also parallels that of Ryuz in the earlier arc, ‘The Graveyard at the Bottom of Gravity’, not so coincidentally.  They were both betrayed by love, and could manipulate the flow of time.