vice-s-assistant  asked:

Out of curiosity, have you ever read the Dragon Half manga? If you have, is it good or for that matter is it complete?

I love Dragon Half. I think maybe my incessant reblogging of almost every page of it that vintagemanga posts might have clued you in. Ryuusuke Mita is a major artistic influence for me and has been since I had a battered VHS tape of a brief OVA as a young teen. I love the OVA, I love the manga and I personally have fun watching Mita’s style evolve from the beginning of the run to the end of it (88-94). Mita has done other work that I’d love to see translated, but who knows if it ever will be. I have some of the untranslated tankobans and I love them to bits.

disclaimer : most of the manga and anime I’m into are pre-2000s