• L: my deductive skills have brought me to the conclusion that light is in fact kira based on the fact that my theories have all made sense and all evidence leads back to light. i have all the facts to prove that light is kira.
  • Light: i'm not kira i swear
  • everyone: well light just said he wasn't kira, L.

Netflix done fucked up with the Death Note movie. Like I like Nat Wolff but it’s a fucking Japanese show/ manga. There are PLENTY of talented Japanese actors/actresses. I mean if you didn’t white wash the film it would save you the trouble of having to change the characters’ names. Light Turner??? Come on. Jesus. Although… Ryuk’s thing looked cool. However, his name probs won’t be Ryuk in the movie. Probably I’ll be something like Rance or Robert. And he probs won’t be referred to as a Shinigami. Way to fuck it up Netflix.


Stop what you’re doing and watch. #ryuk #ppap #deathnote #dn #anime #animelover #otaku

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