ryusei works

My dudes, imagine all the boys staying together for a night and helping Riku get ready to impress Kokona. Includes fun sleepover events such as:
-How tf do we slick hair back oh god my hands are stuck Sota what do you mean you thought we should use glue to make it work
-Ryusei that’s the 5th pair of glasses you’ve broken it really doesn’t take much effort to take lenses out of glasses
-Sora you probably can’t even spell suave stop trying to give Riku dating tips have u ever even seen a girl
-Hayato stop he only needs one piercing and we all know you are the last person who needs to give ANY piercings
-Haruto we don’t need explosives to make this work. Fires are not romantic if it’s enough to consume the whole school. You don’t need to conduct a scientific study on this Haruto please put the fireworks away.
-Riku stop screaming u gotta get this earring to get the girl now sit still we know she likes brain over brawn but she probably doesn’t want a wimp so shut it

And much more

Finished this tonight (February 9)!  Done on tablet in FireAlpaca, and assembled/signed in Photoshop.  This is a mash-up of characters from Godzilla Vs. Gigan (Toho; 1972) and Gravity Falls (Disney; 2012), done for sheer amusement.  :)

Cast of Characters, from left to right:

-Takeshi Shima (Grunkle Stan)

-Machiko Shima (Wendy)

-Shosaku Takasugi (Soos)

-Tomoko Tomoe (Mabel)

-Gengo Odaka (Dipper)