ryuusei ryo

Ryusei no Kizuna/ Ties of shooting stars

Ariake family owns western style restaurant which is famous for its legendary Hayashi rice. The three siblings-Koichi (Kazunari Ninomiya), Taisuke (Ryo Nishikido) and Shizuna (Erika Toda) - have eaten it since they can remember. However tragedy is connected to this meal and Ariake family. Ariake couple was brutally killed and their three small children were put in orphanage. Growing up without parents, always feeling fear, hatred and need of revenge three siblings became very close and they created strong bond. They promised to kill murdered of their parents no matter what. 14 years later, now grown up siblings, find new clues which might help them finally catch the murderer. They are prepared to risk everything to catch him. 


I decided to watch this drama for these reasons: It has good reputation and it is so called “must-see-drama”, the cast is great, plot looks interesting and it has Nino in it! But I have to say not all of my expectations were fulfilled. 

But lets start with plot. The story really sounds thrilling, dark and full plot twist. Actually in drama I could not feel it very well.(I read that novel is much more better!) Maybe it is just my feeling but first eps were boring and story did not go anywhere. I waited it would be more dramatic. However last 4 eps were really great and I would say they saved the drama. 

What I did not like were some parts with lame humor and forced funny scens. It felt (for me) that director cant decided if he wants emotional human thrilling drama or tragicomedy. I dont think “funny” parts fit to the story. For me they were kind of disturbing. (it is just my oppinion,dont kill me- but the parts with swindlers were kind off topic)  But I have to admit I liked sarcastic Koichi and his funny moments. 

About cast…well you have great names in there. And they did not disappoint. Ryo and Erika Toda with Nino really created cute and realistic feeling of siblings love and relationship.However I think Ryo and Erika did not show their potential as actor/ actress as much as Nino did (ok I know it depends on roleas well)…Kaname Jun as Togami was smexy and really sweet (even a bit naive) too. And again he proved he is good actor. And lol Kiritani Kenta with that hairstyle XD i dont think his role was important but nah,(idk if that role is in novel) he was funny (he did not fit me here sorry XD). And yey for Nakashima Mika ♥ it was nice surprise to see her in this drama :3

Okay and last…NEEEN!!!! Damn cute, smexy and with fluffy soft hair Neener!!! Nino in this drama rocks and I am sorry to say that, he saved this drama. His acting was great and he nailed thrilling scenes! He really did. Thanks to him I enjoyed the drama more (sorry not sorry , arashian here XD ) I am still impressed how he used his eyes to convey the feelings of his role :3 He really showed his strong acting sites. 

So and the summary? I expected more from the drama. As I mentioned…i missed suspense because the plot was promising. But I love the relationship between sibling and Nino’s acting. Highly recommend it mainly for Nino’s acting :) but if you like family drama with little bit suspense try it. 

my rating: 6/10