Kyoto, Christmas 2011

So I decided to vacation in Kyoto this year for Christmas, and I have to say, I had a pretty decent trip.  Pictures as follows!

The garden at Sanjyuusangen-do Temple  in Kyoto!

David and Sada, two of my best friends from college, just also happened to be in Kyoto the same days I was!

At Fushimi-Inari~ I took a picture like this last time, but I just love how the path splits around these trees!

Also a redux shot, but I like the wishing wall at Fushimi-Inari!

The gardens at Ryusenji Palace!

The Zen rock Garden at Ryusenji Temple!

Reflection on the Water at Kinkaku-ji Temple, the Golden Pavilion, in  Kyoto

Part of the gardens at Tenryu-ji Temple… I think, now my favorite place in Japan

Me in the gardens of Tenryu-ji, cutting a striking pose, haha

Trying to get a shot of the grounds through the trees at Tenryu-ji

Walking down the path of the Bamboo Forest, near Tenryu-ji

More of the Bamboo forest!


Shugendō fire ritual at Ryūsenji this morning, presided over by the head priest. Humbled and honored to be welcomed to participate and share in the heat 🔥 龍泉寺で住職が行った護摩焚き(修験道の儀式) #Ominesan #shugendo #ryusenji #hot (at 大峰山 龍泉寺)