Super bummed to be missing out on the Avenger’s Midnight Premier, I mean, no joke…I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for this movie to come out. Unfortunately I have to be up early in the morning to baby sit my cousin’s two little boys, and not only that, but my friend is scheduled to give birth to her twin boys tomorrow. Ugh, Avengers Y U pick the most inconvenient release date!

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Oh well, maybe I’ll just pop in Captain America to pass the time…or just keep watching Wall-E.  Meh

Mondays should be illegal

I swear Monday’s are hands down the most difficult day for me to stick to my whole ‘get healthy’ plan. I have class after class from 9 am - 4 pm. And did I mention two of those classes are physics related? Someone seriously kill me slowly with a spoon. Anyways, trying to get up early, get ready, eat a healthy breakfast, manage to pack a lunch that can prevent me from starving throughout the day, and still make it to the bus stop at a reasonable time is no easy feat [ I partially blame the fact that i adore my sleep]. And to make matters worse I have to be work by 6 on Mondays, so but the time I get home there is pretty much no time to both work out AND make a suitable dinner. So today I cut out cardio and instead opted for 15 minutes of toning exercise’s and weights, figured it worked since I would still be on my feet for 5 hours at work.

Workout: 10 lunges / 10 dead lifts / 20 bicep curls / 10 push ups / 50 crunches

Breakfast 8am: 2 Hard boiled eggs topped with homemade salsa. [it saves me time to pre-boil about 6 eggs and store them, they are a good quick breakfast or on the go snack]

Brunch 11:30am: Chicken Salad Sandwich in a pita pocket w/side of red grapes

Lunch 2:00pm: ½ cup cilantro Cous Cous topped with spanish olives

Dinner 5:00: baked Pita pizza: ricotta cheese, spinach, tomatoes, feta, basil

I also took a ¼ cup of cous cous to work with me to try and detour me from getting hungry or snacking on the fries, cause lets face it…Arby’s fries are delicious. Since starting to work out I find myself actually more hungry then usual, guess I need more food to sustain my energy lol.