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Blogs to Follow//Reference Part 3/3

Part 1 & Part 2

It’s taken me a while to get around to part three because of so many moving parts with traveling and reconnecting with my family. But here it is!

PNW - There are a lot of cool people in the Pacific Northwest, and I like their blogs. Does Utah and Colorado count as the PNW?

HELLA - People in California who are pretty damn dope.

Canadia - No. That’s not a typo.

Aussies and Kiwis




HipHop Blogs

Lowkey/Generally Unclassifiable/Misc (Cars too), but I See You Blogs

My Other Blogs

Sorry it took so long for part three. I’m not very good at these massive reference posts. I apologize again for leaving anyone out. It was unintentional. I felt it was important to show love because I’m part of different tumblr communities. I like the idea of really bringing people together.

Thanks for the dope content, people. 


Shoutouts & Slander

Blog slander normally isn’t my thing, but sidewaysjdm is hot garbage. Most of you self-promoting “JDM” blogs are wack b. Luckily for me, I have some quality car blogs I follow. I’m sure most of yous follow the same ones, but I’m still going to show love:

There are more that I follow, and I’m going to put together a separate list of blog recommendations, because I feel like we should all enjoy the content that the blog owners post.


BattleBrand86; drifted by Hinga.

OkiAllDay ^_^

anonymous asked:

Favorite blogs??

mushakev rauhweltbegriff devd-cruzr giraffehearts lmae3 stussyking atrinaa that911 11000rpm lperezidente likkcin 1985zcar 90s-forever onemakebodytune fcyaa coolkid009 kingkathy youngharlemnigga canimuff z32 drivenbydreams drivesleeprepeat spirited-driving guynamednino majinbuuchainz bearcatttttt function-over-form exclsr xsenpaix kiddingkitten killawaah killa-kelly k1lluh nasty-like-nas modern-hustle mekapaedia kekeballin kellsbrahbrah heyyitsraniel master-yota maythedownforcebewithyou moustacherides grupertawesome fronk-jaeger asvpkitty sloppyclock moe-is-shit disappointing-son theycallmeaj sparf widebooty heavy-flow thatkoukikid greasemonkeyy akuma-zed submeowers hirocimacruiser fameone ryukyu-soul ryuoga ryannnwith2ns fatcatsquad suprastar vujdo madeyoulookkk supermxde 1g-gte hakosukajapan

and probably a few more.