So i’ll also have limited stock of these at Ryukon this weekend and at Otakon in a couple weeks! These ones are a bit smaller, being 8.5x11 posters. these will only be $7 at the con!

I plan on giving 50% of the profits to charity (I’ll be providing proofs for it) and the rest goes to taxes and making more Jontrons :)

PLEASE do not repost without crediting me as the source. I did make this and I don’t want it being stolen. Thanks!

Quote is from old Game Grumps from the first episode of You don’t know Jack.

A new Princess Luna print for Ryu-kon! A bit of backgound here, Princess Luna happens to be one of my favorite ponies, both in personality and to draw so after her 5x7 prints have done amazing at each convention I attend. I decided to make her my first 8x11 print I will be carrying at future conventions. 

This drawing was a simple one but I had tons of fun working on it. I love working on Luna alot since I get to play with the night and stars motif. 

This print will be debuting at Ryu-kon on July 10th-12th in Buffalo, NY! If you are in the area, stop by and say hello :)