160105 @samokyere1 posted a photo with Ryu Jun Yeol: 

My new friend from the hit drama Answer me 1988. Very cool guy and down to earth.
Wishing you even greater success bro.

역시 세상이 좁다 ㅋㅋㅋ 마의 친구 류준열 만났다. 너무 멋지고 착하고 잘 생겼다. 만나서 반가웠어요. 앞으로 더 대박 나세요.

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t/n: Sam translated his tweet for us already hihihi! 


[ENG SUB] 어떻게 (YOU) - 류준열 Ryu Jun Yeol (Prod. by Philtre) | Special Clip

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Happy Birthday for our Beloved Actor, Ryu Jun Yeol~<3

We hope this late night post can still reach you on your special day. Our sincere prayers for you to always be healthy although you have unending and tight filming days. We also pray that all of your movies which are going to be released in the future will be successful and well-loved by many.

Although we, your International fans, often could not show our support so closely, we hope in our second year with Ryu Jun Yeol-nim, our sincerity still shows and encompass time and space. Each of us is praying for you from afar, and we hope our prayers for you can be felt and heard as well.

May your every day be filled with comfort, love and support, just like today.

Happy birthday, Ryu Jun Yeol-nim! We love you.

Our eyes are always on you!

With love,
Eyes On RYU