ryuutaro morimoto

Ryuutaro: “Do all of you treasure your siblings? I have Shintaro as my younger brother, and with Shintaro, we fight every day, laugh every day and talk every day. I think he is a person whom I am indebted to in my daily life.”

Shintaro: “Ah, since nii-chan thinks of me that way, I was so happy and I sort of… wrote a letter.”

Eh, to Ryuu. Thank you for everything, and please continue to guide me in dancing. Yoroshiku, from Shintaro.

I watched Hey! Say! 2010 Ten JUMP 2 times this week and that moment is my favorite line. Well, I wish I could see them together in the same stage again. T^T


お誕生日おめでとう、森本龍太郎くん!! (。◕ ヮ ◕。)~❤

I hope that you’re happy, wherever you are right now. Please return if you want to because we really miss you. I can’t believe that you’re seventeen already. Next thing we know, you’re already legal and you’re already married to Chinen someone.

Happy birthday, Ryutaro. Stay happy.