Kyoto, Christmas 2011

So I decided to vacation in Kyoto this year for Christmas, and I have to say, I had a pretty decent trip.  Pictures as follows!

The garden at Sanjyuusangen-do Temple  in Kyoto!

David and Sada, two of my best friends from college, just also happened to be in Kyoto the same days I was!

At Fushimi-Inari~ I took a picture like this last time, but I just love how the path splits around these trees!

Also a redux shot, but I like the wishing wall at Fushimi-Inari!

The gardens at Ryusenji Palace!

The Zen rock Garden at Ryusenji Temple!

Reflection on the Water at Kinkaku-ji Temple, the Golden Pavilion, in  Kyoto

Part of the gardens at Tenryu-ji Temple… I think, now my favorite place in Japan

Me in the gardens of Tenryu-ji, cutting a striking pose, haha

Trying to get a shot of the grounds through the trees at Tenryu-ji

Walking down the path of the Bamboo Forest, near Tenryu-ji

More of the Bamboo forest!