Theories about dmmd characters and what happens to them if their route isn't chosen.

Okay you guys may have noticed i’m really hyped with dmmd lately and i tend to think a lot about things i’m hyped with so here’s something that’s been going around my mind for quite some time now. 

You know the happy endings, where everything is fine in the end and Aoba and his chosen lover live peacefully until the end of time et cetera et cetera? Since the fact that everyone has their own huge mental and physical problems only Aoba seems to be able to effectively help them get rid off, well, what do you think will happen to someone if he doesn’t chose their route?

  • Koujaku, given the fact that in his route it is revealed that Aoba always was is the most precious person to him and even after killing his familiy he keeps on living only because of Aoba, he will most likely not be able to keep himself from losing control over his own body over the time, at least not until his overwhelming guilt is banished. A possible scenario will be him noticing himself slowly changing, physically and mentally, and decides to search for Ryuuhuo himself because he doesnt want to drag anyone else into it. Without Aoba’s power getting him back to sanity in the end, he will most likely end up killing Ryuuhou and then being caught by country’s police, because rampaging beasts don’t go unnoticed for too long. There is the possibility of Aoba still saving him if he notices Koujaku’s absence before it is too late, but there is less of a chance that Koujaku’s not being killed or kept captive in secret by the government if Aoba is with Mink or Noiz. 

  • Noiz will most likely keep his distance from Aoba and the rest of the boyfriends after he got to challenge the former in Rhyme again. Given the information that he lives alone as a Rhyme information dealer who gets into fights often and ends up heavily injured here and then,  he will most likely not make a lot of money anymore, which may either cause him to go back home to Germany and try to find some more sense in his live there or, more likely in my opinion, since its mentioned he has given up on everything already more or less, tries to make ends meet and gets himself into more and more trouble, slowly losing his hope and will to live over the time, which will eventually lead him to end up dead in an alley for overdoing it with a rather violent gang.

  • Clear is definitely the one who is doing best with his life situation. he will most likely keep visiting Aoba here and then and stick around being content overall. He would possibly also manage to travel to foreign countries and back from time to time. And will probably end up dead while being a dork and tripping over the boat he’s illegally travelling on and plunging into the ocean.

  • Mink, well, Mink.. I don’t think he will stay alive for a lot longer after he finds out about the fall of Platinum Jail and Toue vanishing. He will possibly still search for him though, but as soon as he is able to confirm his death, he will end up killing himself like he originally planned. 

  • Ren will stay with Aoba as allmate for a longer time. However, since we also see that in his route, his fear of not being loved back as much as he loves Aoba is a thing. He will most likely suffer under that fear more and more sooner or later, and even if Aoba manages to fix that in him, over the time it will be harder to get replacement parts for him and protect him from newer worms and bugs, even tho the parts are maybe not a problem because Aoba would certainly find a professional mechanic to fix him and provide him with replacement parts. Still, there is the real  chance of him ceasing to function once a newer virus catches him and goes unnoticed or works its way through his system too fast. 

So in retrospect, if Aoba happens to chose Clears route for example, three of the group will most likely end up dead anyway.
Happy happy joy joy.

I sobbed so much thinking about this the last days just what has this game done to me.
there should definitely have been another route where Aoba just beats the fears and problems out of everyone and they all just end up living together forever as a big happy cuddle family.

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