in at least three circumstances, members of the trc family are taken out of commission in some way. first there’s outo - fai is “killed” by seishirou, syaoran is “killed” by seishirou, and then kurogane goes to fight seishirou - although in this instance he gets interrupted. but he’s the last of the three dudes to come to edonis.

then there’s piffle - fai’s dragonfly is shaken up by the tube thingy, syaoran crashes to save ryuu-ou, kurogane is taken out by the geysers.

and then there’s tokyo - fai gets his eye torn out by c!syaoran, c!syaoran’s arm is broken by kurogane, kurogane’s back is brutalized by c!syaoran.

it’s a little thin, but three times’ the charm… can anyone think of why this is, or any other instances?